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chapter two

Haruhi blinked. Then she screamed.

Her eyes, her deep chocolately Bambi eyes... gone. Replaced with eyes bluer than the sky, shifting and sparkling like sun off of waves. And she had a tattoo as well, just like the others. She continued to look at herself in horror, then turned on her boys.


"We're elements." stammered a frightened Tamaki, who cowered behind a shaken Kyoya.

"The embodiment of an element." Kyoya corrected coolly, pushing his glasses up his nose. "And as such have complete control over that element and aspects of it, as well as the tattoos and eyes and other things that should be explained when you are calm."

Haruhi looked back and the mirror, which she did not remember snatching from Tamaki but realised she must have if she held it now. Her forefinger traced over her new tattoo. It was gorgeous, she had to admit. Duke Blue lines twisted in a Celtic knot pattern around her right eye, and sweeping, swirling lines trailed down the side of her cheek and curl about her chin to frame the side of her face prettily. A hand fell on her shoulder, and she looked up, startled. How long had she been staring at herself, taking in her new face? Hikaru looked at her, and her shoulders slumped, but she nodded.

"Um, Haru, you're scaring Hika." Came Honey's small voice. Haruhi looked at him. How? She wasn't doing anything. Wordlessly, the small boy pointed, and her mouth dropped open. Every bit of liquid in the room had risen from it containers and were hovering globules in the air, moving, splitting and joining and slowly turning. Hikaru, who had moved from her side, was contorting himself away from them, looking annoyed. Kaoru didn't look as bothered, but he still appeared uncomfortable. Suddenly, each and every ball dropped, exploding on impact and showering water droplets everywhere.

Haruhi closed her eyes against the impact, and when she opened her eyes again everyone was sopping, wait hair hanging into their faces and plastered to their skulls. Kyoya looked less than pleased.

"Did I do that?" Haruhi gasped. Tamaki grinned and captured her in a hug, seeming almost to glow as he swung her round.

"Yes yes you did do that my wonderful daughter and you can do so much more but you mustn't worry about that you are doing so well Daddy's so proud of you!" he yelled. She managed to wrestle him off of her, and turned in time to see Kyoya nod at Hikaru and Honey. She raised an eyebrow, and then a gush of hot air swirled around them all, drying them out.

Haruhi sat for a second, and her brain whirred as she processed it all. Then, in typical Haruhi fashion, accepted it all, clapped her hands, and asked how she was to cover this all up from her father and the school.

She was met with five blank faces.

Haruhi watched as Tamaki scuttled to his corner of woe, any glow he might have had disappearing. The shadows around Kyoya seemed to grow longer, and the warmth was sucked out of the room. The light bulbs above flickered and then exploded, and everything that could was flapping in a blustering wind that whipped around the room. She heard Mori sigh, and could have sworn he muttered something along the lines of 'Honestly.'

The lanky boy walked to Haruhi and gave her a case of tinted contacts and several pots of thick concealer. Five breaths were exhaled heavily. Mori moved as if to stand, but Haruhi's hand moved without her thinking, grabbing for him and holding him kneeling in front of her. He looked into her eyes as her hand moved to his face, one finger tracing his tattoo. Two Dartmouth green arrows started mid-forehead, slashing through his eyebrow and eye, ending with two curled, flourished points near the quirked corner of his mouth. the ends of the arrows, instead of being weighted with feathers, was decorated with leaves.

"Beautiful." she whispered. Then she shook herself and let Mori go. Everyone was looking at them. Haruhi blushed and took up the mirror again, only to find that it had a huge crack in it. Hikaru ambled over and placed a hand on it, winking at her. All of a sudden his hand glowed red, and when he took it away the crack had been melted away. His tattoo was several crimson flames edging the outer corner of his right eye, the tips lengthening into swirling lines that curled up his face to his ginger hairline.

Tearing her eyes away from him she looked down into the mirror, gently put in her new coloured prescription contacts and set about slathering on concealer to hide her new tattoo, ready to go back out into the world, and interrogate her boys later.

Kyoya watched as the girls fawned over her at the club, making sure she sat still, doing everything for her, looking ready to bolt for either a telephone or one of them at the slightest little thing. He opened his laptop and clicked on a document, labeled simply 'Haruhi'

Inspires care in all she meets, whatever the gender. All wish to look after her, all care.

Better actress than I first thought.

Able to inspire jealousy even when flirting with other females at the club like she is supposed to.

A quick flick of his eyes round the room confirmed that yes, every male's eyes were on the new Watyr, watching her every move as though suspecting her of shattering into millions of tiny pieces at any second. As the bell rang and the girls filtered out, Haruhi was swamped, all wanting to touch her. Hikaru draped his arm round her shoulders, Kaoru wound his arm round her waist. Honey sat on her lap, Mori leaned on the back of the sofa and played with her hair. Tamaki dashed here and there, worrying over her and occasionally brushing his fingers against her. Kyoya himself picked up his laptop and settled himself on the floor, leaning against her legs.

"So, what does being an element entail exactly?" she asked, taking the now normal attention in her stride.

"You are the physical embodiment-" Hikaru started.

"-Of a single element, and as such-" Kaoru continued.

"-Have complete and utter control of that element." They both finished.

"And all aspects of that element." Mori rumbled. Honey nodded.

"Like, I'm Ayre, so I can control breathing, winds, stuff like that." He said cutely.

"There aren't that many elements, and those who are elements are special indeed." Tamaki went off on a spiel of greatness, and everyone tuned him out.

"Elements are singled out by their tattoos and unnatural eye colouring." I intoned. "As Tamaki said, elements are very rare, and a large group such as this one is very unusual. You can tell when one has been marked to become an element by particular interest in one certain element."

"Yeah," Kaoru broke in grinning. "Hikaru was obsessed with fire for ages before we turned!"

"Another tell is that they will appear to have a subtle luminescence to other elements, which you had from the moment we saw you. We were waiting for today." Kyoya continued, pushing up his glasses.

"Hey Haru guess what?" Honey said, pulling her attention to him. "Coz elements are so rare, and groups are even rarer, all elements feel a bond when they meet ones that are going to be in their lives forever and ever and possibly even make a circle! It means we all really care for each other forever and ever! We care for each other more than we care for our selves. Isn't that neat?"

She nodded slightly, and then smiled, a beaming, bright smile that had them all speechless. "That explains a few things then." She said. Everyone looked at her curiously, so she hastened to explain. "I always thought we grew incredibly close incredibly quick, and found it strange how much I cared for and worried about you." She smiled sweetly.

"SO CUTE!" yelled the twins, Tamaki and Honey, all hugging her tightly. The two more taciturn boys settled with smiling warmly, their faces softening.

I love you. ran through all of they boys' heads.