I hate Family Guy! It's so stupid! RED AND REVIW!

The Stupid Griffins

Once up on a time a bitch idiot was named Peter Griffin and it said:

"Oh, I'm a big, fat, stupid moron and i'm walking down the streets." he was walking down the streets and the rest of his dumb numb family came.

"HIIII!" they screamed and decided to do something, probably stupid that is.

"we should go and destroy the orphanage, rob the bank and, the meanest thing at last, BAKE PEAR PIE!" Lois, Griffin not Lane sadly enough, said and a police man stopped them and asked them something:

"Why are you going to do those heinous things!?"

"Because... WE'RE STUPID!"

"Oh right, I forgot that everyone in this show are just complete idiots; nevermind, go on" the police man with undetermined gendersex said and ran to the shop and stole coffee with doughnuts.

The stupid Griffins went on and was about to light a match on a bomb when someone female suddenly said: "NOOO, stop what you are doing."

They turned around and saw Hermione Granger pointing a wand at them.

"Nope" they answered and Hermione countered "I warn you!" but the idiots still refused and Hermione got enough off this, raised her wand and did a spell. Chris and Meg got lifted up by leaves and got transferred to Panem and they was made to fight in the Hunger Games and they died, of course, because they're stupid.

The other four got panic and ran away but they ran into a theatre where someone was rehearsing a musical. The moronic idiots thought that they were safe, but of course they wasn't. Hermione had called for back-up and tried to infiltrate the theatre. The Griffin-morons were hiding in the auditorium behind some chairs and the rehearsing people on the stage saw them and got angry.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" a girl shouted. It was Lauren Lopez. She screamed "ATTACK!" at the top of her lungs and everyone attacked them. It was violence and magic when Hermione and c:o managed to come through the doors. They took Brian, Stewie and Lois – Griffin, not Lane – and threw them into a giant vortex that sucked them in and spit them out in Borduria. They then fell down a bottomless hole when they were running through the country because they're idiotic idiots.

At last it was Peter left. He was trembling with fear and was scared. Hermione raised her wand and chanted some words, and made him into something horrible, something unthinkable.

He was turned into a pear. He screamed because his still stupid and the some horses came and ate him.

Suddenly the ground started shaking and Luna, who was there, said "Hold on to me!" and everyone did so. They disapparated just as the stupid Quahog world imploded. They appeared in Starkid-world, the best world in the world – I mean universe – and they lived there for the rest of their lives.

Hermione got married to George and they got children. Brolden and Meredith got also married (Are they togethar? I fink I red that sumwhere but I dun't knoe where. Well, nevvurmind, its none of ma bissness) and they became Breredith.

Jaime and Julia was talking "Those Family Guy-morons are so stupid!"

"I know, right!" Julia responded happily, glad that the Griffins were gone.

Then everyone lived happily ever after; until they died, then it got sad.