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Mycroft and Greg lay upon their bed surrounded by darkness. Sprinkles of rain hits the window, and only the sounds of their breathes are heard. Mycroft has been crying for the past couple of hours, but wouldn't you cry of you thought your husband was dead?

Greg was off under cover to stop a drug ring operation. He had gotten caught but backup came before deaths were about to take place.

Throughtout that time, Mycroft wasn't able to contact him or was he able to protect him from the gunshot wound Greg aquired when he was caught.

Now they lay in bed, Greg whispered to Mycroft repeatedly, "It's okay, love. I'm alright it's just a small wound." Mycroft was still a bit paranoid but was able to relax and agree with him. "That's it love, just relax. I'll be here by your side love. I love you don't forget that. Which means I'll always come home to you.".

At the sound of those three words, everything began to drift away; the darkness, the rain splatters and the worry of tonight. Just those simple words spoken by Greg bring him to such bliss. Why? Mycroft usually wonders why because, though he has had some past boyfriends say that to him, it never carried as much weight as it did when said by Greg.

Mycroft had to tell him what he was thinking, he didn't think he could hold it back anyway. "When you say you love me the world goes still, so still inside and when you say you love me for a moment there's no one else alive.". Now he was clutching onto Greg tight letting the words linger in the air. Greg smiles and presses a kiss to his forehead, letting tears form in his eyes.

Greg knows Mycroft well, so he knows that Mycroft thinks little of himself when it came to their relationship and being together. So he whispers into his ear, "You're the one I've always thought of; don't know how but I feel sheltered in your love. You're where I belong.". Ah yes, with Mycrofy holding a 'minor positon' in the government, he know he's trained himself to put work first and sentiment last. Yet with the amount of love he gives him, he always has his home, right in his embrace.

Its a miracle Greg could understand Mycroft when he spoke and cried, but he knows him well and hears it perfectly. "And when you're with me, if I close my eyes, there are time I swear I feel like I can fly for a moment in time." Mycroft has felt in pure bliss every single time he is with Greg, he gives him the ability to get away from work and focus on him and only him. And when they are together, as they are now, Mycroft knows that this is a nirvana where them and only them can be alone and way from the cruel, crazy world. He gives power to Greg to lift high and away, or bring him back down to Earth.

Greg will never be tired of this man, and even if he never says 'I love you' as often, he knows he will always be loved by that crazy man you calls the queen 'Liz'. Slowly as they both drift off to sleep, in complete comfort and relief that everyone is okay, Greg here's these final words. "When you say you love me, do you know how I love you?"

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