Sorry haven't uploaded in forever I have been so busy lately. So this is just a one shot thing for Clato. So Clove does in the arena and Cato lives. This is in Enobaria's POV just to let you know. Hope you like it. Please Review cause its 4:00 in the damn morning.~Catoloverxclovelover

Enobaria's POV

"He isn't the same" Brutus tells me as we watch Cato sit on the window sill staring out at the capitol.

"Are any of us the same" I say still looking at Cato. We are so close to him but he doesn't even care to notice us.

"No. But she was your top student your friend. She was his friend you should talk to him" Brutus tells me. I look at him and give a small nod.

Brutus leaves closing the door behind him. I walk over to Cato till Im standing next to him. Cato stays completely silent.

"Shes dead" Cato says still staring off.

"I know Cato. I miss her too" I say and sit next to him.

Cato takes a deep breath. "Its my fault" he says.

"No it isnt. Its not your fault. You know that" I tell him but I don't think he cares. Im not soft but Clove was one of my best friends even though she was younger than me it didn't matter.

"The mutts... It was her... She tried to kill me" Cato says.

"That wasn't her it was some sick trick to freak you out"

Cato stays silent. Its like this for minuets. "Cato what would she say if she saw you like this?" I ask him being serious.

"Stop being such a girl. Get on with your life instead of sitting on your dumb ass weeping all day long because that accomplishes shit. Then she would throw a knife at me and it would almost hit me" Cato says to me.

"Well that sounds like our Clove" I say with a little weak smile.

"I miss her." Cato says looking at me this time him blue eyes filling with tears.

"I know I miss her too. I miss her too"

"I need her. I need her back. Enobaria this isn't fair" Cato says and starts to cry.

I hug him while he cries I feel bad this is the first time he has ever cried that anyone has ever known of.

"I know Cato. I know"

"I loved her. I still LOVE her" Cato tells me as he starts to sob.

"Im sorry. Im so sorry." I say and start to cry too.

I know how he feels. The boy I loved got stabbed in front of me and bled to death. He never even knew. But Clove knew. She loved him too.

"Why did they do this? What did I do?" Cato asks me.

"Nothing you did nothing Cato. They do this because they can be feared this way. This happened to me with a boy I liked named Mavis in my games. They keep people like you and me as a reminder that they can do what they want and that we are punished for what are ancestors did. We are stuck heart broken, depressed, love less, gone. Were here physically but mentally gone. We just cant let them know that." I tell him pulling back and looking him straight in the eyes.

"I would do anything to get her back" Cato tells me. I never knew he loved Clove this much. I knew he liked her not loved her and not this much.

"She's in a better place away from all this. So is Mavis... Cato this life of a victor is insanity its not better. Your safe but-but haunted" I tell him and he understands.

So thats it I hope you liked it. Sorry that Cato's soft but I was listening to someone like you while writing this and I kinda cried cause its a cover but its really sad. But if the love of your life died in front of you and you practically had a mental break down wouldn't you be a little soft. Please Please Review!~Catoloverxclovelover