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Catch My Breath

Chapter 1

The club smells like sweat, alcohol and sex. Not entirely unpleasant, but certainly an aroma all its own. Crowded, way more crowded than Jason had expected. The place is nothing really special. Roy has taken off as usual, lost somewhere in the crowd. Good to know his friend has abandoned him for the call of booze and some loose pussy. Stupid bastard is probably too coked up to know the difference anyway.

Looks like Jason is on his own.

The music is pounding so damn loud, in that annoying house mix that repeats a constant base that gives him a headache. Lights flash in neon colors and he can barely see two feet in front of him. Someone bumps him, dropping half a shot on his shoulder. He pushes them away, hears a half slurred hey and continues on. The dance floor moves like an ocean. Bodies grind in unison to the deafening beat of the music.

Hands move, touching him, anywhere, everywhere as he tries to move past them. Personal space is lost in the swarm. Everyone is touching everyone, unconcerned about being too close. The closer they are, the happier they seem.

"Hey gorgeous." Some skank with barely enough material to cover her tits, waves at him. Disheveled, stringy blonde hair swept back from the sweat coating her forehead, she licks her dry lips. "Dance with me."

He shoulders past her. "Pass."

She laughs, loud and raw in his ear. "Your loss."

"Yeah, sure." A loss alright. All the diseases he won't catch, what a shame.

Goddamn Harper, this is all his fault. A place like this, these people, it's all so damn disgusting. Jason likes sex as much as the next guy, but this is deplorable on so many levels. Someone grabs his ass, the seventh time in the last fucking hour alone. He would kill Roy when this is over, that was for damn sure.

The bathroom calls to him, only because it's slightly less crowded than where he is now. He ducks in before another drunk asshole offers him more than a quick fondle that will ultimately earn them a broken nose. He needs a minuet to breathe.

The cold water feels like heaven against his hot, sticky face. He wipes the remaining drops with the sleeve of his jacket. Towels litter the floor, but seeing as there the only ones available, he's not too keen on using them. The air is horrid, smelling mostly of piss and other things he doesn't want to think about. The lone stall rocks with moans and sounds that can only mean one thing, and it 'aint playing patty-cake.

A guy shoves next to him rudely to wash his hands. He talks into a phone angrily. His face looks like it's taken one too many beatings from the ugly stick. "Whatever. Just make sure everything happens and it happens right. No hitches this time, understand?" He stops to roll up his sleeves, showcasing a rather expensive watch before he turns to Jason. Where his brows would be, if he had any, raise and he looks more than a little annoyed. "You got a problem pal?"

Jason shakes his head. "Not if you don't."

The guy gives an agitated growl. He skips the hand washing after he looks at his watch. He manhandles Jason out the way, like he's suddenly late. "Then get out of my fucking way."

"Hey man, fuck you."

But he's already gone.


Jason leaves the bathroom in an even worse mood than before. He really wants to find Roy and get the hell out of here, now. He's assaulted by more people as he merges back in. He pushes them away but no one seems to get the hint to just leave him the fuck alone.

"Tease." A particularly pushy guy pouts at him. Jason slaps his hands away for the third time.

"Get away, I'm just looking for someone." He growls.

"Well I've been looking for someone all night, babe." The guy winks. His face glistens with glitter. "You."

"Sorry pal, you're not quite my type."

The glittering asshole doesn't quit. "Ah, don't be like that baby. Trust me, I can be whatever type you want me to be."

Jason's about to lose it, right in the middle of the dance floor, in front of everyone, when another guy comes up behind Mr. touchy and clasps his shoulder. "Leave him alone, Tink."

"But Dick.."

"You heard him, he's already got someone." The new guy, Dick looks at Jason with a small smirk. "Right?"

Jason nods. "Right."

"Can't blame a girl for trying." Tink turns and waves. "Tell him, he's one lucky man." He calls before disappearing back into the masses.

What the hell? Who the hell said it was a he?

"Tink just assumes, hopes actually, that every good-looking guy he meets is gay."

Had Jason asked that aloud? He certainly hadn't meant to. But while he's on the topic. "What the hell kind of name is Tink anyway?"

Dick laughs. "Short for Tinkerbell."

Jason turns to him. "Tinkerbell?"

He receives a shrug. "He likes it."

Jason's tries to hide his disgust. "And what about Dick, huh? What the hell is that? Some kind of sexual thing?"

Dick shakes his head. His dark hair falls across his forehead and flies with the motion. "No sadly. Nothing creative, just short for Richard."

"..and you went with Dick?"

Dick smiles. "Blame my parents. They started calling me that when I was little and it just kind of stuck."

Now Jason feels a little like an ass. "Well thanks Dick, but I..."

"You were looking for someone?" Dick's eyes shine a brilliant shade against the lights behind him. He catches Jason with his stare. It's nearly impossible to look away.

He swallows. "Yeah, I"

Goddamn. Jason's not gay, never looked at a man twice before, but he can definitely appreciate an attractive person when he sees one. And Dick is incredibly attractive.

"Does this person have a name?" Dick asks.

"Yeah, dead meat."

Dick laughs. Jason can't help but smirk at the sound.

The speakers give a loud pop. The music stops and the lights dim. Gasps from all around fill the room.

Jason has a feeling that wasn't supposed to happen. "Not planned, I take it?"

Dick shakes his head, his brows furrow. "I don't think so. His eyes travel towards the only visible area in the front of the club."That's weird."He mumbles.

Jason follows his view, but doesn't see anything. Even after the music returns and the dancing resumes Dick still continues to stare at whatever he's found so interesting.

"What is it?" He asks.

"Nothing. Never mind." Dick smiles again and grabs his arm. "Come on, you came to dance, didn't you?"

Jason remains still, the hand burns against his skin. But it's not unpleasant. "Um, not really."

"It won't kill you to live a little.." Dick pauses. "I guess I never got your name."


"Well Jason," Dick leans up to whisper in his ear. Jason shivers against the heat. "Dance with me."

Jason's not a dancer. He tries to shake his head, but Dick's already got his arms wrapped around his neck and damn his touch is electric. Dick starts to move and the music suddenly drowns to a dull roar in his ears. Everything melts to the color of red and all he can see, all he can feel is Dick. Dick's hands are in his hair, on his chest, all over his damn body. He moves like a curve of light, so bright and fast, yet slow and deliberate. Bright and so goddamn beautiful.

"You like this?"

Jason licks his suddenly thirsty lips. He's not sure if it's a question, but he nods.

Dick smiles against his neck. "Good."

Jason continues to enjoy the feeling, the heat of the other man against him, right before Dick goes stock-still.

He looks down at him. "What, what's wrong?"

Dick hisses one word. "Duck."


There's a large sound that sounds like glass shattering. Shards of it fall like jagged snow from the ceiling and all around them.

They fly. Dick throws Jason on top of him, taking most of the impact as they fall. Jason half rolls and lands on his feet just in time to see Dick throw himself into a crouch of his own. They can't see anything in the crowd of people, now running frantically towards the exit. Just an endless blur of color.

"Dammit." Dick says. He grabs Jason's hand and pulls him away from the stampede.

"What the fuck was that?" Jason can barely hear his own voice over the screams.

"A miscalculation." Dick yells.


Dick looks to the ceiling, where several of the skylights are now nothing but large, gaping holes. "Where is he?" He mumbles to himself.

Jason shakes his head. "Where is who?"

Dick doesn't answer, he motions Jason to follow him. "Come on, we have to get you out of here. It's not safe."

Glass continues to break under their feet as they make their way towards the back exit. Dick knows the way so Jason travels behind. They finally reach the door when they hear a gunshot from behind them. Jason starts out the exit, but Dick stops and turns. He looks like he's going to go back.

"What are you doing?" Jason calls.

Dick gives him a reassuring smile. "Go on without me."

"What? Why?" He asks. "You're not honestly going back in there, are you?"

Dick gives his hand a squeeze "Don't worry Jason, I'll be fine. Just go."

Fine? "Are you fucking insane?"

"Just go. I'll catch up later."


Dick's smile never falters. "Because I have to. People may still be in danger."

Jason considers him for a minuet. Who the hell are you he wants to ask. Instead he moves back inside. "Well fuck that. You're not going alone."

Dick's eyes widen. "Jason I..."

"There's not much point in arguing about it. We're wasting time here, let's go."

Dick nods. "Fine, but stay behind me, alright."

Not likely, he thinks. Dick's smaller than him, he's not letting the man be his shield. He doesn't need protection. They arrive in the cleared main dance hall, bar area. Jason didn't think he would ever see it look so empty. The only occupants are a group of men, real goon types with guns and some poor bastard pissing himself on the floor.

Dick motions him to stay low as they move behind part of the bar, hidden from view.

The main guy, the one that steps forward, sneers at the simpering man in his massive shadow. "Something wrong, Barker? You look a little worried."

"W..What do you want?" The man asks.

"Barker, Barker, Barker," Barker leans away as the man lightly smacks his face. "You disappoint me with your questions. I think you know what I want."

"I already gave your boss his cut, I don't have 'nothing else."

"Really, nothing else 'eh? Well that's a shame, cause I got orders, Barker." Glass cracks under the expensive boot as he steps further towards Barker. "And those orders are to get the damn money you owe, in any way necessary."

Jason gets his first good look at the man's face when he moves into the light. "Son of a bitch." He breathes. It was the fucker from the bathroom.

Dick turns. "What is it?"

He leans further towards Dick so he can whisper. "I've seen that prick before, talking on his phone in the bathroom. Motherfucker is a real piece of work. I don't think that guy's getting away with only a busted arm."

Dick nods. "I figured as much. Stay here."

"Wait..what?" But Dick's already gone. "Dammit." Jason leans his head out as much as he dares, but he doesn't see Dick anywhere. Where the hell did he go?

"Dick?" he whispers.

His sleeve catches on some of the tacky bullshit decorating the side of the bar. He pulls it out, but doing so cases the flimsy baseboard to shake. "Shit." An empty liquor bottle rolls from the top of the bar before it falls and shatters. He winces.

"What the hell was that?"

Smooth move, Todd, he scolds himself.

"Go check it out."

Fuck. Jason looks around for a weapon. He spots the broken bottle and grabs the neck, a bit primitive, but it'll have to do.

Footsteps head his way. He rolls his shoulders and waits.

The first bastard doesn't know what hits him. Jason slams his head directly into the bar above and he goes down like a ton of bricks.

"The fuck?" The next one doesn't stand a chance either. As soon as his ugly mug is in view Jason slugs him in the face. The guy stumbles before he falls over the side of the bar and knocks himself out cold.

It's the one Jason doesn't see, the one behind him with the gun aimed right at his head that makes him stop.

"Put your damn hands up or I'll blow your filthy head off."

Jason drops the bottle and does as he says. "Move." the guy commands.

Jason moves as he's directed. The big leader, the Big Ugly he'd say, looks at Jason with barely held contempt. His bulbous eyes widen. "The fuck? You?"

Jason smirks. "That's right ugly, me."

"Who the fuck are you?" Ugly turns the gun in his hand towards Barker. "Who the fuck is he? You know him? He your bodyguard or something?"

Barker's eyes bug as he shakes his head. "No, I swear I..I've never seen him before in my life!"

Ugly growls. "I thought you said this place was empty?"

The guy behind Jason speaks up. "It, Max locked the doors and everything. After the gunshot we thought nobody would be stupid enough to stay in here."

"Obviously, you thought wrong." The gun barrel aims at Jason. "I'll ask you again. Who the hell are you?"

Something flies through the air. Make that two somethings. Both guns fly from their respected owner's hands. One lands on the other side of the room. The other gets kicked away. By Dick.

Jason gapes. "What the hell man? Where did you go?"

Dick doesn't respond. He stares at Big Ugly, looking like something the larger man might eat for breakfast. Ugly's scowl turns into a grin. "That's cute. Think I only carry one of these?" He pulls another gun from inside his suit jacket. He aims at Dick, but addresses Barker. "What about this little shit, you know him?"

"No I..." Barker stops and points. "Wait, I think he's been here a couple of times before. A friend of one of my sons. One of those boys Wayne took in. Can't remember the name."

Ugly's non eyebrow practically raises off his skull. "Wayne, as in Bruce Wayne?"

Dick doesn't flinch, but somehow Ugly reads his silence as admittance. It doesn't help when Barker nods. "Yeah, that's right."

Jason doesn't know much about Bruce Wayne, only that he's richer than god with a bigger love of woman than his own multi-billion dollar corporation. Judging by the size of Ugly's grin, this news has the potential of being very dangerous.

"Yes, I see it now. I think I saw you on the news once. Wayne's little pretty boy." Ugly's grin turns positively lethal. It's obvious he's thinking and plotting something. And it's not good. "Well Barker, I believe I feel your luck changing, old boy. Turns out you've been offered a slight extension on you bill."

"But my nightclub, you've ruined it." Jason's almost glad when Ugly backhands the sniveling asshole in the face. Baker squeals like a pig.

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I'm giving you some time, dipshit. If I was you I'd take it with little more gratitude." His grey eyes rove up and down Dick. Jason feels dirty just watching him. "What you've given me is worth more than your meager nickle and dime show. Much more."

Barker realizes what he's done by opening his big mouth. "Wait I didn't.." but it's too little, too late.

"I'm being generous Barker. I don't do generous. Remember that the next time you open your goddamn mouth."

Barker's eyes fall to the floor. He cowers, like the coward that he is. Jason isn't sure who he wants to deck more, Barker or Ugly.

Ugly sweeps back some of his greasy hair back. "Good man."

"You're a real piece of shit, you know that?" The words fly out before Jason can stop them. Ugly is really starting to piss him off.

"Let's make it a new rule." Ugly twirls his gun. "The next idiot that says one more word gets their head blown off. Sound good?"

"Uh, boss." the last goon speaks just as soon as the sirens start. "We've got trouble."

Ugly doesn't look too worried. "Better wrap it up then, shall we?" He motions with one of his fingers.

Jason doesn't feel it, doesn't even realize what's happening until he falls to his knees and the world starts spinning. Dick yells something he can't hear and the world turns black.