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9th November

Edward ignored me all day. As luck would have it, I kept bumping into him everywhere I went but it was like I was invisible; he just brushed past me like a sudden gust of cold air.

Maria kept pestering me about going to the gig tonight. She was really friendly and I wanted to ask her if she had spoken to Edward but I was too chicken.

I didn't feel like going out but Maria wouldn't take no for an answer. She came around to my house and lounged on my bed while I decided to wear my new sixties dress with the cherries on it and a little red cardie. She's not at all scary, now that I know her, but she is annoyingly tight-lipped about Edward.

"So did Edward say anything about me then?" I plucked up the courage to ask, after about ten minutes.

"No," Maria replied flatly flicking through my copy of The Virgin Suicides. "Any reason why he should?"

I pretended to be doing my hair but really I just wanted to look at Maria without her realizing it. To see if she was twitching or something and therefore lying about Edward not saying anything.

"Oh, it's just we went out the other afternoon to do this project and I just thought he might have mentioned it," I said ultra-casually but Maria just shrugged.

And when we got to the club, who do we see but Edward with Alice all over him! Maria made a beeline for them, and I trailed (unwillingly) along behind her. She and Edward started having this really quiet, really heated debate, while Alice looked me up and down with this really evil smirk on her face. I had to get away, she was doing my head in, so I got myself a drink and wandered off to watch the band, which is when I started talking to this skate kid.

He kept telling me that I looked like Gwen Stefani and I knew Edward was watching me, so I started smiling at this guy and touching his arm while he wittered on. Then skate kid grabbed me and shoved his tongue down my throat, which was so inappropriate and ewwwwwwww that it took me a while to process what was actually happening.

I pushed him away and told him to cut it out, just in time to see Edward looking at me with a disgusted expression on his face.

I didn't go and find Maria, I didn't even tell Edward that he was a treacherous, two-faced asshole, I just shot out of the club, ran all the way home, and collapsed on my bed.

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