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A one-shot. Actually, more of a ficlet. Tag to 8x13 "Everybody hates Hitler"


"Come on big guy…" Dean muttered to himself.

He was sitting by an unconscious Sam. The poison in his neck was slowly spreading and Sam's pulse was rapid. Sam had gone pale.

Dean's heart was hammering and his blood was boiling. No one had the right to do that to Sam. He had already been terrified as Sam had managed to escape the Nazi bitch and tumble down the stairs towards Dean.

The next minute he had lost consciousness and had slid down towards Dean.

"Don't you dare quit, Sam. Not this time." Sam was barely breathing.

Suddenly Dean could hear large footfalls. He pointed his gun at the top of the staircase, not knowing what to expect.

The Golem was dragging the creepy Nazi down the stairs. Just as he stopped halfway, the guy defiantly said,

"Long Live the Thule!"

And before he could say anything else, the Golem snapped his neck.

"Or not." Said Dean.

As the Golem made its way towards Aaron, Dean quickly turned towards Sam and let out a breath he wasn't even aware of holding. Sam's eyes were fluttering open.

"Sam? Sammy?"

Sam grunted in pain.

"You okay, buddy?"

"Yeah. F-Fine." Said Sam weakly.

As Sam tried to stand up, Dean pushed him back down.

"Whoa. No need to rush man. It's over."

"So, the guy…"

"He's dead Sam. Gigantor here snapped his neck. Literally."

Sam eyed Dean warningly, looking at the Golem.

"Oh, come on. Everyone loves me."

Sam looked at Dean incredulously, disbelief clearly etched on his face.

"Fine. Let's see if the midget can get up."

And just for that, Dean looked at Sam and got the famous only-reserved-for-Dean-Winchester bitch face.

"Hey, it's not my fault we actually happened to find a guy taller than you." Grinned Dean.

"I'm still taller than you."

Dean helped Sam up. Sam swayed dangerously as the room started spinning before his eyes.

"Whoa. Easy there tiger." Dean held onto Sam.

"Crap. This sucks."

"Really? I'm the one who had to save your ass again, bitch." Said Dean playfully.

Sam registered the hesitant use of his long ago used nickname. He had missed this.

Dean didn't know how, but the 'bitch' had just somehow tumbled out. He half glanced at Sam, a small part of him hoping for the usual retort from Sam.

"It's your job isn't it, jerk?" replied Sam.

Dean laughed, helping Sam down the stairs.

They both were slowly falling back in line. Falling back to their usual habits. Falling back in rhythm.


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