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Chapter 7: Race to the Top!

(At the Bridge)

Sakura sat on the bench and watched over Tazuna and others who were working to build the bridge. Sakura stretched out and yawned in exhaustion.

Tazuna carried the log on his shoulders and walked by Sakura. "You looked bored by yourself. Where's that blonde kid, the shorty, and that arrogant guy?"

"They're training with a tree-climbing exercise," replied Sakura.

"What about you?" asked Tazuna.

Sakura shrugged, "I'm smart, so Kakashi-sensei told me to guard you."

Tazuna stopped walking and stared at her. He frowned, "Really?"

Sakura bared his teeth and thought angrily, 'Why you…!'

Just as Tazuna put the log down on the ground, his co-worker walked to him and asked, "May I have a word with you, Tazuna?"

Tazuna wiped the sweat off with his towel and asked, "What is it, Giichi?"

Giichi sighed, "Well, after thinking about it… Can I quit this bridge building?"

Tazuna shocked, "W- Why all of a sudden?! Not you, too…"

"Tazuna, I've known you for a long time. I want to help, but if I get too involved, Gato will come after me, too." Giichi explained, "Everything will lose meaning if you die. Why don't we stop building this bridge."

"I can't do that," refused Tazuna. "This bridge is our bridge. This is the bridge that we've been building with the people of the town in the hopes that… distribution and transportation will increase to this poor Country of the Wave, which possesses few resources."

Giichi frowned, "But if we die…"

Tazuna sighed, "It's already lunch time. Let's stop for now." He walked past Giichi.

Giichi turned around and cried, "Tazuna!"

Sighing, Tazuna fixed his hat back to the correct position and glanced over his shoulder. "Giichi, you don't have to come anymore.

(Evening- At the Forest)

Naruto sat down on the ground and panted heavily, "Damn it. What's with this thing?!"

Naruki panted heavily and chuckled, "We still have a long way to go!"

Sasuke panted heavily and sighed, "Hm…" When they looked at each other, they suddenly stand up.

Naruto looked right and left at Naruki and Sasuke, and thought, 'I'm not going to lose to you guys.'

With that, Sauske, Naruto, and Naruki ran up along the tree. They set their goal in order to make it to the tops. They would not give up no matter what!

(At the Town)

Sakura was walking along with Tazuna, and asked, "Hey, where are we going?"

"I've been asked to buy the ingredients for tonight's dinner. We will need like fifty meals or more for tonight," replied Tazuna.

Sakura raised her eyebrows and puzzled, "Fifty meals?"

Tazuna nodded, "Yeah, my daughter, Tsunami, asked me to get all of them because Kakashi asked him to."

Sakura frowned, 'Obviously, it got to be Naruki. He surely has a huge appetite more than Naruto or even Choji!'

Then she saw the man with the sign said "I will do any job"

One of man chased the kid and shouted angrily, "Thief!"

She also saw that some homeless man sat on the ground. 'What's with this city?' wondered Sakura.

Finally, they reached the store that Tazuna was looking for. Tazuna sighed, "This is it." Then they went into the store.

"Welcome," greeted the storekeeper.

Sakura could not help but to notice that there was a few foods in the food market. 'There's barely anything. How can that fill Naruki's stomach if there's barely food?'

However, the man looked down at her purse. He thought about stealing it. He began to smirk and tried to grab the purse, but he accidentally grabbed her ass instead.

Sakura began to irritate that he actually touched her! Why someone who was much older than her would touch a young girl like her?! She could not contain her anger. She suddenly kicked the man in the face and shouted angrily, "Pervert!"

"No, I'm not…" replied the man.


Sakura walked along with Tazuna and grumbled, "I was really surprised back there. What's with this city?" But she suddenly felt that someone grabbed her ass again! 'Again?' She turned around and growled, "Hey, you…!" But she realized that was a young boy.

The boy looked up at her and smiled, "Give me…"

Sakura could not deny him because he was only a poor young boy. She could not turn him down, so she decided to give him a candy. She smiled, "Here."

The young boy grabbed the candy and smiled, "Thank you." Then he ran off.

Tazuna was carrying a huge bag on his back and sighed, "Ever since Gato came, it's been like this." Sakura wiped the tear off of his eyes and still smiled at the young boy. "The adults here have all become cowards." Sakura stared up at him and began to frown. "That's why we need that bridge right now. It will be a symbol of courage. We need it to get back the spirit in this country, for the people have decided to do nothing. If only… If only that bridge is finished…" He clenched his fist. "This own will return to how it was before. Everyone will return to normal."

Sakura gawked up at the sky and frowned, 'Sasuke-kun… Naruki… Naruto…'

(Night- At the forest)

Naruto, Sasuke, and Naruki were running up on the tree. Naruto could feel that he was about to fall down, so he had to mark the tree above the mark. He stared up at Naruki and Sasuke who were still climbing up. He panted heavily and thought, 'Damn it, damn it! Sasuke and Big Brother are still climbing up!'

Sasuke had to mark the tree above the mark before he jumped back and forth on between two tree, but he noticed that Naruto's marks almost catch up to his marks. He shocked, 'Damn, he's getting closer and closer to me.' Then he landed on the ground. He stared up at Naruki who was still climbing up. 'Damn it! Naruki is still climbing up!'

Finally, Naruki felt something force into his feet, so he had to mark the tree above the mark, and landed on the ground. He stared up at Sasuke's marks and smirked, 'Looks like he's almost catch up to me!' He looked at Naruto's mark and smiled proudly, 'And Naruto almost catch up to Sasuke too!'

Naruto clenched his hands and thought, 'Damn it. No, no!' He shook his head. 'My mind will be disturbed if I think about Sasuke and Big Brother.' He closed his eyes, and then formed his single index and middle finger.

(Flashback Began)

Naruto walked up to Sakura and squatted down. He whispered, "Hey, can you give me some tips?'

"What?" confused Sakura.

"Don't tell Sasuke or Big Brother, though, okay?" pleaded Naruto.

"What? Why not Naruki?" asked Sakura.

"Because I want to surpass Big Brother too!" replied Naruto.

(Flashback Ended)

Naruto formed a hand seal and remembered what Sakura explained to him. "First, Chakra uses your spirit energy, so don't get tense or too eager. Relax, concentrate on your energy, and collect a constant amount of Chakra at the bottom of your feet." Yup. He remembered what she said to him everything. 'Concentrate. Concentrate.' Suddenly, the blue amount of chakra collected at the bottom of his feet. 'All right, this is going well.' He opened his eyes and smiled, 'Okay, I can do this!'

As soon as he ran to the tree, Sasuke suddenly interrupted, "Hey, Naruto." This had tripped Naruto to the ground.

Naruto glared up at Sasuke and snarled, "Damn you! Don't bother me when I'm concentrating!"

Sasuke sighed, "Um, well…"

Naruto frowned, "What?" He folded his arms and thought, 'It's rare for this guy to come talk to me. It would be better if it had been Big Brother.'

Sasuke twitched his eyebrows and sighed, "You asked Sakura for tips before, right? What did she tell you?"

Naruki walked by Sasuke and nodded, "Yeah, what did she tell you anyways?"

Naruto began to giggle because they did not know what Sakura just gave him tips. He huffed, "I won't tell."

Sasuke shocked, "Wha…?"

Naruki crouched down next to Naruto and whispered, "Well, if you won't tell us, then tell me in secret so Sasuke won't know. You will tell me because you're my brother, right?"

Naruto scoffed, "Nope! I won't tell you! You will have to try harder!"

Scowling, Naruki stood up and point down at him. "Why not?! You won't tell me even if you're my brother?! Please, tell me, tell me!"

Naruto chuckled, "Nope!"

Naruki clenched his fist and growled, "W- Why, you!"

(Later- Tazuna's House)

Naruki stacked up like 20 meals, but he still ate it and chuckled, "Yummy! Yummy! I haven't eaten good foods for a long time since we left Konoha!" He finished another meal. Then he drank the water. "Tsunami-san, I love your cook! It's delicious!" Then he proceeded to eat more meals faster.

Tsunami smiled, "Thank you, Naruki-san."

Tazuna rubbed his head and chuckled, "This is really fun! It's been a while since I ate with this many people!"

Sasuke and Naruto envied Naruki who ate ten times than them. They decided to eat faster for a first meal. After Sasuke and Naruto finished eating a food, they lifted their bowl up and shouted, "Seconds, please!" Then they glared at each other before barfing up.

Sakura had a tic-mark on his forehead. He scowled, "If you're going to barf, don't eat! You'll never be able to beat Naruki in food contests!"

Glancing over his shoulder at Sakura, Sasuke rubbed his mouth and chuckled, "No, I'll eat."

Naruto glanced over his shoulder at Sakura and grinned, "I have to eat even if I have to force myself… I have to become strong quickly."

Nodding, Kakashi folded his arms and sighed, "But barfing isn't good."


Naruki finally finished fifty meals and patted his belly. He chuckled, "I'm so full! I'm so full! I'm full already! That was a nice meal!" Right now, Tsunami was washing their dishes, but really a lot of dishes although. They were chilling down at the table with Tazuna and Inari.

Tazuna frowned, "Now I understand why we need like fifty meals because Naruki ate a lot! Oh, boy! Oh, boy!"

Sakura stood next to the picture that was hanging on the wall and stared at it. But there was a torn picture. She puzzled, "Um, why are you hanging a torn picture?" He glanced over his shoulder at them. "Inari-kun was watching this during dinner the entire time. This torn part looks like someone intentionally tore away the person who was there."

Tsunami sighed, "It's my husband."

Tazuna frowned, "He was the man known as the hero of this town." However, Inari was really upset and left the table.

Tsunami looked around at Inari and asked, "Inari, where are you going?" But Inari did not respond and went into his room. She ran to the door and opened the door. She glared over her shoulder at Tazuna and scolded, "Father, I told you not to talk about him in front of Inari."

"What's wrong with Inari-kun?" asked Sakura.

Tazuna sighed, "It seems there's a reason behind this. Inari had a father that wasn't related to him. They were very close, like father and son. Inari used to laugh a lot back then." He clenched his fist and frowned, "But…" He began to cry. "But… Inari changed. After the incident that happened to his father. The word 'courage' was forever taken away from the people on this island and Inari... After that day, and that incident…"

"That incident? What happened to Inari?" asked Kakashi.

"To explain the incident, I will need to talk about the man who was known as a hero on this island," said Tazuna. He removed his glasses so he could wipe the tears off of his eyes.

"A hero?" asked Naruki curiously.

He placed his glass back on and began, "It was about three years ago when the man and Inari met each other."

He talked about how three young boys bullied Inari that he wanted his dog named Pochi. The leader named Akane. But Akane decided to throw Pochi into the water and stated that he would not need the dog anymore. Inari was too afraid to dive into the lake because he knew that he could not even swim at all. However, Akane pushed him into the lake. Unfortunately, Inari really could not swim at all, but he realized that Pochi finally be able to paddle through the lake to the coast.

All three bully kids went after the dog only to leave Inari to drown.

"This isn't very important, but Pochi learned how to dog paddle then," said Tazuna.

Three bully kids went after the dog, but Inari was left to drown. Inari thought he was actually going to die soon since he could not even swim at all. But later on, he woke up and saw the bright sky. He also saw the man sitting next to the campfire. He quickly implied that the man was a god, but he figured it out that the man was not a god. The man told Inari to eat up the cooked fish. So Inari did eat the food. They were talking about how Inari actually betrayed the dog's trust, so that explained why the dog betrayed him too.

Inari explained to him that he could not move because he was too afraid. He told him that he actually wanted to save the dog, but he did not have the courage.

The man patted on his head and told Inari that any kid at his age would be afraid. However, Inari should remember that if he was a man, then he should live it the way he would not regret. Also, he should protect whatever was important to him with these two arms, no matter how tough or sad it was, even if it cost him his life! That man actually gave Inari courage a lot! Inari started to hang out with him a lot.

"His name was Kaiza." Tazuna said, "He was a fisherman who came to this island seeking his dream. Ever since that incident, Inari started becoming attached to Kaiza. He probably became attached since he lost his father before he could remember anything… He followed him around all the time like a goldfish's feces… And they became just like a father and son. It didn't take long for Kaiza to become part of our family. Kaiza was also a guy that we needed in this town."

One day, a villager went to Kaiza and told him that the dam broke because of the rain. The man told him one of Sector would be flooded at this rate. Then, Kaiza ordered Inari to get rope from inside. Inari obeyed him and went to get the rope.

There were a villagers gathering around next to the river. They worried that they probably would not be able to get the rope around it in order to prevent the flood. However, Kaiza came to them and told them that he would do it. They thought that he would not be able to do it because it was too impossible to do. Kaiza dove into the river and desperately to swim through the river to the logs with the rope around his ankles. Of course, with Inari's support, he was able to reach the logs. Once he reached them, Kaiza tied the rope around the logs.

"After that, the people here started calling Kaiza a hero, and he became a father that Inari could be proud of. Gato turned his eye on this town around that time. And one night…"

Inside the warehouse, one of Gato's henchman tied Kaiza up with the large logs on his back. One of them proceeded to beat up on Kaiza. Gato mocked that he thought Kaiza was going to protect the town with his arms. He provoked him to try if he could do it. Two big guys knocked him out with the large hammers.

Later on, Gato and his goons locked Kaiza in the cross log at the town in front of gathered villagers. He declared that Kaiza went against the production of Gato Corporation using force, and disturbed the order of the country. Therefore, Kaiza must be executed immediately. Gato did not want something like that would happen ever again.

However, Inari heard about that, so he had to run to see that. He kept cried 'Dad' to Kaiza because he did not want him to die here. Kaiza looked at Inari and began to smile. Gato ordered his two top goons to execute Kaiza immediately. Two goons then drew the katanas out. After witnessing his figure-father's death, Inari started to get depress and could no longer be able to see Kaiza anymore. He accused his figure-father for being liar because Kaiza could not even protect himself with his own arms.

"Inari changed ever since that time. Tsunami and the people of this town as well," finished Tazuna.

However, Naruto remembered that Inari told them that there was no such thing as a hero. He also remembered that Inari was crying on his father's picture. He tried to get up, but he tripped on the ground.

"Naruto?" puzzled Naruki.

Sakura looked down at Naruto and frowned, "What are you doing, Naruto?"

"If you're trying to train, don't. You molded too much Chakra," suggested Kakashi. "If you move any more, you're going to die."

Naruto grumbled, "I'm going to prove to him…"

"Prove what?" asked Sakura.

Naruto got up on his feet and chuckled, "That there are heroes in this world. I'm going to prove it to him!"

Naruki nodded, "Yeah! Me, too!"

(Next Morning- Elsewhere)

The long hair woman in pink sleeveless kimono was picking medicinal herbs in the forest. The bird flew down on her shoulder and stared at her. Then, she flew away. But she noticed that there was a blonde hair in orange jumpsuit lying on the grass out of exhaustion. Few birds were on him. She immediately recognized the swirl on his forehead protector. She could swear that she saw him somewhere.

She walked to him and stared down at the exhausted young boy. However, she was about to reach her hands at Naruto.

(Tazuna's House)

Sakura walked up to Tazuna and others, and yawned, "Good morning." She saw that there were Sasuke, Kakashi, Inari, Tazuna and Naruki sitting at the table.

Tsunami placed the meal on the table and smiled, "Here you go."

"Thank you," said Sakura.

"Hey, hey, Tsunami-san!" disappointed Naruki.

Tsunami looked at Naruki and asked, "What is it?"

"Where's more food?! I need more! Just two is not enough for me! I want more! More helping please!" begged Naruki.

Tsunami sighed, "I told you I don't have any more food. Sorry, Naruki-san." Then she went to wash her dishes again.

"W- WHAT?! What am I going to do? I can't fight or train if I don't eat more meals!" reminded Naruki. He gripped his head and shook his head with the waterfall tear on his face. "NO! I AM GOING TO DIE! If I die, then Naruto would be really, really, really sad!"

"Shut up! You're annoying us! And you are not going to die anyways, idiot!" scowled Sasuke.

"Speak of Naruto, he didn't come back last night, either?" asked Tazuna.

Sakura sighed, "He's stupid, so he's been climbing trees by himself every night. He might be dead from excessive Chakra use."

Naruki chuckled, "No way! Naruto is not going to die from just that. I know him too well better than you guys."

Tsunami looked around at Kakashi and asked, "Is Naruto-kun fine? A child staying out all night by himself…"

"There's no need to worry. He is a decent ninja even if he doesn't look like one," replied Kakashi.

"I don't know about that. Maybe that idiot really is dead," said Sasuke. Then he walked away from them.

"Sasuke-kun?" puzzled Sakura.

Sasuke sighed, "I'm going for a walk." With that, he walked out of house.

Sakura frowned, "But we're going to eat…" Then she looked down at Sasuke's plate, but it was empty. She shocked, "That was fast."

Kakashi could see that Naruki was upset because he could not eat more foods. He sighed, "Naruki…"

Naruki looked at Kakashi and puzzled, "Huh?"

"You can go hunting for a food. You can go now, Naruki," said Kakashi.

Suddenly, Naruki stood up and exclaimed in excitement, "Really?! Really?! I can really go out, Kakashi-sensei?!"

Kakashi gave him an eye-smile and nodded, "Yeah, you can go now."

Naruki jumped up and cheered, "Sweet! Thank you very much, Kakashi-sensei! I owe you one!" With that, he quickly ran off on way to hunt for a food.

Tazuna frowned, "Why does he act like that? I don't remember him being an immature back at Konoha." Sakura and Kakashi were suddenly quiet for a while. "Huh? What's wrong?"

Sakura sighed, "Yeah, he's always like this when he is not fighting, protecting, training, lecturing Naruto, or talking with his crush girl. Other than that, he will be always like that."

Tazuna groaned, "I am not sure who is the more immature. Naruto or Naruki?"

"I personally think Naruto is more immature than Naruki. At least, Naruki is not an idiot like his brother. That's why I am friend with Naruki because he is better than Naruto!" replied Sakura.

(With Naruki- At the forest)

Naruki was walking down to the path in the forest and chuckled, "Kakashi-sensei is so nice to me! Now, all I need do is to find animals so I can fill my stomach up!" Then he noticed that there was a large bear from afar. He smiled, "That would do that!"

He walked up to the large bear and greeted, "Yo! Hey, you look yummy!" The bear turned around and glare down at him. Then it roared ferociously in anger at him.

He smiled, "Sorry, but I will have to eat you. I'm hungry, you see!"

Enraged, the large bear charged at him and tried to attack him, but Naruki jumped above and landed on the ground behind the bear. "Sorry, bear!" Then he delivered a powerful punch to knock the bear out. The bear collapsed on the ground and died.

He rubbed his hair and smiled proudly, "Sweet! Time to eat! Now time to find a campfire!"


The woman was going to reach her hand to Naruto almost as if she was going to choke him or something. But she decided not to kill him. She shook his body and said, "You're going to catch a cold if you sleep there.

Finally, Naruto woke up and saw that there was a woman in front of him. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. He stared at the woman and asked, "Who are you?" She began to smile. He scratched his cheeks and chuckled nervously, "Did you wake me up? By the way, what are you doing?"

"Picking herbs," replied the woman.

"Herbs?" confused Naruto.

She smiled, "That's right. It's to cure injuries and illness."

"Doing a tedious job like this in the morning? What are you doing here so early in the morning?" asked the woman.

"Training," replied Naruto.

"Are you a ninja or something?" asked the woman. "That forehead protector is…"

Naruto chuckled, "Do I look like one? Do I look like one? Yes, I'm a ninja."

"Wow, you're amazing," complimented the woman. "But why were you training?"

"I want to become stronger," replied Naruto proudly.

"But you look strong enough already," said the woman.

"No, I want to become stronger and stronger."

"For what reason?"

"To become the number one ninja in my village. I'm going to make everyone recognize my powers. Also, I need to prove something to someone."

"Are you doing that for some else…? Or for yourself?" asked the woman.

Naruto confused, "What?" The woman began to giggle. "What's so funny?"

"Do you have someone that is important to you?" asked the woman.

"Important? What are you trying to get at?" puzzled Naruto. The woman had a little flashback about how she first met someone that was very important to her. 'What's with her…?'

The woman sighed, "A person is able to become truly strong when they wish to protect someone they cherish.

Naruto remembered that Kaiza protected Inari. Kakashi protected his Team 7. Iruka protected him. Even Naruki protected him many times when some kids were going to beat him up when they were a kid. He smiled, "Yeah, I understand that."

The woman picked up the basket of herbs and smiled, "You will become strong."

Naruto nodded, "Yep!"

She turned her back on him and said, "Let's meet again somewhere." Then she walked away from him, but she stopped and declared, "Oh, and I'm a man."

Naruto widened his eyes and shocked, 'No way! He's cuter than Sakura-chan!'

Then, Sasuke went past the man who looked like a woman. He glanced over his shoulder at him. Then he looked at Naruto.

Naruto folded his arms and frowned, "Why? What an amazing thing… This world is engulfed with mysteries." Suddenly, Sasuke clocked him in the head. He rubbed his head and glared up at Sasuke. "Ouch. What are you doing?"

Sasuke folded his arms and sighed, "Did you forget about breakfast time, idiot?" But Naruto smiled like an idiot. Sasuke was freak out.

Suddenly, they heard the voice giggled, "Finally! Finally! I'm full! I'm full! Now my belly is filled with the food! The bear is really yummy!" That got Sasuke and Naruto's attention. That was Naruki who was walking to them.

"B- Big Brother!" greeted Naruto.

Naruki noticed that Sasuke was with Naruto and smiled, "Oh, hey, Sasuke! So you did not go for a walk. You were looking for Naruto after all!"

Sasuke frowned, "Shut up…"

Naruki looked down at Naruto and smiled, "Hey, Naruto! You're lucky. I was saving the last meat for you that I killed the second bear earlier." He handed the small meat to Naruto. "Here you go! That should fill you up!"

Naruto chuckled, "Thank you, Big Brother! I humbly accepted this food!"

"You're welcome!" replied Naruki.


Sakura cried, "Naruto!" She stood by Kakashi and frowned, "What's Naruto doing? Sasuke-kun hasn't returned after he said he was going for a walk. Naruki hasn't returned from hunting for a food, either."

Suddenly, two kunai flew down on the ground next to them. First, they would look up at Naruto. Naruto was lying on the branch.

Sakura shocked, 'No way. Naruto's able to climb to climb all the way up there now? Amazing…'

Suddenly, the voice cried, "Hey! I'm up here, Sakura, Kakashi-sensei!" Then, Kakashi and Sakura looked up. That was Naruki who stood on the branch upside down. He folded his arms and smiled, "I finally managed to climb all the way up, too!"

'I knew that Naruki can do that, but I am surprised that Naruto was able to get up there, too,' thought Sakura.

Naruto chuckled, "How do you like that? I can climb this high now." Then he stood up. However, he was about to fall down.

Sakura shocked, "Idiot!"

Kakashi widened his eyes and said, "This isn't good!" Sakura screamed in panic.

However, Naruto managed to stand on the branch upside-down just like Naruki. He chuckled, "Not. You fell for it!"

Naruki frowned, "Stop playing with them! You almost gave them a heart attack, idiot!"

Sakura sighed with relief and said, "You scared me!"

Inner Sakura pointed up at Naruto and scowled, "I'm going to kill you later, damn it!"

'Looks like they're gotten a little better,' thought Kakashi. However, Naruto lost control of his chakra and began to fall from the branch. Kakashi widened his eyes in shock.

Sakura scowled, "Naruto, you idiot! That's what happens when you get so cocky!"

Naruki widened his eyes and panicked, 'Oh, no! At this rate, he's going to die if he falls like that!'

Suddenly, Sasuke grabbed Naruto's ankle to save him while he was standing on the branch upside-down too. He sighed, "You idiot."

Naruto glared up at Sasuke and frowned, "Sasuke…?"

Naruki sighed with relief and smiled, 'That was a close! Without Sasuke, Naruto would be dead by now already!'

Sakura cheered, "Way to go, Sasuke-kun! You amaze me!"

Kakashi smiled proudly, 'These guys have gotten way better."

(With Inari- Tazuna's House)

Inari stared down at the picture of his father and frowned, "Uzumaki… Naruto, eh?"

(Elsewhere- Unknown Location)

Zabuza sat on the couch and crushed the apple. Haku and Akuma stood by Zabuza. Haku smiled, "Most of your strength has returned."

Zabuza chuckled, "All right. It's almost time, Haku, Akuma."

Haku nodded, "Yes."

Akuma folded his arms and snickered, "About fucking time! I can't wait to kick their shitty ass soon!"

(Night- With Naruk, Sasuke, and Naruto)

Naruki, Sasuke, and Naruto finished their training and finally made it to the top of their respective trees.

"We finally make it!" cheered Naruki.

Sasuke smiled, "Let's go home."

Naruto nodded, "Yeah!"

(Tazuna's House)

Tsunami placed a lot of meals on the table because Naruki had a lot of appetite, but Naruto, Sasuke and he did not come there.

Sakura frowned, "They're late. I understand why Naruto's late, but Naruki and Sasuke-kun?" Suddenly, she saw that Sasuke and Naruki were carrying Naruto's arms around their arms.

"What's with you three? You look really dirty and tired," said Tazuna.

Naruto looked at Tazuna and grinned, "We all climbed to the top."

Naruki chuckled, "Yeah! It was a hard work, although."

Kakashi nodded, "Naruto, Sasuke, Naruki… You three guard Tazuna-san next time, as well."

Naruto cheered, "Roger!" But he accidentally fell down to the ground along with Naruki and Sasuke.

Naruki groaned, "Ow! Do not be careless, Naruto!"

Sauske stared at Naruto and sighed, "You idiot." Kakashi began to laugh and was proud that his students were able to climb up the tree in such a short amount of days.

Later, as usual, Naruki finished stacking up like forty meals on the table this time. Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Tazuna just finished eating the meals as well.

Tazuna smiled, "The bridge is almost complete. It's thanks to you."

Tsunami picked up the stack of plates and sighed, "But don't push yourself so much."

Tazuna looked at them and asked, "I wanted to ask this before, but why are you still here even when I lied about the request details?"

Kakashi sighed, "'Not doing right when you know it is right is a coward's way.' 'There are no weak soldiers under a valiant commander.' They're the teachings of the previous Hokage."

Inari stared at the exhausted Naruto and remembered how Kaiza managed to save the town from the flood. He remembered how Gato's goons killed Kaiza in front of his very eyes. He began to cry. He sniffed, "Why…"

Naruto looked at Inari and confused, "What?"

Inari slammed his hands on the table and asked angrily, "Why are you trying so hard that you end up like that? You can't beat Gato's men even if you train! No matter how hard you try and say those good-looking words… Weak people are going to lose against strong people!"

"Shut up. I'm different from you," grumbled Naruto.

"Shut up! It pisses me off when I watch you! You don't know anything about this country, and you're so nosy!" cried Inari. "I'm different from you, someone who doesn't know any real pain and just laughs all the time!"

"Is that why you're pretending to be the main character of a tragedy and just crying?" asked Naruto. "An idiot like you can just keep crying." He glared at Inari and growled, "You crybaby." Inari was in shocked.

Sakura frowned, "Naruto! That's too much." Without any words, Naruto walked away from them. She looked at him and frowned, "Naruto…" Inari began to cry.

Naruki sighed, "Sakura… Naruto's right…"

Sakura stared at him and confused, "Huh?"

"That Inari is just a crybaby," said Naruki. After hearing that, Inari began to cry more and ran off to the outside.

Sakura shocked, "Inari!" then she glared at Naruki and scowled, "Why do Naruto and you have to be so rude?!"

Naruki sighed, "I agreed with Naruto, and I am entitled to my opinion. Inari is wrong. He doesn't know that we don't have any parents. He doesn't know that we experienced through the pain like that. We never knew what we felt like if we live with our parents. Well, it's true that Naruto is not my related brother, but I love him because he's my best brother. That's why we had to be brave without any parents. We were an orphanage. He can't tell us that he's different from us if he has no real parents!" Tazuna, Tsunami, Kakashi, and Sakura were in shocked.

Sakura frowned, "Y- You're right…"


Inari was sitting outside the house. He was really sad because Naruto and Naruki called him a crybaby. He could not believe that they were rude to him. He was only a kid. Why would two ninjas so rude to him? He had no idea how he would face them, especially Naruto. Naruki was not a big deal although.

Kakashi came out of the door and sighed, "May I?" Inari glanced over his shoulder at Kakashi and nodded. Kakashi sat by Inari and said, "Naruto didn't say that out of spite. Naruki had to agree with him, but he did not agree with that out of spite either. Naruto's stubborn. We heard about your father from Tazuna-san. Both Naruto and Naruki are the same as you in that they had no father when they were young. Actually, they don't know what parents are. Let's talk about Naruto. He also didn't have a single friend. However, I never saw him grow timid, get sulky, or cry. He was always desperate to make people recognize him. And he's able to put his life on the line for that dream. He's probably bored of crying now. That's why they know the true meaning of being strong. Just like your father. Naruto and Naruki might be the one who understand you the most. What Naruto said to you before… Those are probably the words he's been telling himself over and over again. Well, of course, Naruki probably told Naruto over and over again, too."

Kakashi gave Inari an eye-smile. Now Inari finally understood why Naruto was angry with him. He understood why Naruki agreed with him, too. He even finally understood what the heroes really were.

(Next Morning)

"Please take care of Naruto," said Kakashi. Tazuna, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruki and Kakashi were now outside. "He used his body to the max, so I think he won't be able to move for today." Naruto was right now sleeping in his room.

"Kakashi-san, is your body feeling well now?" asked Tsunami.

Kakashi nodded, "Yes, somehow…"

"Bye," said Tazuna good-bye. Then they walked away from him on way to the bridge.

(Near the Bridge)

Gato used the phone and shocked, *What are you doing? I didn't hire you out of charity. Hey, Zabuza, are you listening? Hey!*

Zabuza stepped on the radio transmitter and crushed it to pieces. Akuma, Haku, and he now stood on the rowboat. He looked at them and said, "Let's go, Haku, Akuma."

Haku was now wearing the mask on his face and nodded, "Yes, sir!"

Akuma looked up at the bridge and chuckled, "Well I would hate to say but I'm quiet impress that they build this large bridge! Man! I am really itched to fight them anytime soon!"

(Tazuna's House)

Naruto finally woke up, and quickly sat up. He shocked, "I overslept!" He realized that his comrades and Tazuna were gone! He ran to the kitchen and cried, "Hey, where did anyone go?"

Tsunami looked around at Naruto and smiled, "Oh, Naruto-kun. Your Sensei said that you should rest for today."

Naruto shocked, "They left me! That bastard Big Brother! He didn't wake me up at all!" He ran to change the clothes to his usual orange jumpsuit. He wrapped his forehead protector around his head. He shouted, "Good-bye!" He ran outside.

He hopped on from the branch to branch and complained, "Damn it, they should have woke me up." Then he noticed that there was an injured boar on the ground.

(At the Bridge)

Tazuna shocked, "What is this?!" He found his co-workers laying on the ground. They seemed dead. He saw only one survivor on the ground who was still groaning in pain. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Kakashi shocked, "It can't be…"

(Tazuna's House)

"Inari! Help me out. Inari!" yelled Tsunami.

Inari nodded, "Coming…"

(At the Bridge)

Suddenly, the fog slowly emerged around them. Kakashi glanced over his shoulder and widened his eyes in shock. 'This mist…' He turned around and shouted, "Naruki, Sasuke, Sakura, he's coming!" They formed a swastika formation to protect Tazuna. Sasuke and Naruki picked up the kunai to be prepare for the battle soon. 'So he's alive. And he's shown himself already.' He raised his index and middle fingers up.

"Kakashi-sensei, this is his Kirigakure no Jutsu, right?" asked Sakura.

'I can barely smell them. But it's three. What's going on?' wondered Naruki.

The voice chuckled, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Kakashi. And you're still carrying those kids." He noticed that Sasuke was shaking. "He's shaking again, how pitiful." Sasuke and Naruki widened their eyes and saw that Zabuza's water clones surrounded them.

Sasuke smirked, "I'm shaking with excitement."

"You got it right! We finally are able to fight you again, no-brows freaky!" exclaimed Naruki.

Kakashi stared at them and smiled, "Go for it, Sasuke, Naruki."

Eight clones were about to swing their swords at Sasuke and Naruki. However, Sasuke and Naruki took on each of fours and quickly dispelled them.

'I can see them!' thought Sasuke.

'Thanks to our training, we are able to beat his clones easily!' thought Naruki.

"They can defeat the water clones," noted Zabuza. "Those kids got stronger. A rival has appeared both for you, Haku, Akuma."

Haku nodded, "It seems like it."

Akuma folded his arms and scoffed, "You're kidding me, right?! None of those brats are a match for me!"

To be continued…

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