a/n So surprisingly enough in my other fanfiction '7 deadly high school hosts' I got a review for more (thanking you madm1984) and a few others who seemed to like it, and this little creation popped into my head. Now, as much as I believe that there needs to be more seven deadly sin ouran fics (They are perfect! honestly, i would say the characters are practically modeled on those sins... not necessarily the ones I've chosen for some of them, but still) there needs to be more elemental fics too, so here it is.

oh and also, the ideas for which Host is which Element and the inspiration for the tattoos came from some pictures i found on the internet, so though i may have modified them, they dont completely belong to me. Waaah! now you mention, i dont own ouran either... Waaahhhh i wannit!

Chapter one.

Haruhi sighed as she wandered the hallways. Peace; at last. As much as she may love her Hosts, and she did, mind you, peace was nice. Peace felt like the gentle lapping of the waves she loved so much around her ankles. Peace smelt salty like the ocean. Peace sounded like a quiet whoosh, looked like a blur of shades of blue and green and white running into each other. Peace was like water.

Peace was a thing Haruhi desperately needed. A migraine was coming on and the last thing she wanted was the ''helpful'' shenanigans of her boys. Suddenly, her head throbbed, and she fell to the ground in pain, bag falling open and books scattering everywhere. This was not a normal headache, as blinding pain pulsed behind her right eye. She heard her name be cried out, worry lacing the word, but she couldn't concentrate. Several pairs of hands were on her, but that just made the pain worse and she screamed. Sobs sounded all around her, salty drops dripping down faces everywhere. Strong arms lifted her and all she could do was whimper and scream and clutch at the fabric of Mori's shirt. It had to be Mori, he was the only one strong enough to lift her so easily. He carried her through the halls and then set her down somewhere, and there was a click that seemed to echo through the room, sound amplifying, getting louder and louder and louder.

Hands were everywhere, grasping her hands, smoothing her hair, wiping her face, forcing her to drink, making her comfortable. Voices blurred into each other until it was a soothing melody of comfort and familiarity in the background. Then Kyoya spoke.

"Finally. It's happening."

What? What was happening? Was there a reason she was being forced through this torture? Did they do this to her? Did the sick bastards enjoy seeing this?

The pain continued for hours, but to the seven in the locked room, it felt like decades. The boys took shift watching her, and when their shift was over they paced.

Just as the pain reached its peak, became unbearable, made Haruhi wish for the dull nothing of death instead of this feeling that there was a white hot iron pole being shoved through her head, she felt nothing. The pain left, abruptly, not leaving a trace. Her tense limbs slumped, and her tiny body just gave out, sinking into blackness.

They made sure she was comfortable. This was going to be bad enough for her, so they had to make it as easy as they could. Haruhi lay curled up on the sofa with her head in Hikaru's lap as he stroked her hair tenderly. Kaoru sat with his legs crossed on the floor in front of the two, his head leant back against the girl's feet and his eyes closed. Tamaki was sprawled in a chair, face drawn and worried. Honey had a cake in front of him but wasn't eating it, his small hands instead curled into fists, knuckles white, and Mori was stretched out on the floor, lips thin and eyes trained unwaveringly on the ceiling, as if it held the answers. Kyoya sat stiff and upright in his usual chair, glasses glaring so no one could see the tumult in his eyes.

These six boys all cared deeply for the girl who had finally stopped writhing in pain an hour ago, the girl who had wormed her way into all six blackened, shriveled hearts and made them whole again, who had wriggled into their minds and souls, who made them all truly live again. When she blinked blearily and shifted, all but Hikaru stood to attention and looked at the sleeping beauty in Hikaru's lap. She stirred and lifted her head, and they all gasped at her.

"It's perfect." Kaoru whispered. He reached out to touch her like he so often did, but she flinched back from him. His hand hovered there in the air for a few seconds before he withdrew it, almost disbelieving. She scurried away from them all, to the other end of the sofa, and huddled in on herself.

"You! You did that to me! You made me hurt!" she said, like a small, hurt child, and immediately they knew their mistake. They never should have kept it from her. They should have told her, explained, prepared her. As one, they looked at Honey. As the least threatening looking, he should be able to get near enough to her to calm her down. But he had an expression that practically screamed 'Really?' and they all remembered that Haruhi of course had seen him fight. Somewhere in the background, a toilet flushed and they were left searching for a new plan. She had seen Mori fight as well, seen Kyoya at his worst, knew of Tamaki's suffocating-ness, had witnessed Hikarou's temper. Which again left Kaoru.

He approached her slowly, hands in full view and in a non threatening pose. He kept himself looking vulnerable so that she could feel more secure. She whimpered again, but allowed him to get nearer. Eventually he was sat on the floor next to her, looking up from a place of submission.

"Does it still hurt?" he asked quietly. She paused for a second, which was good, it meant she was listening and actually checking, before shaking her head. Kaoru smiled slightly. "Good." he murmured. Then, moving slowly and so that the frightened girl could see every move he made, he placed a hand on her face. She quivered, but didn't pull away. Good. This was good. The twin leant in so that he could inspect her eye, before pulling away and beaming. He looked over his shoulder. "It really is perfect." he said. "No damage, no problems. It's fine."

All boys let out a sigh of relief, and then smiled as one as Kaoru cajoled Haruhi into coming near them again. When it was certain she wouldn't lash out, faint, or run away, Honey ran forwards and wrapped his short arms round Haruhi's waist. Tears gathered in his eyes as he looked up at her.

"We're sorry Haru! We didn't want you to hurt! We're sorry!" he wailed. she picked him up and set him in her lap, cuddling and soothing him. It looked like it was instinctive and on habit. She hadn't even thought about it. Mori, on the floor to look as small and un-intimidating as physically possible, went over and leant his head against her legs, and one of her hands drifted to stroke it, again thoughtlessly.

Again, everyone smiled. Haruhi was still Haruhi. Then the girl blinked and shook her head, and speared the remaining four boys with a glare.

"Alright, what was that?" she asked calmly. They all wanted to laugh. Haruhi was back! Then the euphoria faded and they shuffled nervously. How to tell her? Hikarou blinked and then beamed, before rushing off and returning soon after with make up remover wipes. He handed one to each Host and then lifted his to his right eye and beginning to scrub. They all took his lead, and soon there were six wipes covered in concealer and six hosts standing sheepishly in front of Haruhi, whose mouth was comically agape.

Her mouth opened and closed soundlessly for a minute, and she looked remarkably like a fish. Then she suddenly screamed; "YOU GUYS HAVE TATTOOS?"

The boys nodded, and then out came the contacts. Tamaki's eyes were nearly a blinding white, Kyoya's two dark, swirling black abysses. Hikaru's were a crackling medley of orange and red that seemed almost to flicker, whist Kaoru's were a crackling medley of yellow and startling blue, which also seemed to move. Honey's were the palest blue she'd ever seen, and Mori's would be considered hazel if the green hadn't been so dark and intense and the brown so deep. Poor Haruhi nearly fainted. Then Tamaki hesitantly held up a mirror.

"We are the embodiment of the elements..." he trailed of sheepishly. Haruhi could only stare at herself in horror.