There's only one thing that he could make sure of, he didn't feel right and happy about it.

It's true that he killed her, he had brought justice to her crime. He watched as she screamed his name while falling fast.

He was supposed to be happy. Because it was an honor, but not even a shadow of a smile crossed his lips.

He clutched the folders that he was holding, causing a crease on it.

"Kona-chan~ are you even listening to me?" Major Hyuuga waves his hand in front of the shorter teen frantically seeing that the his mind is far away once again.

"Major Hyuuga, please stop that it's annoying," his begleiter, Konatsu says, shoting the dark haired man a glare.

"How rude, I was just asking you if you can finish my paperworks again"

"No, please do it by yourself"

"Eh? But Kona-chan—"

He didn't let him continue, Konatsu simply walked past his annoying mentor. He needs a time to think now. He needs to clear things out properly. Because deep in his heart, something was terribly wrong.

"Natsu, are you sure that it's me? Everybody got it wrong, it wasn't me I swear!"

A lump found itself on his throat.

It was you and it was proven, he thought, brushing his fringe to the side to prevent the wind from pushing it back.

That's what he wanted to believe.

No, it was what he believed.

But, right now he found himself doubting it. He found himself believing that she was innocent.

He shook his head.

What are you doing, Konatsu? Thinking such frivolous and stupid thoughts won't help you! He silently scolds himself. But that was no good, he still feels troubled.


He stopped and turned to the Major, eyes narrowing.

"What again, Major Hyuuga?"

"What are you being so uptight for? Is this about her death again?"

He felt the lump of his throat again. And it's getting worse.

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