Anna was waiting at the bar for Misaki and Saruhiko.

It had been some months since Mikoto's death and all thenfighting were over, with no red king to take care of them HOMRA had split up; everyone still kept in contact but it weren't the same.

Saruhiko had decided to quit the blues since Misaki finally had started to look at him again now that the 'interference' was gone and Misaki really needed his support to get over the distructive pain he had felt inside.

But it had still been worse for Anna, being the silent girl she is no one could have figured she would have grown even more silent and her eyes had lost some light.

Izumo worried a lot about her and therefore he had told the two teens to take her somewhere so she could get some distraction.

So there she sat, waiting; the time they had set was still notnreached but Anna felt she couldn't really do anything else anyway.

More minutes passed and then some ruckus could be heard from outside; Misaki was yelling at Saru over something trivial as usual but when they got inside and saw her both of them quieted down and looked at her then back at each other as if trying to read the other's mind on were to take her.

In the end Saru and Misaki took each of Anna's hands and headed out of the bar and towards the amusement park.

A while later they reached the park and paid the entrence; more like Saru paid since he's the only one with money.

Once inside they headed for all the rides that Anna were allowed to ride and sometimes Misaki could swear he saw Anna showing some smiles.

When the three of them got tired of the rides Saru went ahead to buy some ice cream; a little surpised by his own thoughtfullness, he figured it was just temporary and refused to accept the fact that he /might/ actually care about Anna just as he cares about Misaki.

They all sat happily and ate their ice-cream and Anna happened to drip some down on her dress; for some reason Misaki got all frantic kind of like a mother would; Saru easily calmed the other teen down and dried off the spillt ice cream with a tissue.

When Saru was done Misaki started some yelling about how Saru is way too calm about these kind of things and as Saru defended himself Anna could feel how some of the warmth started to return to her when she was with these two, and. . It made her happy.

Actually she even giggled slightly which made the teens stop fighting and look at her in surprise and Misaki's face turned into a goofy grin, even Saru smiled a little bit and then ruffled Anna's hair.

The three of them kept talking about all kinds of things, Misaki telling Anna some good stories and soon enough the sun started to go down so it was time for them to take Anna back to the bar.

Once there Misaki promised that they would come and play with her the next day as well.

Saru patted Anna's head and then the two headed out of the bar again, Misaki waving good-bye to Anna with a bright smile and Saru looking at her with hands in his pockets.

Anna stood still for a moment but then she waved back at them and with that a smile formed on her face as well and she felt like she had gotten herself a mother and father.