A/N: VERY IMPORTANT: This is getting to the point now where you're going to have some issues if you haven't read the previous. so I'm going to do my best to summarise the prequel!

During Mickey and Martha's wedding, the Doctor discovers that the Shadow Proclamation have upgraded Earth to a Level Six planet, which has allowed aliens to freely visit Earth, who are now being targeted by the human race. After saving a pest control ship shot down over Scotland, the Doctor implements a 'taxi' service to escort aliens back to their home planets.

Later, a woman turns up who claims to be the Doctor's mother, Penelope. At the same time, Martha discovers she's pregnant. Eventually the Doctor accepts Penelope into the family, and this is closely followed by his father's arrival - Ulysses. Meanwhile, their daughter, Leah, is having her own adventure as her toys have come to life. The bear she destroyed to save her parents at the Proclamation returns to seek vengeance on her, but she can't tell anyone about it, and proceeds to fix it on her own.

After a series of suspicious accidents, the Doctor begins to suspect one of his parents is causing problems. During a fire in Jackie's block of flats, the Doctor is cornered by Ulysses, who breaks both his legs, wipes his memory and leaves him for dead. The Doctor is saved by Jack, but he becomes very sick as Ulysses repeatedly keeps his legs broken and his memory wiped. Just as he starts to get better, the Doctor realises what his father has been doing, and when Ulysses attacks the Doctor's son, the Doctor responds in an instinctual fight to protect him. Ulysses wipes his memory, and tells everyone that the Doctor has become psychotic, and has him strapped down in the psychiatric unit. With his memory wiped, the Doctor believes he attacked his father for no reason, and questions his sanity. This causes his brain to severely haemorrhage.

A scan performed by Torchwood reveals the Doctor's brain has been infested with a dangerous parasite, which has caused solid hallucinations of his mother and father, and it's now taking over and killing him. They rush to the psychiatric unit, where the Ulysses has nearly killed him. The Doctor is saved, but at the cost of losing his parents again. He wakes up days later, and discovers Rose has run because of her guilt from making him accept his mother as alive. He finds her and he proposes to her. They save some more trapped aliens, and realise the Level Six problem is too great to ignore. They return to the Proclamation and order Earth to be downgraded.

Meanwhile a baby turns up at Torchwood. a girl who turns out to be the Master's. Fearing he would abandon the girl, the Doctor and Rose adopt her. They are then married, but during their first dance Jack delivers the message given to him by the future Doctor in The Debt. The Doctor freaks out, departing in the TARDIS to destination unknown.

Hopefully it's not going to be too complicated since it's an amnesia fic so you'll learn it as the Doctor learns it. Maybe. Hopefully.

The story order goes:

1. Destiny
2. Paroxysmic
3. The Debt
4. Mother's Nature
5. Echoes

I don't know how quick I'm going to get this written and I normally wait until I've done a good few chapters before I start posting but frankly I'm bored of waiting :o

Chapter 1 – A Night To Remember

"This is an automatic activation of emergency program two. Doctor, listen to me very carefully. This is a Code Ten. You have to do exactly as I tell you, or everything will be lost."

For the first time in about six months, the sun was shining over Daufor.

The tiny coastal village in the west of Wales was the most unlikely place to find a Time Lord, but it was where the Master had taken his residence for the past year or so. It was sort of perfect for him, he'd found. No screaming children, barely any traffic, and not much in the way of people except for an apparently gay red-headed man who seemed to eye him up every time he walked near his house.

He was outside for once; sitting at the silly little metal table sipping at some Pimms and just letting his mind wander through a menagerie of topics… But, as always, his thoughts inevitably turned to the Doctor.

It wasn't that the Master wanted to be the only Time Lord left in existence, oh no. It wasn't that at all. It was just that of all the Time War survivors there could have been – Morbius, Rani, the Meddling Monk – it just had to be the Doctor. That annoying, precocious, self-appointed King of the humans Theta 'Doctor' Sigma.

Even the thought of the Doctor made his teeth itch, but he took solace in the fact that the other Time Lord right at the present moment wasn't having as much fun as the Master was. The Doctor right now was probably either sat there watching a human children's cartoon or being harassed by his cross-species offspring screaming in his ears. Or both.

No, the Doctor was having a rubbish day.


He took another hearty sip of Pimms, smiling to himself at the thought. The movement was so hearty and his mind so far away that the glass slipped straight from his fingers and onto the table, where it fell onto its side and rolled off to hit the concrete with a smash. But he'd already stopped paying attention to that, as some sort of high-pitched whistling was coming from directly overhead. He looked up into the cloudless blue sky to see a strange, small black shape heading downwards; plummeting to the ground at exceptionally high-speed…

He got out of his chair, following it with his eyes and trying to predict where it would land. The field right next to his house was the obvious assumption so he strode to the side gate and leapt over, narrowly avoiding the ditch of mud.

As the object neared, it was getting slightly bigger, and also slightly faster. He could see the printed writing on the side now – the carvings of the universal language Uniuxian. Escape pod 45, it read. This was a crash. Not that he could do anything to prevent that, so he just stood there waiting for the inevitable thud of metal on grass.

But when it came, it was less of a thud, and more of a loud, tearing, rip-bang-wallop of a crash. The entire escape pod split apart like a peeled banana, and out toppled the one person the Master did not want to see.

The Doctor.

He sighed, waiting for the other alien to rise, dust himself off and go and save a human or forty, but the Doctor didn't move. He was just lying there on the grass, and very soon the sure stain of blood began to creep around him. The Doctor was hurt. Quite badly, by the looks of things.

The Master moved toward the other Time Lord, still somehow anticipating him to get up at any moment. The Master got closer, and closer, until he was standing a foot away. He knelt down and prodded the Doctor's side with the tip of his finger.

The Doctor didn't react.

He could see the damage now, a bit of the escape pod jutting into the Doctor just under his shoulder. But that seemed to be the worst of it. That was treatable.

For a moment he just stared at the Doctor, lying there completely helpless. Fleeting thoughts crossed the Master's mind. He could do whatever he damn well pleased with the Doctor now. He could torture him. Or tie him up. Make him his slave. Have a little fun – just like the Year That Never Was.

This was surely the best present ever?

He didn't bother cleaning up the escape pod, knowing the humans would probably find it themselves and have a minor breakdown, which was always amusing to watch. He took the Doctor straight in and up the stairs into the spare room, laying him down on the bed. It had been a very long time since he'd been in this sort of control of the Doctor, and he absolutely loved it. The little Staazula thought he'd had the last word, but oh no. He wasn't going anywhere, not this time. That irritating blonde and the freak would have to come and find him first. It was just pure fun, really.

He made sure the Doctor wasn't going anywhere by tying his wrists and his ankles to the bed-frame, and checking for that annoying sonic screwdriver of his. But the Doctor didn't have it on him. In fact, he didn't have anything on him. Whatever he'd been escaping from… He'd left very, very fast.

The Master would have to heal him, anyway. He examined the other Time Lord over in full – mostly superficial, apart from the site where the metal strut that had gone through which was still bleeding. The Master was a little annoyed that the Doctor was bleeding all over his spare bed, but conceded that there wasn't really anywhere else to put him before going off for some medical supplies.

When he returned the Doctor still wasn't awake, which was a little odd seeing as he clearly wasn't in a healing coma. The Master managed to stop all the bleeding and stitch up the cuts, and even stop the bleeding from the impalement near his shoulder. He was finished by 6pm, and hungry, so he left the unconscious Doctor to go downstairs.

He had half expected to hear the Doctor's usual pleas of "listen to me!" and "you're better than this!" and "you have a choice!" to start up before midnight. But they didn't.

The Master did his usual evening of trolling internet forums and cynically watching human television before he checked the room at 2am – but the Doctor was still asleep.

He kept progressively checking the Doctor through the night and into the morning. He hadn't moved an inch. The Master had tried to enter the other Time Lord's mind to kick it into consciousness, but the Doctor didn't really appear to have much going on in his mind.

By the time it hit 3pm - an entire day since the Master had found the Doctor – he still hadn't so much as twitched. The Master changed all his bandages and sat by him for a while, still trying to get into his mind. He had no idea what was wrong with it. The feeling he got from the Doctor's mind was very, very new. Very strange.

11pm. The Doctor was clearly in a very bad way and though the Master would never admit it, he was actually starting to get a bit worried. So much that for a fleeting moment he considered phoning the immortal freak, Blondie or someone else. In fact, where were they? Surely they would be here to save their Messiah by now?

Either way, the Doctor needed a bitof a helping hand, and the Master wasn't about to let him die this easily and pointlessly. So he made some soup and tried feeding it to the Doctor, but it just ran all down his face as he didn't even swallow. Tea was even more messy. He had no gag reflex, or even any reaction to pain.

The Master didn't understand at all what had happened to the Doctor to reduce him to such a level of helplessness. He'd never seen anything like it – and he had no idea how to fix it. It was as though the Doctor's entire body had gone into some sort of strange hibernation that wasn't anything Gallifreyan.

The next day at 5pm, the Master finally heard mutterings from the Doctor's room. He jogged in, only to find the Doctor twisting and turning on the bed, sweat on his forehead, muttering incoherently. He was obviously in some kind of nightmare. At least it was a development.

The Master quickly moved to stoop over him, just in time for the Doctor's eyes to snap open faster than a gunshot – and he let out the loudest scream the Master had ever heard in all his lives. It took him completely by surprise, so when he'd finally managed to recover the Doctor was trying desperately to get up.

"Doctor!" the Master cried, pushing down on him. "Stop, stop moving!"

"Get off!" the Doctor screamed in return, before realising he was tied down and his head whipped to the Master, his eyes wide. The Master would recognise that look anywhere. They were eyes of utter terror. "Let me go!"

"Doctor, it's me!" the Master yelped, utterly wrong-footed by what was happening. "Relax!"

The Doctor didn't, continuing to thrash and scream with both fear and pain. The Master had no choice but to grab his head in mid-movement and send a shot right through his mind. The Doctor fell back instantly, gasping for breath with his body suddenly unable to move. He watched through sunken, terrified eyes as the Master moved around the bed and pulled up a chair.

"That was entertaining," the Master began, the devious smile returning. "Not seen that one from you before. I like the originality, though."

"… Who are you?" the Doctor croaked, barely able to get the words out.

The Master's smile turned abruptly to a frown. Though it did explain a few things. "Hmm, a little head trouble?"

"Who are you?" the Doctor asked again with forced strength. "Where am I? What have you… done to me?"

The Master raised an eyebrow. "Bit of amnesia, then. It's me, Doctor. The Master, remember? You're in my house."

"I don't know you," the Doctor breathed.

"Oh, it'll all come flooding back, Doctor, I'm sure," the Master assured him.

"Why'd you keep calling me Doctor?" the Doctor groaned out.

For a moment there was utter silence as the Master took those words in.

"... By Rassilon," he breathed, completely stunned. "You're the Doctor. You remember, don't you?"

"No, I don't," the Doctor gasped. "Why… Why can't I move?"

"I… shot your mind, you'll be okay in a few minutes," the Master said slowly, staring at the other Time Lord in complete disbelief. To his complete astonishment a tear suddenly rolled down the Doctor's cheek – a tear of fright, pain, anger and confusion.

"Let me go… Please don't hurt me…" the Doctor begged, crying.

The Master was suddenly horrified – a feeling he hadn't had in a very long time. "Doctor… Doctor… shush," he implored, begging with him as the gravitas of the situation hit him like a hammer to the face. "It's okay, you're safe. I'm not going to hurt you."

"What's going on?" the Doctor sobbed.

"I don't know, I found you in a crashed ship and saved you. But you've lost your memories. I don't know how this has happened but I'm going to figure something out, all right? I just need you to trust me."

"How do I know you're not lying?" the Doctor demanded to know.

"You don't," the Master conceded. "But please, let me help you. Just calm down and stay still, I'm going to untie you."

He did so, aware of the Doctor's gaze fixed on him; watching his every move as he untied the other Time Lord, carefully. The Doctor looked to all the world like he wanted to get up and run a mile, but his body was still paralysed from the mind shot. So as the Master checked his head he just watched, completely tensed up.

"What happened... to-to my shoulder?" he whined.

"The escape pod broke apart and went into your shoulder," the Master told him. "Try not to move it it too much."

"O-okay," the Doctor gasped.

Satisfied, the Master drew back from his head, trying to hide his surprise. There was no damage to his head inside, apart from the weirdness, and the Doctor was still crying. His arch enemy, lying there crying his eyes out.

Well, it was certainly awkward.

"I'll get you something to eat," the Master muttered, and left the room as quickly as he could.

This was serious. Incredibly serious. So much so the Master knew there was only one thing he could really do, and it was probably the last thing he wanted to do too.

He went to the phone, and dialled his favourite number. It picked up in two rings.

"Harkness," the familiar voice of the Freak replied.

The Master cleared his throat, and tried to sound a bit friendlier than he was accustomed to. "Hello, it's your friendly Time Lord Welsh neighbour, the Master here..."

"Fuck off, Master."

"Well, that's nice," the Master replied insincerely. "I think you might actually want to listen to me, though."

"He wants nothing to do with you. Go to hell."

Jack hung up.

The Master sighed, and put the phone back down before looking down the hall – only to find the Doctor leaning against the wall holding his shoulder, staring at him.

"What were you doing?" he asked.

"Nothing," the Master grunted, pushing straight past him to go down the stairs. He very quickly realised the Doctor was annoyingly following him like an obedient dog, so he led him to the kitchen.

"Food's in there," he gestured to the cupboard, grabbing a fork from the drawer. "Stay here, don't go wandering."

"Why not?" the Doctor wondered, looking at the cupboard vaguely.

"It's not safe, not for you," the Master said, moving to the back door. "I'll be back in a bit."

"Where are you going?" the Doctor asked, suddenly anxious.

"Out," the Master muttered in reply, and left.

He got to the crash site, a little surprised that absolutely no humans were gathered around it screaming yet. He picked and climbed his way through the metal debris to get to the computer, which looked completely dead. Regardless, he levered the device out with the fork, and reached in to take the black box. A further fiddle with the laser screwdriver linked the two, and the screen miraculously came to life.

ERROR-ERROR-ERROR the screen told him.

He whacked the base of the device with his palm, and it sprung into life.


The Master frowned slightly. The escape pod was from the Shadow Proclamation. What had the Doctor been doing there? They weren't exactly on good terms.

Analysing files... Complete

87% file corruption. See available data? Y/N

He hit Y, and waited.


Journey details:

Origin Point – Registered: Shadow Proclamation, Dock 3/109/45, 14.1/07

Destination Point – Custom Input: Sol 3, 52.799687° N, -4.507034° W, 20.8/07

Journey profile:

Pod activated

Custom destination input

Estimated journey time calculated

Stasis query – occupant confirm – stasis activated

Severe malfunction (see below)


Power cell supply nil – catastrophic error

Action Taken:

Occupant alert unsuccessful – occupant unresponsive

Emergency landing protocol initiated automatically


Repeat? Y/N

The Master hit N, and frowned again. He could start building a picture, now. The Doctor had gotten into the escape pod at the Shadow Proclamation, and for some reason had programmed to land right next to the Master's house. He had then gone into stasis, travelled for twelve Earth years to his destination, before somewhere along the way the power cells had died and that had caused the crash landing. The escape pod had tried to warn him but he had not responded, which could only have meant he was either an amnesiac before the crash and had no idea what to do, or he had been unconscious.

But why had he programmed to land here? Where were his family? What had he even been doing in the Shadow Proclamation? And last, but by no means least, what had caused the amnesia? The only reason the Master could see was possibly stasis sickness, but this was far too severe for that.

The Master was intrigued, despite how hard he was trying not to care. He pulled out the black box, shoved it in his pocket, got up and began trudging back to his house.

He was only halfway when a thought occurred to him that stopped him dead in his tracks. The Doctor had been in this pod for twelve years, but he'd last seen him around five months ago. That could mean it had only been days since he'd left here – hours, even.

It was fairly likely that the reason the minions hadn't come to save their Messiah was actually because they had no idea that he was even missing.