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Chapter 2: Team Registration!

(Rooftop- Hokage Mansion)

The cameraman rested his hand on his camera and asked, "Hey, are you really going to have your picture taken with that face?"

Naruto sat on the chair and chuckled, "Don't worry about it. Just take it!"

The cameraman sighed, "Geez, just don't regret it later." He went under the black blanket that covered on the camera. "Okay, say 'cheese'." Then he clicked the button to capture the photo on Naruto. Naruto had a red paint on his face and his hands.

(Ninja Academy)

The Hokage was reading Naruto's profile paper. He then stared at Naruto who rubbed his head sheepishly. Naruto chuckled, "I couldn't make a nice face, so it took three hours to make it look like that. But, but isn't it artistic, or like, cool?"

The Hokage sighed, "Take it over."

"Noo!" refused Naruto.

"Re-take the picture," said the Hokage.

"No way!" said Naruto. He made a hand seal and cried, "Oiroke no Jutsu!" He transformed into blonde girl without any clothes, but a smoke that covered any inappropriate parts. He acted like a seductive female. "Hokage-sama, please…" Suddenly, the old man Hokage got nosebleed and fell to the floor. He changed back into his regular form. He was very confused that the old man Hokage would fell for his trick.

The Hokage sat on his chair again and wiped his nosebleed with the napkins. He sighed, "The temptation technique, eh? What an absurd technique… By the way Naruto, where is your forehead protector?"

"I'm not going to wear it until the explanatory meeting, since it will get scratched," replied Naruto."

"Putting that aside, this Ninja Registration Form is something of the utmost secrecy that will remain in the village, so it's an important document even to you. You should follow your brother's example. He wears that forehead protector right away the moment he graduated." He looked down at the paper and asked, "So what is with this face?"

Naruto frowned, "I don't understand those complex things!"

Suddenly, the door opened. The little boy picked the shuriken and cried, "You old geezer! Fight me!" Then he ran towards the old man Hokage. "The title of Godaime Hokage (Fifth Hokage) belongs to me, Konohamaru!" Unfortunately, he tripped himself on the floor for some reason. "Ouch…"

The Hokage sighed, 'Problems just keep showing up…'

"Is this a trap?" asked Konohamaru.

The guy in sunglasses walked into the door and asked, "Are you okay, young master? There are no traps by the way."

'Who is this kid?' thought Naruto.

The guy in sunglasses shocked, 'That kid is… The Kyubi. It's the dropout I really hate.'

Konohamaru walked to Naruto and pointed at him. "I got it. You did something, didn't you?"

Naruto grabbed Konohamaru's scarf and growled, "You just tripped on your own!"

"Hey! Let go of him!" demanded the guy in sunglasses. "He is the grandson of the great Sandaime Hokage!" Naruto stared at him then diverted his attention to Konohamaru again.

'He stopped right after finding out that I'm the grandson of a Hokage.' Konohamaru thought, 'He must be the same as the glasses-teacher and everyone else.' He glared up at Naruto and snarled, "What's the matter? Why don't you hit me if you can! You're no match for a grandson of a Hokage!"

Naruto scoffed, "Like I care about that!" He suddenly clocked Konohamaru in the head and screamed, "You idiot!"

Konohmaru fell to the ground and thought, 'This guy…'

The guy in sunglasses shocked, "What?!"

The old man Hokage sighed, 'Oh well.'


The guy in sunglasses scolded at Konohamaru and said, "Listen, you are the Sandaime Hokage's grandson. Even though he hit you, you cannot get involved with a guy like him. No good will come out of dealing with him. I, the elite teacher Ebisu, am never wrong. You wish to become the Godaime Hokage, right? If I teach you ninjutsu, it will be easy to gain the title of Hokage." He turned his back on Konohmaru and pushed his sunglasses back. "Yes, the quickest path to becoming a Hokage is to learn from me. Do you understand, young master?" When he looked around again, Konohamaru disappeared! He shocked, "He's gone!"

The old man Hokage sighed, "It looks like he went to follow Naruto."

Ebisu widened his eyes and shocked, "What? That's an emergency! Young master!" He left the room to chase Konohamaru.

The Hokage sighed, 'How did he grow up to be like that? That was the 20th ambush today. It worries me even more if he's with Naruto. He's lucky if he run into Naruki. I hope Naruto doesn't teach Konohamaru weird things.'

(With Naruto)

Naruto walked down the street, but he noticed that Naruki was waving at him. "Brother? What are you doing here?" asked Naruto.

Naruki decided to walk along with him, and chuckled, "Well, you graduated, right? How about we celebrate our graduations? Umm… Let's go to Ramen Ichiraku. Our favorite food… I will treat you. I have a planet of money. Since you became Ninja, you need to start to be serious."

Suddenly, Naruto stopped and glanced over his shoulder, and saw the small rock on the floor. He confused, "Huh?" but he decided to continue to walk together with his brother.

"What's wrong, Naruto?" asked Naruki.

Naruto stopped walking and pointed at the wall. "Don't follow me! What do you want?!"

Naruki could notice that someone was hiding behind the wall. He sweat-dropped, "What a crap stealth technique."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah. That's really obvious."

Finally, Konahamaru revealed himself in front of Naruto and Naruki. He smiled, "Nice job detecting me. I should have expected it from the guy I've heard rumors about." He pointed at Naruto and said, "I don't mind being your follower."

"What?" confused Naruto.

"Actually, more like a stalker, if you ask me," said Naruki.

Konohmaru stared at Naruki and asked, "Who are you?"

"Me? I'm his older brother, of course." Naruki sighed, "Is something happened?"

"No way! How can you be so shorty if you're his older brother?!" confused Konohamaru.

Naruki scowled, "Shut up! Does it matters to you?"

"Oh, well. But in return, tell me how to do that temptation technique you used to defeat the Hokage geezer," said Konahomaru.

"Temptation technique?" wondered Naruki. He realized that it was a technique that Naruto usually prank on men. He pointed at Naruto and scowled, "You did it again?! You used Oiroke no Jutsu, didn't you?! How many do I must tell you not to use it?!"

Naruto folded his arms and sighed, "Stop kidding around."

"Don't say that, please! Boss!" begged Konohamaru.

Naruki and Naruto confused, "Boss?"

Konohamaru nodded, "Boss! Boss! Boss!"

Naruto rubbed his hair sheepishly and chuckled, "Fine…"

"Wait a minute! He's a little kid!" said Naruki.

"I don't care. I'm going to teach him anyways," said Naruto. He stared at Naruki with the puppy eyes. "Please, brother!"

Naruki sighed, "Fine! However, I will watch you, if you do something stupid. I'm going to take you home! Understood?"

Naruto nodded, "Understood!" then he looked at Konohamaru who was eager to ready to learn his technique. "First, to use a ninja technique well, you need to use your Chatora well."

"Chatora? (Brown tiger)" confused Konohamaru.

Naruto nodded, "That's right, Chatora."

"Brother, you mean 'Chakra'?" asked Naruki.

"Yeah, it's 'Chakra', boss," agreed Konohamaru.

"Shut up! Good ninjas call it Chatora," said Naruto.

'What a terrible lie!' thought Naruki.

Konohamaru smiled, "What? So that's how it is."

Naruki fell down on the ground while his feet stick up. 'What?! You actually believe him?!"

Naruto rubbed his forehead and sighed in relief. 'I'm glad he's stupid.' He sighed, "Listen, Chakra is…"

Konohamaru nodded, "Simply, it is the energy you use to execute a technique. In other words, ninja techniques use both Chakra, the body energy existent in every cell of the body, and spirit energy, which accumulates through training and experience. After these two are mixed together and a seal is formed, it is executed."

Naruto and Naruki were sweat dropping because Konohamaru actually read the scroll aloud. "Don't act like you know everything when you're just reading it from a scroll!"

Naruki face-palmed, 'This kid is really stupid!'

"Although that thing talks on and on about it, you just need two things to use a technique well," said Naruto.

"Two things?" wondered Konohamaru.

Naruto nodded, "Hard work and guts."

Konohamaru smiled, "Hard work and guts, eh?"

Naruto nodded and smiled, "That's right. I'll train you hard, so prepare yourself."

Konohamaru nodded, "Roger, Boss!"

"Alright then, try transforming now," said Naruto.

"What?" confused Konohamaru.

Naruto sighed, "I'll see how good your ninjutsu are."

"But what should I transform in to?" asked Konohamaru.

Naruto looked around him, but he found the nice girl who scanned the food. He pointed at her and smiled, "Okay, transform into that babe."

Naruki widened his eyes and thought, 'It's not good. If she found out that he teaches this kid, then he screws up.'

Konohamaru nodded, "It's my pleasure!" He made a hand seal and shouted, ""Oiroke no Jutsu!" He changed into the fatso girl. "So? Do I look like her?"

"What?! U-g-l-y!" said Naruki.

Naruto sweat-dropped and sighed, "S-Sure … the clothes looks perfect…"

The brown girl from earlier appeared behind him and clenched his fist in anger. "What's so similar…?!" She proceeded to beat Naruto up. She stared at Naruki and Konohmaru. She smiled, "Listen, young master. Please do a cute transformation when you transform into me. Naruki, I want you to tell your brother to stop do that." She waved them good-bye and walked away from them.

Konohamaru trembled, "She's scary…"

"Y- You might say…" agreed Naruki.

"Why did I have to be hit?" asked Naruto.


Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru looked up at the store. "Okay, we're going to research pheromones at the bookstore!" said Naruto.

Konohamaru nodded, "Roger, Boss!"

"Why do I have to go with you in the store, too?" asked Naruki.

"Come on! Let's go, brother! We won't get caught anyways!" said Naruto.

"Fine…" sighed Naruki.

Then they opened the door, and sneaked around the store. Naruto picked up the dirty girl magazine. He opened the book and drooled over the girl in bikini together with Naruki and Konohamaru.

Suddenly, the man behind them growled, "I told you that there's no browsing in the store, Naruto, Naruki." He proceeded to kick them off from the store.

(Even Later)

Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru went to different store. Naruto sighed, "This is the last place. Let's put our spirit into it!"

Konohamaru nodded, "Roger, Boss!"

"Why do I have to do that, too?" asked Naruki.

"This time we won't be caught!" said Naruto.

Naruki sighed, "Fine…"

Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru shouted in union, "Henge no Jutsu!" Naruto transformed into blonde girl, Naruki transformed into black hair girl, and Konohamaru transformed into chubby girl. They walked into the hot spa that was designed for girls only.

When they entered the hot spa, the manager cried, "Naruto, Naruki! You again?!" He proceeded to kick them off from the hot spa.

(Later- Somewhere in Forest)

Naruto sighed, "Why am I the one getting pounded more… more than you, Brother?"

"I don't know why…" said Naruki.

Konohamaru frowned, "I'm sorry… It's because I'm the grandson of a Hokage."

Naruto smiled, "Don't worry about it. The preparation for the Oiroke no Jutsu is now complete." He gave Konohamaru a thumb-up. "All you need to do is practice."

'Finally… the moment of embarrassment is finally over for me!' thought Naruki.

Konohamaru nodded, "Roger, Boss!"

"Okay, the basic is big (breasts), thin (waist), big (bottoms). Do it!" cheered Naruto.

"Roger, Boss!" cheered Konohamaru. He shouted out, "Oiroke no Jutsu!" He transformed into the chubby girls in bikini. "It turned out like this…"

Naruki screamed, "YUCK!" He proceeded to throw up on the grass. "F-A-T!"

Naruto shook his head and groaned, "No! Do it more slender."

"Roger, Boss! Is this okay?" asked Konohamaru.

"H-I-D-E-O-U-S!" said Naruki.

"No, more beautiful," said Naruto.

"Roger, Boss! Is this fine?" asked Konohamaru.

(With Ebisu)

He hopped on the rock, and sighed, 'Naruto… What is he planning to do with my young master?' He scanned around Konoha. "Damn it, where did he go?! I am an elite teacher that has taught many Hokage candidates. Any bugs that attach to my students will be… eliminated." He quickly disappeared into thin of air.

(With Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru)

Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru sat on the log together to drink the juice. "By the way, why are you so obsessed with the old man Hokage?" asked Naruto.

Konohamaru frowned, "Grandpa gave me the name Konohamaru. He took it off from the name of this village. But even though it's a name that everyone should have heard many times, no one calls me by that name. Whenever anyone sees or calls me, they only see the grandson of a Hokage. No one recognizes me as an individual. I hate that. So… So I want the title of Hokage right now."

Naruto chuckled, "Idiot. Who's going to recognize a guy like you."

Konohamaru looked at Naruto and confused, "What?"

"It's not a title that a kid can carry so easily," said Naruto.

Konohamaru clenched his fist and growled, "What?!"

Naruki chuckled, "It's not easy. You keep saying 'Hokage, Hokage'. If you want the title so badly…"

"What?" snarled Konohamaru.

"You need to defeat Naruto first," said Naruki.

(With Hokage)

The Hokage stared up at the Hokage Momentums atop the rooftop. The voice cried, "Sandaime…" That was Iruka. He appeared behind the Hokage. "I've been looking for you."

"Iruka?" greeted the Hokage.

"Did Naruto turn in his Ninja Registration Form properly?" asked Iruka.

"Yes," replied the Hokage.

Iruka smiled, "I lectured him at the ramen shop few days ago… But he's been so happy about the fact that he became a ninja and was be able to graduate together with his brother and able to make the villagers recognize him."

The old man Hokage stared up at the fourth Hokage momentum and sighed, "Naruto's dream might be tough for him."

Iruka confused, "What?"

"As you know, only the adults that fought 12 years ago know that a Kyubi is sealed inside Naruto. I made the fact absolutely secret and severely punished those who broke the rule. So the present children don't know that. That's the only hope Naruto has." The Hokage sighed, "Yondaime Hokage wanted everyone to see Naruto as a hero. He wished for that, sealed it in him, and died."

"A hero? What about Naruki?" asked Iruka.

The Hokage sighed, "The villagers already saw Naruki as a hero. He could be on top grade only if his brother did not pull him to prank together with him. Anyways, Yondaime Hokage sealed the demon fox into a baby that just had his umbilical cord cut off. Naruto became the container for the Kyubi. However, the adults of the village do not see Naruto as I do. There are a few who believe that Naruto is the Kyubi itself. The attitude of the adults towards Naruto is being passed down to the children. Naruki tried to cheer him up, but it was hard for Naruto. Iruka, have you heard of this before?"

"Heard what?" confused Iruka.

"When a person hates another and does not recognize him, that person's eye becomes terribly cold when looking at the other," answered the Hokage.

(With Ebisu- Somewhere at Forest)

Ebisu landed on the branch and saw that Naruto and Naruki were with Konohamaru sitting on the log. He chuckled, "I found you!" Then he got in thought, 'Damn monster fox… Looks like his brother is with him…'

Naruto stared up at Ebisu on the branch and thought, 'It's those eyes again. Everyone just keeps…'

'Oh, not those eyes again… If he stares at Naruto like that…' thought Naruki.

Ebisu landed on the forest floor and sighed, "Now, young master, let us go home."

"No!" refused Konohamaru. "I'm going to defeat the geezer right now, and get the title of Hokage right now! Don't bother me!"

Ebisu slowly walked towards Konohamaru and chuckled, "A Hokage is a title you receive when you understand the principles of morality, knowledge, loyalty, getting along with family, and can use more than 1000 techniques…"

Konohamaru made a ram seal, and shouted, "Oiroke no Jutsu!" Then he finally transform into the naked beautiful girl, but the smoke covered his parts. "Take that! Oiroke no jutsu."

Naruki dropped his jaws on the ground and shocked, "Well, at least, you improved, but you're not sexy as Naruto's Oiroke no jutsu."

Konohamaru noticed that Ebisu dropped his jaws in shocked, but that didn't make him nosebleed. Konohamaru changed back into his regular form and confused, "What? It didn't work."

Ebisu laughed, "What an indecent technique! I am a gentleman! I will never fall for a technique as base as that." Then he pulled Konohamaru's scarf trying to make him come along with him. "Young master, you're only going to get dumber and dumber if you hang around him! Hang around with Naruki instead! The quickest path to becoming a Hokage is to listen to me! Now, let's go home."

Konohamaru struggled to go free from Ebisu, and shook his head. He refused, "No!"

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" shouted Naruto. He created a few clone around Ebisu.

Konohamaru cheered, "Wow! That's amazing!"

Ebisu scoffed, "This is silly. I am an elite teacher even if I do not look like one. I am different from Mizuki." He walked through between the dozen of Naruto clones.

"Wait! You're going to get in trouble if you attack him like that!" warned Naruki who stood next to Konohamaru.

"Boss…" said Konohamaru softly.

"Harem no Jutsu!" shouted Naruto. Suddenly, all of Naruto and his clones transformed into sexy blonde girls in front of Ebisu. They hugged Ebisu and said softly, "Ebisu-sama."

Naruki had to hold his nose to prevent the nosebleed coming from Naruto's petty technique. However, Ebisu, on the other hand, lost a lot of nosebleed and fell backward on the ground unconscious.

Naruto transformed back into his original form and chuckled, "I call it the Harem no jutsu."

(With Sandaime Hokage- Inside the Hokage's Mansion)

Sandiame Hokage watched what's happening with Naruto, and others on the crystal ball. He twitched his eyebrows and sighed, "He combined Kage Bunshin no jutsu and Oiroke no jutsu." He adjusted his hat and thought, 'He made another stupid technique! I'll fall for it for sure… probably.'

(With Naruto, Naruki, and Konohamaru- Elsewhere in Forest)

Konohamaru frowned, "Damn it. I couldn't even defeat glasses-teacher again! I want the title that will make everyone recognize me, so why?!"

"It's not that easy," said Naruto.

"What?" confused Konohamaru.

Naruto sighed, "You're trying to take the title of Hokage, the ninja that everyone in the village will recognize. I'm sure there will be a lot of unpleasant things… And things that will baffle you. I finally have two persons that recognizes me, but it still took a lot of work." He thought of Iruka and his own brother, Naruki. "You need to be prepared."

"Prepared for…?" asked Konohamaru curious.

"To be able to receive the title of Hokage, which everyone will look up to," said Naruto. He chuckled, "And the fact that there is no shortcut to become one."

Konohamaru remembered that Naruki told him if he wanted the title so badly, he need to defeat his brother Naruto first. He turned his back on Naruto and frowned, "Lecturing me like you're all that? I quit being your follower." He glanced over his shoulder and said, "We're rivals starting now."

Naruki chuckled, "Sorry to say, but we're going to be a ninja starting tomorrow."

Naruto nodded, "But I'll fight with you one day for the title of Hokage. Until then, look forward to it, Konohamaru." Then he walked away from Konoamarh as he waved at him good-bye.

Konohamaru gave him a salute. Naruki could tell that they would become good friend in future. Naruki smiled, 'Oh, well… I never want to be Hokage anyways. I always want to fight strongest enemy. I do not know why I like to fight for some reason.' He followed Naruto to their apartment. Actually, he lived next to Naruto's door anyways.

(With Sandaime Hokage- At Hokage Mansion)

The old man Hokage saw the whole stuff in his crystal ball. He smiled and thought, 'The real path to become a ninja has only begun.'

(Next Day- With Naruki- At Apartment)

Naruki woke up and yawned, 'Today, I'm going to be in team, huh? Oh, I can't wait to get to be Ninja!' Then he grabbed his new forehead protector and wrapped it around his belt. He then proceeded to eat a lot of foods like 30 or 40 of them. Once he finished, he patted on his stomach and smiled, "I'm full! I'm full!"

After he finished eating foods, he went to take a shower, then brush his teeth, and put his orange Gi on. Of course, his back was designed for Uzumaki Clan. He smiled, "Okay, time to wake Naruto up!"

He walked out of his room and locked it just for safety. Then he went to the next door and knocked it. "Hey, Brother. Wake up already!"

Finally, the door opened. Naruto emerged from the door and yawned, "Hey, brother…"

Naruki could see that Naruto still wore pajamas. He sighed, "Okay, hurry up. Eat your meals, and get ready for meeting today! We have only two hours left!"

Naruto widened his eyes and nodded excitedly, "Roger, Brother!" He rushed to the kitchen room and grabbed his favorite food Ramen. He smiled, "Today's a special day, so…" He uncapped Ramen and picked the food up. "Time to eat." He began to eat his Ramen. Then he drank the milk dairy. Then he placed it back on the table.

When Naruki read the expiration date on the milk, he widened his eyes and thought, 'It's not good! He just drank that was already expired long time ago. Too late now… He's going to have a serious stomachache. Idiot…'

Naruto went to his room and placed the goggles on his forehead. He looked down at his new forehead protector, he remembered that he was a now ninja. He decided to remove his goggles and placed his forehead protector on his forehead. "Let's go, Naruki."


Naruto and Naruki were walking together on way to Ninja Academy. Suddenly, Konohamaru emerged from the fences and shouted, "Fight me!" Once again, he tripped on his own.

"He… tripped?" confused Naruki.

"Yeah, he tripped again yesterday," responded Naruto. He stared down at Konohamaru and asked, "What are you doing, Konohamaru?"

Konohamaru was still laying on the ground and chuckled, "I expect nothing less from the man I respect." He got on his knees and stared at Naruto and Naruki.

"What? He didn't do anything," said Naruki.

Konohamaru got up on his feet and placed his ram hand together. He chuckled, "Fight fair and square!"

Naruto rubbed his hair and chuckled, "Sorry, we have to go to an explanatory meeting now."

"Explanatory meeting?" asked Konohamaru.

"Yup, we are a ninja starting today!" said Naruki.

Naruto pointed at his own forehead protector and nodded, "Yeah, we are a ninja today!" Konohamaru widened his eyes as Naruki and Naruto grinned widely at him.

(With Sakura- At Home)

Sakura placed her new forehead protector on top of her hair staring at the mirror. He winked at her mirror and smiled.

Her mother shouted from the first floor, and said, "Sakura! Shouldn't you be leaving now?"

Sakura scowled, "I was about to go!"

Inner Sakura growled, "Damn it! Stop treating me like a child!"

She left her home and walked on way to the ninja academy, and thought, 'Yes, I am no longer a student of the academy. I am one of Konoha's Kunoichi (Female Ninja), Haruno Sakura.'

She heard someone's voice from the flower store said, "I'm going." She noticed that was Ino who walked out of flower store.

Ino stared at Sakura and smiled, "Good morning, Sakura."

"Good morning, Ino," greeted Sakura.

They began to walk together on way to Ninja Academy. Ino chuckled, "I can't believe you graduated."

Sakura sighed, "The past doesn't matter anymore. Starting today, we are both ninjas. I'm not going to lose to you anymore, Ino." She took an inch ahead of Ino. Ino didn't like so she took another inch ahead of Sakura. They began to race towards Ninja Academy.

(At Ninja Academy)

Shikamaru walked down the stair but he noticed that Naruto sat next to Naruki. He stared at Naruto and asked, "Why are you here? Today's explanatory meeting is only for those who graduated."

Naruto pointed out at his own forehead protector and sighed, "Hey, can you not see this forehead protector?" He chuckled, "Starting today, I'm also a ninja! How should I say this… This looks really good on me, eh?"

Hinata watched Naruto from different seat position and smiled, 'Naruto-kun was able to graduate… together with his brother…'

(With Sakura and Ino)

They were racing down the hall inside Ninja Academy. Then they finally entered the classroom. They shouted at the same time, "Goal!"

Ino stared at Sakura and chuckled, "I win again, Sakura."

Sakura chuckled, "What are you talking about? My toe entered the class before yours by a centimeter."

Ino scoffed, "Are you blind?"

Naruto glanced over his shoulder at Sakura and smiled, 'It's Sakura-chan…' He noticed that Sakura was staring at them. 'Sakura-chan's looking at me.'

Sakura ran towards them. Ino cried, "Hey, Sakura!"

Naruto stood up and waved at her. He greeted, "Good morning, Sakura-chan."

Sakura pushed Naruto and shouted, "Get out of my way!"

Naruki looked up at Sakura and greeted, "Hey, Sakura…"

"Good morning, Naruki," greeted Sakura. Then she stared at the raven-haired who sat next to Naruki and blushed, "Good morning, Sasuke-kun." Sasuke stared at her and did not say anything. "Can I sit next to you?" asked Sakura.

Ino walked to Sakura and pulled her arms. "Hey!" I'm going to sit next to him," said Ino.

Naruki smiled, "Ino-chan…" He got off the seat and chuckled, "One of you can sit next to Sasuke."

Sakura glared at Ino and sighed, "First come first serve."

Ino growled, "I came into the classroom before you!"

"I did!" argued Sakura.

"If that's the case, I did," argued Ino.

"I was first," said one of fangirls.

"I'm going to sit next to Sasuke-kun," said another fangirl.

Sasuke diverted his attention back down at the table and sighed, 'How annoying.'

(At Hokage's Mansion)

The crystal showed Sasuke. The masked jounin asked, "Is that him? This year's number one rookie, Uchiha Sasuke."

The old man Hokage nodded, "That's right. In fact, Naruki was able to rival him in fighting, but he considered as this year's number two rookie."

"He's a survivor of the Uchiha Clan," said the jounin Kunoichi.

The silver-haired masked jounin stared down at Naruto on the crystal. "Uzumaki Naruto, eh?"

(At Ninja Academy)

Naruto suddenly set his feet on the table and moved his head too closer to Sasuke's face glaring at him. Sasuke glared back at him.

Sakura was getting angry and growled, "Naruto! Stop staring at Sasuke-kun!"

Naruki face-palmed, 'All fangirls are going to hate him for sure…'

Naruto stared at Sakura and frowned, 'Sakura-chan…' then he glared back at Sasuke. 'Everyone is so obsessed with Sasuke… What's so good about him anyway?' They continued to glared at each other.

Sakura growled, "Sasuke-kun, just beat him up!" together rest of fangirls.

"Yeah!" said all fangirls.

The random boy pushed Naruto with his elbow and chuckled, "What? For real?" He glanced over his shoulder at Naruto. "Sorry…"

Sakura shocked, "Wha…?"

Naruto accidentally kissed Sasuke in the mouth! Sakura shocked while Inner Sakura growled, "Damn it! I was supposed to get Sasuke-kun's first kiss!"

Naruki face-palmed, 'Naruto… what have you done?'

Naruto and Sasuke began to choke after they accidentally kissed each other. Sasuke coughed, "Naruto, I'm going to kill you…"

"My mouth's going to rot…" said Naruto.

"Is it my fault?" asked the random boy.

Naruto suddenly widened his eyes and muttered nervously, "I sense danger." He nervously looked at all of fangirls.

Sakura growled, "Naruto… you…"

"It was an accident," said Naruto. All fangirls did not seem to listen to him. He waved them off and panicked, "It was an accident."

Sakura popped her fists and glared at him. "You're annoying!" said Sakura.

(At Hokage's Mansion)

The old man Hokage chuckled, "As usual, Naruto's being the center of trouble."

(At Ninja Academy)

Iruka finally arrived at the meeting and smiled, "Starting today, you are all officials ninja, but… You all are still new Genins. It's going to get harder from here. You all will be in a group of three, however, one of them will have a group of four, where you will accomplish missions under a Jounin teacher."

Rest of newbie ninja confused, "A group of three, except for one group?"

Ino stared at Sakura behind her and chuckled, "I wonder who's going to be in Sasuke-kun's team."

"I don't know," replied Sakura. He glanced over her shoulder at Ino. Inner Sakura shouted, "Damn it, I'm the one who's going to team up with him, of course."

"A group of three, except for one group? That's only going to burden me," said Sasuke softly.

Naruto thought, 'First, Sakura-chan, then the other will be… I can live with anyone else as long as it's not Sasuke.'

'I hope it's going to be Ino-chan... To be honest, I can live with anyone else anyways,' thought Naruki.

Iruka looked at the paper and sighed, "Only one group that will have four men because we have an odd ninja here. We've arranged the groups such that overall abilities are equivalent. I will now announce them."


"Next, 7th group," said Iruka. "Uzumaki Naruki. Uzumaki Naruto. Haruno Sakura."

Naruto began to cheer, and shouted, "Yeah!"

Sakura frowned, 'I'm with Naruto…? Too bad. Sasuke's not with us… Now we have three in our group."

"And Uchiha Sasuke," said Iruka.

Sakura cheered, "Yeah!"

Naruto frowned, 'I'm with Sasuke…?'

Naruki stared at Naruto and chuckled, "Come on! Cheer up! You're with Sakura after all…"

Hinata watched Naruto from different seat position and frowned, 'So I'm in a different group than Naruto-kun…'

"Next, 8th group," announced Iruka. "Hyuuga Hinata."

Hinato nodded, "Y- Yes."

"Inuzuka Kiba," said Iruka. Kiba began to grin. "Aburame Shino." Shino pushed his sunglasses back.

Sakura gave Ino a 'V" as victory. Ino growled, "Why do you get to be with him!"

"Next, 9th group," said Iruka.

Inner Sakura chuckled, "Alright! Love prevails!"

Shikamaru sat next to Ino and sighed, "Why do girls like such a guy anyway?"

"Don't you even know that, Shikamaru?" asked Ino.

"I'm not a girl," replied Shikamaru.

Ino scoffed, "That's why you're not popular. I wouldn't want to team up with a guy like you."

Iruka smiled, "10th group. Yamanaka Ino. Nara Shikamaru."

Shikamaru laughed, "Looks like you have to team up with me."

"And… Akimichi Chouji," finished Iruka. Chichi began to chow on his own chips.

Ino placed his hands on his head and shocked, "And a fatty?" Chouji could swear that he just heard her calling him a fatty.

Iruka sighed, "That's it for the groups."

Naruto pointed at Sasuke and growled, "Iruka-sensei! Why is a top-student like me in a group with this guy?!"

Naruki sighed, 'He couldn't stand Sasuke being in our group, huh?'

"Sasuke graduated with the highest scores next to second place Naruki," replied Iruka. "And you, Naruto, had the worst scores. This happens because we want to evenly divide abilities between the groups."

Sasuke sighed, "Don't pull my leg, blockhead."

"What did you say?!" scowled Naruto.

"You want to fight, blockhead?" asked Sasuke.

"Blockhead?! Why you…" growled Naruto.

Sakura frowned, "Stop it, Naruto."

Naruki pulled Naruto down back to his seat and sighed, "That's enough, Naruto." Then he looked at Iruka and chuckled, "I'm sorry…"

Iruka sighed, "I'm going to introduce the Jounin teachers in the afternoon. Meeting adjourned until then!"

(Later- Outside Ninja Academy)

Sakura looked around her and cried, "Sasuke-kun! Where did he go? I wanted to eat together since we're in the same group now."

Naruto approached Sakura from the behind together with Naruki and waved at him. "Sakura-chan! Let's eat together since we're in the same group now," said Naruto.

Sakura looked around at Naruto and growled, "Why do I have to eat with you?"

"But, but we're in the same group, so…" said Naruto.

Sakura sighed, "You're annoying." He looked down at Naruki and smiled, "Do you want to eat together with me and Sasuke, Naruki?"

Naruki nodded, "Sure, Sakura!"

Sakura smiled, "Okay… let's find Sasuke-kun then!" Then she turned her back on Naruto and cried, "Sasuke-kun! Where are you?" as she walked together with Naruki in search for Sasuke. Naruto began to sad.

(Later- With Naruto)

Naruto sat on the rooftop and frowned, "Damn it, this is no fun." He thought, 'I was able to join the same group as Sakura-chan, and Brother, and this happens…' He sighed, "I wonder if something nice will happen." He noticed that Sasuke casually stared outside the window in his apartment. He was eating the rice.

Naruto chuckled, "I know…"

(With Team 10)

Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji was eating the food together. "Listen up. As long as we're in the same group, you two are going to follow what I say," demanded Ino.

Shikamaru sighed, "Fine, fine." Then he stared up at Ino and thought, 'I don't want to waste my time arguing with Ino.'

Chouji smiled, "Let's go eat barbeque together sometime soon."

Ino face-palmed, "Geez…"

Suddenly, Shikamaru noticed that Naruto was creeping towards Sasuke. He shocked, "Naruto!"

Ino looked around and confused, "What?"

Suddenly, Naruto jumped into the window and attacked Sasuke as the wooden door closed. Sasuke's voice growled, "You must be Naruto!"

"Damn it, stay still," said Naruto's voice.

Ino clenched his fist and snarled, "Naruto, you're going to get if you hurt Sasuke-kun!" They could hear that Sasuke and Naruto were fighting inside the house. "What happened?" wondered Ino.

(Inside Apartment)

Naruto was tied up around his body as well as putting tape on his mouth. Sasuke sighed, "Idiot…"

(With Team 10)

They saw that Sasuke hopped out of apartment and began to smirk. Shikimaru sighed, "Naruto must've gotten beaten instead."

Ino chuckled, "Of course, Naruto is no match for Sasuke-kun."

(Later- With Sakura and Naruki)

Sakura and Naruki were sitting on the bench. Sakura frowned, "There's no need to sweat it. I'm going to be in the same group as Sasuke-kun for quite a while. But… Even if I wanted to seduce him, my figures are below average. Only the width of my forehead is above average. How can I…"

Naruki smiled, "Hey, look it's Sasuke! He's over there!"

Sakura stared at Sasuke who leaned against the tree smiling at her. She smiled, 'What?! For real?! Sasuke-kun's looking at me! And he's looking at me with such intensity.'

(In Daydream)

Sasuke stared at Sakura and smiled, "You have such a charming, wide forehead. It makes me want to kiss it."

Sakura blushed, "That's what it is for."

(Present day)

Sakura placed her hands on her cheek while her elbow placed on her own knees to support herself. She sighed, 'Not… Who am I, a kid who still believes in fairy tales? That would never happen.'

Sasuke walked towards her and smiled, "You have a charming, wide forehead."

Sakura widened her eyes and shocked, 'What?"

Sasuke smiled, "It makes me want to kiss it."

Naruki widened his eyes and stared at Sasuke very carefully. 'Naruto…?! What are you doing here?'

Sasuke stared at Naruki nervously and thought, 'Shh! Please don't tell her that I'm Naruto!' It was almost as if they were speaking directly through their minds each other.

Inner Sakura cheered, "Alright! It's a fairy tale situation!"

Sasuke chuckled, "Not. Only Naruto would say something like that." Then he sat down next to Sakura and smiled, "I wanted to ask you something. What do you think of Naruto?"

Naruki deadpanned and thought, 'You're going to get depressed like that if Sakura is going to tell you about yourself. She told me a lot about you. That's why I'm not going to tell you or you will be very hurt at least.'

Sakura frowned, "He's become accustomed to interfering with my love. He's having fun looking at me having trouble. Naruto knows nothing about me. I told Naruki a lot about him. That's why I asked Naruki not to tell Naruto anything. He's just annoying. I just want you to accept me, Sasuke-kun."

Naruki widened his eyes and panicked, 'Now Naruto knew about secret between me and her! He's going to get mad at me!'

Sasuke glared at Naruki and thought, 'He never told me everything! I'm going to kick your ass soon!' Then he stared at Sakura in confusion. "Just for me to accept you?"

Sakura stared at Sasuke and blushed, "I'll do anything…" She began to lean her mouth towards Sasuke.

(At Sasuke's apartment)

The real Sasuke was tied up around his arms and thought, 'I let my guard down…'

(Flashback Began)

Sasuke was staring down at Naruto who was tied up around his body. Suddenly, Naruto was gone to replace the logs. He was in shocked as Naruto jumped towards him above him.

Naruto shouted, "Got you!"

(Flashback Ended)

'I didn't know that a guy who couldn't even replicate properly could use the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu,' thought Sasuke.

(With Fake Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruki)

Sakura closed her eyes and began to lean her head towards Sasuke. "I'm desperate," said Sakura.

Sasuke gulped and thought, 'I finally know why… I like Sakura-chan so much.' He, too, began to lean his mouth towards her mouth. Suddenly, he clasped his stomach in pain. 'Diarrhea at a time like this?!' thought Sasuke. He suddenly ran away from Sakura.

Sakura confused, "What's wrong?"

Sasuke shouted, "I'll be right back!" as he waved at her and went out of her sight.

Naruki sighed, 'That was a close. Looks like he finally have diarrhea, according to expired milk he just drank.'

Sakura smiled and blushed, "Sasuke-kun is such a shy guy. I wonder if he needs to settle his feelings?"

Naruki chuckled, "That might be true…"

(With Sasuke)

Sasuke went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. He changed back into Naruto himself. Naruto rubbed his head and sighed in relief, "That was close. I was about to return to my original form because of the stomachache. Why did my stomach start to hurt at a such an opportune time like that, damn it!"

Then he frowned, 'Annoying, huh? She said it again. Come to think of it, she told Naruki everything. He didn't tell me everything… I was able to get close to Sakura-chan by transforming to Sasuke, but… '

Then he chuckled, "I'm going to act out an evil Sasuke, and make Sakura-chan hate him."

(With Naruki and Sakura)

Naruki saw that Sasuke was walking towards them, and smiled, "Hey, Sakura! He is coming back."

Sakura jumped on the floor and blushed, "Sasuke-kun, you're such a shy guy! Are you emotionally prepared? I am." But Sasuke was ignoring her and walked past her. She widened her eyes and looked around at Sasuke. "W… Wait. Sasuke-kun?"

Sauske glanced over his shoulder at Sakura and asked ,"Where's Naruto?"

'This time, it's the real Sasuke,' thought Naruki.

Sakura chuckled nervously, "Changing the subject again? Forget about Naruto." Then she frowned, "All he does is pick quarrels with you. It's probably because he's had such an irregular childhood. Oh yeah, aside from Naruki, you know how Naruto doesn't have parents, right? He's always doing selfish things. My parents would scold at me if I do such those things. If you're alone, your parents wouldn't get mad at you. That's why he's so selfish."

"What? You can't even compare it to the level of where your parents get mad at you," said Sasuke.

Sakura confused, "What's the matter?"

Sasuke glanced over his shoulder at Sakura and sighed, "You're annoying." Then he walked away from Sakura who was in shocked.

Naruki clenched his fist and growled, "That bastard!" He went to follow Sasuke. He glared at Sasuke. "Why did you say like that to Sakura?!"

"Shut up. Leave me alone. I'm looking for Naruto," said Sasuke.

"Dude!" Naruki sighed, "I don't hate you just like my brother does, but you need to show some respect to girl! She really loves you a lot."

Sasuke sighed, "Yes, I need to owe your brother a payback, because he was the one attacked me. Now where is he?"

"Well, he's in bathroom right now," said Naruki.

(With Naruto- In the bathroom)

Naruto picked the toilet paper and placed under his butt. He groaned, "Damn it, it finally stopped." He stood up and pulled his pants back. "I wonder if Sakura-chan is still waiting for me." Then he opened the door was about to run but noticed that Naruki and Sasuke approaching him. He stopped before Sasuke and Naruki. He pointed at Sasuke and shocked, "Why are you here?!"

Sasuke chuckled, "The technique to untie ropes. It's a basic. Even your brother could do that! What are you planning to do by transforming into me?"

Naruto chuckled, "I just did it because it seemed like fun!" Then he suddenly perform a several clones and jumped towards Sasuke.

Sasuke shocked, "Damn it, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu again?"

"Don't worry… In few seconds, he is going back to the bathroom again, "said Naruki.

Naruto chuckled down at Sasuke and said, "I'm going to show you that… I'm really great… By defeating you! Prepare yourself!" Suddenly, he was having another stomachache again. He groaned, "My stomach's hurting again… Bathroom!" He ran towards the bathroom. He was trying to enter into the bathroom, but his clones were in way. "I'm going in first!"

Naruki chuckled, "See, Sasuke? He's having diarrhea right now."

Sasuke turned his back on Naruki and sighed, "How stupid."

(With Sakura)

Sakura sat down on the bench and depressed, ''You're annoying', huh? I see. Naruto must've felt the same way.' Then she sighed, "Maybe I can be nicer starting now."

Suddenly, she heard Naruto's voice groaned ,"Damn it. Did I eat something weird?" She looked around at Naruto who was walking together with his brother.

Naruki nodded, "Yeah, you did."

'Naruto,' thought Sakura. She chuckled like a creepy girl that would do. 'Smile, smile.' Then she waved at Naruto and Naruki cheerfully, "Let's go back to the classroom, Naruto, Naruki."

Naruto stared at Sakura and confused, "Sakura-chan?"

Naruki smiled, 'Well, since Sasuke told her that she was annoying. Now she was starting to get friendly with Naruto, huh?'

'Sasuke must've transformed into Sakura-chan to get back at me for what I did,' thought Naruto. "You're trying to trick me, eh, Sasuke? I'm not going to fall for it!" said Naruto.

Naruki fell on the ground while his feet stick up. 'You idiot, Naruto! She's the real Sakura!' thought Naruki angrily.

Suddenly, Naruto felt his stomachache and groaned, "Ouch ouch ouch… What the heck is this?" He suddenly ran back to the bathroom once again.

Sakura had a tic-mark on her forehead and clenched her fist in anger. "Naruto, you idiot!" shouted Sakura.

Naruki face-palmed, 'Now you missed your chance to go out with Sakura. Good job, Naruto.'

(Naruto's Apartment)

The old man Hokage sat on the chair next to dining table. The silver-haired masked jounin stood next to the Hokage. "So this is Naruto's house…" said the silver-haired masked jounin.

"Sasuke, the one from the Uchiha clan, and his brother Naruki are also going to be in your group. I wish you luck," said the Hokage.

The silver-haired masked jounin noticed the milk on the table so he picked it up and checked the expiration date. 'This milk expired a while ago,' he thought. "He's going to get a stomachache if he drinks this. Looks like something disastrous is going to happen, " said the silver-haired ninja.

(With Naruto- Bathroom)

Naruto sat on the toilet once again. He shouted out, "Why the heck?!" as he continued to yell.

(Afternoon-Ninja Academy)

"He's late," said Naruto. He peeked outside the door and looked around him.

"Naruto, why don't you sit still like Naruto," said Sakura who stood next to Naruto while Sasuke sat on the chair supported his hand on his jaws.

"But why is the teacher for our 7th group the only one late?" asked Naruto. "All the other groups went somewhere with their new teachers already, and… Iruka-sensei already went home!"

"I agreed with you, Naruto. Our teacher should not be late either, but at least, we need to be patient," said Naruki.

Sakura sighed, "That's not very important." Then she noticed that Naruto placed the eraser above the door and confused, "Hey, what are you doing, Naruto?"

"It's his fault for being late," said Naruto.

Sakura sighed, "Geez, it's your own fault if you get in trouble."

Then inner Sakura chuckled, "I like these kind of tricks!"

Sasuke sighed, "A Jounin isn't going to fall for a plain old booby trap like that."

"He's right. You may have prank most of ninja, but this time, Jounin won't fall for that anyways," said Naruki.

"Yeah! Naruto, you're so stupid," agreed Sakura.

Then the silver-haired jounin walked into the door as the door opened, and then the eraser fell on his head.

Naruto pointed at the masked Jounin and laughed, "He fell for it! He fell for it!"

'What?! He actually fell for it!' thought Naruki.

"I'm sorry, Sensei. I tried to stop him, but Naruto-kun didn't listen to me…" apologized Sakura.

Inner Sakura chuckled, "Okay."

'For real? Is he really a Jounin?' thought Sasuke.

The silver-haired Jounin picked the eraser up and sighed, "How should I say… My first impressions of you guys are… I hate you." These were so much shocked to them.

(Later- Rooftop)

The masked Jounin leaned his butt on the small fence and sighed, "Let's see, why don't you introduce yourselves."

"Introduce ourselves? What should we say?" asked Naruki.

"What you like, hate, your dreams, and hobbies," replied the silver-haired ninja. "Something like that."

Naruto confused, "Hey, hey. Why don't you introduce yourself first, Sensei."

"Me?" the masked ninja introduced, "I'm Hatakae Kakashi. I have no intention of telling you my likes and dislikes. As for my dream… Umm… I have few hobbies."

Sakura stared at Naruto and sighed, "So all we found out was his name."

"Yeah," agreed Naruto.

"Now it's your turn," said Kakashi. He folded his arms and stared at Naruto. "You first."

Naruto chuckled, "I'm Uzumaki Naruto. I like to hang out with my brother Naruki! I like cup ramen. But I like the ramen at Ichirauku that Iruka-sense bought for me even more. I hate the three minutes that I have to wait after I put the hot water. My hobby is to eat and compare cup ramens! And my dream is to become greater than the Hokages! I'm going to make all the villagers recognize my existence."

'I see. He grew up in an interesting way,' thought Kakashi. Then he stared at Naruki. "Okay, next."

Naruki chuckled, "I'm Uzumaki Naruki. I like to hang out with my brother Naruto, and most of my good friends! I like a lot of food! I love to fight! I have no hatred right now. My dream is to see my brother Naruto to become Hokage someday! I also have a dream to fight strong opponent in my lifetime! I have another dream too; I want to be great teacher in Konoha!"

'Interesting guy. All he talk about was fighting and food,' thought Kakashi. He stared at Sakura and said, "You're next."

Sakura smiled, "I'm Haruno Sakura! I like… well, the person I like is…" She then gazed at Sasuke and squealed, "And my hobby is… well, my dream is to…"

"And? What do you hate?" asked Kakashi.

Sakura frowned, "Naruto." That really made Naruto depressed big time.

'Girls at her age must be more interested in love than ninja training,' thought Kakashi. He sighed, "Last guy."

Sasuke sighed, "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are many things that I hate, and there aren't a lot of things that I like. Also, I have an ambition that I have no intention to leave as just a dream. The revival of my clan, and to… kill a certain man."

Naruto sweat-dropped and thought, 'I hope he's not referring to me.'

'Who is this certain man he mentioned?' thought Naruki.

'Sasuke-kun IS cool,' thought Sakura.

'Just as I thought…' thought Kakashi. "Alright, you three all have unique personalities. I like that. We're going to begin a mission starting tomorrow."

"What kind of mission is that, sir?!" asked Naruto.

"First, we're going to do something that we five can do," said Kakashi.

Naruto chuckled excitedly, "What, what, what, what is it?"

"Survival training," replied Kakashi.

"Survival training?" confused Naruto.

"Why are we going to train when it's a mission?" asked Sakura.

"She's right. We had plenty of training at the academy," said Naruki.

"This is no ordinary training," said Kakashi.

"Then, then what kind of training is it?" asked Naruto. Suddenly, Kakashi began to laugh.

'He's laughing right now…Just what is he laughing about?' thought Naruki.

Sakura sighed, "Hey, what's so funny, Sensei?"

Kakashi chuckled, "Well, if I say this, I'm sure you four are going to be surprised. Out of the 28 graduates, only nine or ten are going to become Genins. The other 17 or 18 will be sent back to the academy. In other words, this training is going to be a very hard test with a dropout rate of 66%." Suddenly, rest of Team 7 was in shocked. "See? You four are surprised!"

Naruto shocked, "No way! I went through so much trouble… Then what was the final exam for?"

"That?" Kakashi sighed, "It just picks out those who are qualified to become a Genin."

"What?!" shocked Naruto.

"Anyway," Kakashi began, "I'm going to determine whether you pass or fail tomorrow at the training grounds. Bring your ninja equipment and meet at 5 A.M!"

Naruto gulped and thought, 'I'm not going to get dropped by a thing like this. I have to make him recognize my abilities, for real.'

'I'm not going to fail that training, because I don't want to go back to academy for another year again! I don't want to fail academy again just like last year!' thought Naruki.

'If I fail this test, I'm going to be separated from Sasuke-kun, and even Naruki. This is a trial of love!' thought Sakura.

Kakashi turned his back on them and waved them good-bye. "Now then, meeting over." He glanced over his shoulder at them and sighed, "Oh yeah, don't eat breakfast. You're going to throw up if you do."

Naruki shook his head and shouted, "No! No! No! If I don't eat, then I can't fight at all!"

"Well, that's too bad for you. Do not eat breakfast regardless…" said Kakashi. Then he vanished in poof of smoke.

A/N: Whoa! Whoa! Before you start say something about Naruki getting nosebleed after seeing Naruto's Harem no Jutsu. Remember that: He had amnesia for second time, therefore his personality is changed compared to his Goku counterpart in canon Dragon Ball. But he's not really pervert. He just got nosebleed for some reason. :)

Now, the real question is: How can he survive the training without his food? Do you remember who he is? What is he? :) HE NEED FOOD! xD