It has been a couple of months since the amusement park event. Saruhiko and Misaki had decided to move in together since that was the only reasonable thing for them and they had taken Anna with them.

Both Saru and Misaki had gotten used to having the young girl around them even though the way she could sometimes stare at them as if looking into their souls still creeped them out a little it was at least acceptable now.

Anna had gotten accepted to school and was able to make some friends her age just like normal girls should, she had yet to bring any home though and Misaki was just happy for that since his still bad at being around other girls.

He was preparing dinner as usual when Anna came home.

"Saru will be late today so you and me will have to eat together"

Misaki said from the kitchen and Anna went there to give a nod to that she heard and then she went to set the table.

Saruhiko had been busy at Scepter4 recently, even if the red king no longer was there to bother the blue king the amount of strains had lately increased and with that; so did the paperwork. He usually came home later when Anna had gone to sleep already and Misaki as well at times.

It was hard for them but they all accepted it like this since they needed the money, but it was still lonely for Misaki to be without his lover.

They couldn't exactly do things when Anna was in the house but just the daily kisses that Misaki used to get before Saru started being busy was the only thing that was needed, now he barely even got the chance.

The dinner went on without much talk, Anna then went to do her homework and Misaki took care of the dishes like usual; he wasn't smart enough to help Anna so whenever she needed something they had to wait for Saru to be home or send him a text message that he answered to as soon as he could.

As all the daily rutines were done the both of them went to sleep and Saru came home sometime in the middle of the night.

The next day Munakata told Saru to get off early. First he objected and said he still had a lot to do but Munakata insisted and Saru couldn't do much but obey his supervisor. When he looked at the time and saw that it's around this time that his and Misaki's 'daughter' end and since her school is on the way to their home he figured he could go and pick her up. He always denied that he had started to get attached to the girl but everyone knew that he liked her more then he would ever admit.

He headed towards the school and when Anna saw Saru waiting by the school gate a very tiny smile could be seen on her face but Saru saw it and responded with a "tsk" and a click of his tongue. He was happy to see her though and that her reaction towards him was still good even though they didn't spend much time together.

Anna walked up to him and took Saru's hand just like she had done a couple of months ago as well and it brought back many memories but unlike then; Saru didn't dislike it anymore.

They headed home and seeing surprised Misaki was always fun and then the blush that still covered his face whenever Saruhiko kissed him was cute as always.

Misaki quickly turned and went into his territory, meaning the kitchen and Saru knew it was better to stay away; he had learned that the hard way.

Without noticing Anna had gone to sit down by the gaming console.

"Papa I want to play with you"

Saru stared at the girl which stared back at him. With another click of his tongue he went and sat down next to her and they played their normal shooting zombies game until dinner was ready.

Kaze: Sorry that it's been so long since I actually continued on this one! I wanted to write a longer chapter but I honestly couldn't come up with anything else to write about. But; if you guys have any ideas of what you would like to happen in future chapters please send feedback. it's much appreciated