-Chapter 5-

She stood there briefly, before collapsing to the floor daring to fall down the stairs. This was like the first time Tidus had laid his eyes upon her, three years ago. Tidus jolted up the stairs in time to catch her and hold her tight. She had done it, she had become a summoner once again. Yuna breathed heavily in his arms and whispered "I did it,". Lulu and Wakka congratulated her as her and Tidus made it down to the bottom. Parades of people piled in from the outside gathering around her, complimenting on her success. Tidus stood beside her, not letting her hand go. He feared that something could break them apart.

Cloud, Tifa and Barrett gathered on the pale tiled circle in the center of the village. They carried their sparse amount of belongings being just their weapons and a days worth of food and water.

"Ok, looks like the coast is clear," the three presume as they make their way for the exit. Cloud catches a conversation the crusaders are having from inside on of the tents.

"Some man with silver hair's destroyed Kilika," came a voice. Cloud stopped dead in his tracks. Barrett and Tifa stopped a few steps ahead looking back at Cloud with a puzzled expression. Cloud pointed to his ear and then to the tent.

"He set it alight," another said. Cloud remembered the woeful day when Sephiroth destroyed his home town of Nibelheim. The fire, the screams, the laughing. Sephiroth's anger over the world for misjudging his mother, Jenova. Cloud turned to the two and whispered "We have to get to Killika," the idea seemed right, but this world is new, they have no idea where anything is. Tifa shrugged.

"Where is Killika?" Tifa asked. Cloud sighed. He didn't have a clue. It could be the other side of the world for all he knew.

"We ought to stay here then," Barrett suggested.

"It look's that way," Cloud admitted.

"Or we could just find a map?" Tifa offers an idea.

"Yeah sure," Cloud says. But where to look?

"How about we just ask for one?" Tifa said. Cloud pulls a face. Then they would know they are going to leave. Yuna, Tidus and the others would want them all to go together.

"No, then they would know we've left," Barrett says. "How about we take out the two guards? They're sure to have a map," Barrett adds. The three exchange looks and agree with a subtle nod. Tifa walks in to the tent and suddenly bursts into tears. She throws herself at one of the guards stuttering the words "Help!".

"What happened?" one asks as the other places his hand on her shoulder. She sobs into one's chest. Her eye's rise from it, a smirk across her face. She knees his in the chest, knocking the wind out of him, making him fall to the floor and knock his head. The other looks at her in distraught as she shrugs and punches him in the nose. Blood pours down his face, as red as it comes. His hands put pressure on it to attempt to stop it bleeding. Tifa brings her right leg up and hits the toe of her shoe straight on his chin, making the man go flying and hit the material of the tent.

"Sorry," she says admiring her work. Cloud and Barrett come in and are fairly pleased with her work. They study the tent. A table is near the opening, books strown across it, stacks of paper carelessly flung about. A few beds are in the corner, maybe the map is under there? Cloud takes to the table, Barrett to the beds, Tifa to search the crusaders. Cloud files through the random papers and discovers notes on new Machina weapons that are going to be delivered to Besaid in the coming week. He looks at the diagram that's displayed. It's some sort of large cannon, but it holds electric charge instead of a cannon ball. There are annotations saying something in a foreign language and Cloud scowls. This all reminds him of the machinery the SHINRA created. He searches further and finds more pictures of these machines. There's also a book. Cloud opens it and finds out its some kind of diary written by a crusuader. Today's entry reads:

Help! This may be my last entry. Sin is back. Lady summoner Yuna has gone into the temple to pray to Yevon, she's our only help. What if she can't succeed? We could be dead.

The entry seems half-finished. Useless. Cloud thinks as he tosses it back. Barrett searches under the matresses and finds something attached to the bottom. It's a letter. Barrett takes it off and skim reads it. It's not much use, it's just a doomsday letter. Barrett puts it back and continues looking round the beds. Tifa searches the crusader with the bloody nose. He's equipped with a small dagger and a pouch with a few dried fruit inside it. She also finds a photograph. It's of the crusader and the rest of the Besaid branch. Tifa counts ten in total. She puts the dried fruit and photo back, but equires the knife. Maybe it could come in handy, and she slips it into her shoe.

"Ha!" Barrett says as the other two get closer to him. He holds a folded piece of paper in his hands in triumph. "Its a map!" he smiles as he unfolds it and turns to put it on the table. The three scan it to try and find Besaid, and there it is. It's an island detached to any other part of Spira. Then, Cloud spots Killika, not that far away, just over the sea.

"We need to find a boat," he says.

Choking flames diffuse into the open air. Flames extinguish as they mark the previous day as the day the village of fire, was on fire. Now, there's only scraps of it remaining. People had coward into the temple in the hills. He stood there, on the decks menacing and as terrifying as ever. He grinned at his achievement. The remaining survivors shouted about Yevon protecting them in the temple. Yevon? A god? No match for my skill. Sephiroth liked the sound of him defying a god. Then, he rose from the ground, no wings visible, and started to fly to his destination. They can't hide from him.

Yuna and Tidus were allowed some time alone, finally. She sat beside him on the bed, her hands trembling in fear.

"Yuna, don't be scared," he said as he placed her head on his shoulder. Her skin is boiling hot.

"But, it's impossible that Sin's back," she begins. "How come they came and yet Sir Auron and Sir Jecht didn't?" she asks. It's silent for a few moments while Tidus thinks this over. She was right. How did they all come and yet Auron and his old man didn't return.

"I'm sure there's a reason," he said. That's the best he could come up with. "We'll figure it out,"

"But where do we go now?" she worries. Where did they go from here? They hadn't the faintest clue on where Sin was, or where it was going.

"We need to get in touch with Rikku and Brother"

The 18 year old Al Bhed girl jumped up and down as she watched the sphere's contents on the monitor.

"Wow!" she beamed "We gotta a good one!" the screen showed an older version of Luca, where the main sport of Spira, blitzball is mainly played. Tournaments occur their throughout the year. It shows an old blitzball match between the Zanarkand Abes and the Ronso's. The Ronso's hail from Mt. Gagazet, which is nearer the Calm Lands and Bevelle. It snows constantly there. The Ronso's themselves aremuscular people with darker skin. It's hard to properly put a finger on how to describe them to the full extent. No one knows how to do it. They each have a horn in their forehead. The match lasts roughly 10 minutes long until the Abes come out as the victors and the sphere ends. Rikku turns to her sphere hunting team, the Gullwings and grins.

"Well done!" she congratulates them as she does a little victory dance. Brother looks over his shoulder from the piloting position and sets out a loud sarcastic sigh.

"Rikku! Stop That!" he calls back. Rikku stops and starts shaking a fist in the air.

"Why should I, meathead" she barks back. The two always get on each others nerves, its typical for siblings to do so.

"Your being to loud! I've got a headache!" he cries. Everyone else aboard holds their head in their hands. This was a usual situation, they were all starting to get headaches from their bickerings. Rikku frowned and forgot about the whole thing. Then, a red alarm light flashes aboard the bridge and a siren goes off.

"We've got a destination!" calls Buddy from the tracking station. Rikku hops over to him.

"Where at?"

"Besaid island," he replies. Rikku's eyes gleam as she thinks about her friends.

"Great!" Rikku smiles.

Cloud, Tifa and Barrett approached the beach, scanning the perimeter. They noticed the boat wasn't really heavily guarded. All there was were a few captains and ship crew. Cloud met Tifa's eyes as he nodded to her and disappeared into the trees and bushes blooming on the right. It was unbelievable that such wildlife could grow on a boiling hot beach. Yet, these plants managed on a short supply of water. Cloud crouched behind a tree and noticed that the crew were loading a series of crates aboard. What could they be for? Cloud wondered. He signaled a simple thumbs up to indicate to Tifa and Barrett that it was safe to carry up the western front behind rocks without being seen. Cloud carried on moving upwards placing himself behind a rose bush. He could just here what the men were talking about.

"Why do Luca want this Machina? It never worked very well against Sin before," one said. Machina? Cloud's mind traced back to the annotations and pictures in the crusaders tent in the village. These weapons don't work on that creature? No wonder everything's in distress. Cloud reminds himself of his objective. It wasn't Sin, it was Sephiroth. He came around to the end of his cover and glanced over to see Tifa and Barrett and give them another signal. They moved up.

"Did you hear? That Seymour Guado's back," one of the crew mentioned.

"Really? Wow, no wonder Machina's moving about a bit," the other replies. Cloud sneaks behind a large crate on the right. Beside him, lays another crate...but a moan is sounding from it. It's a woman. Cloud scowled as he places his hand on it and listens carefully. He recognises the voice. It belongs to her, it belongs to Aeries.