A/N: Okay... so I've been watching 'Helga On The Couch' a lot recently for my fic "Angela On The Couch" (next chapter is coming soonI promise!) and this little story just kinda... popped up outta nowhere!

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Olga Pataki blinked suddenly, lifting her fingers from the piano keys and turning her head to face in the direction of the voice in the doorway.

"Hey Olga..." her baby sisters voice had cut through the classic melody.

Olga inspected her eleven year old sisters face for a moment, and surprisingly, it matched the airy tone in which she had first addressed her. Rarely ever had she seen her younger sibling look so relaxed.

"Yes, baby sister?" Olga said enthusiastically, thoughts of bonding and sisterly make-over's rushing through her mind like usual, now looked like the perfect time to try yet another attempt at making amends... but then again, there wasn't many times when Olga didn't feel it was 'perfect for making amends'.

Helga looked over at the large piano, and sat herself carefully into the lounge chair, "Keep playing." she instructed softly.

The older blonde girl raised an eyebrow in confusion, but nonetheless she turned back to face the grand instrument and began to move her fingers gracefully along the keys.

Helga, however, shook her head lightly at the melody her sister had chosen, "No..." she spoke up from the chair, "Play the Minute Waltz."

Olga considered questioning her baby sister, but she thought better of it, and instead furrowed her brow for a moment. She hadn't played the Minute Waltz in years, but as she closed her eyes, her hands moved perfectly to create the tune.

One minute later, Olga turned slowly in her chair, back to look at Helga, who had been silent for precisely the last sixty seconds.

"What do you know..." Helga chirped with a smile, "One minute flat."

Unable to refrain any longer, Olga shifted forward on the piano bench a little, "What ever is going on, baby sister?" she asked, "I'm sure you've said before that you hate it when I play the piano."

Helga's far-off expression didn't change, "I wanted to say thank you." she began, not directly answering her sisters question, "For always playing that stupid piano."

"Okay..." Olga said slowly, "And... the Minute Waltz?"

Slowly standing from the couch, and heading for the archway into the hall, Helga turned back to face her sister and said, "It's my favourite." and with that, she practically floated up the stairs, and headed for her bedroom.

Olga didn't recall how long she sat there simply staring at the space that Helga had previously stood in, or how many weeks after that she sifted through pages of composition notes and concert photo's attempting to figure out just why her sister seemed so enchanted by Frederic Chopin's masterpiece – all she knew is she never figured it out. However, from that day forward, Helga was far less hostile toward Olga and the pigtailed girl always seemed to float around the place... and smile... and giggle.