PLEASE READ: This story has been re-written (completely) as of March. I just had to. Because I'm just like that...sorry! But hope you enjoy this one :)

A/N: This story will be long. And its aim is to give its readers fluff overdose and then make 90% of the readers cry. (No joke) So for those of you who just can't and don't do sad things...well... but otherwise, hope you all enjoy it. I really do adore Kadam :)

It was raining again.

Not at all surprising considering how the weather had been lately in Lima, Ohio. But Kurt didn't mind it. If anything, he preferred it, because on days like these, he would sit by the window and listen to the pattering of droplets against the glass for hours on end. It helped him to stop thinking.

He didn't even know how long he had been listening, but he did hear the familiar sound of his father's car pull into the driveway. And then the front door opening. And then finally the heavy thumping of his father's footsteps. Kurt pushed himself off the chair and made his way into the living room, where his father was cursing the weather under his breath.

"Hey kiddo," Burt greeted as soon as he saw his son. Kurt smiled in response and beelined to the kitchen counter, to where his father promptly followed.

"Is everyone else coming late?" Kurt asked quietly, leaning against the countertop, idly drawing patterns on the surface with his fingertip.

"Carol has a night shift today. Finn texted to say he has plans for the evening. It's just you and me, kid."

"Cool. So should I just get started on dinner?"

"Let me fix something up today. You've been doing all the cooking lately."

"You know I don't mind."

"Nah, I think it's my turn. So what do you want for dinner?"

"Pizza?" Kurt replied with a playful grin, earning a chastising look from his father.


"I know, I know, I was just kidding. Don't we have some frozen salmon left? Something with that sounds nice."

"Great. Let me just go get comfy and I'll get to it. You go and get some rest."

"Dad," Kurt began with a slightly warning tone, furrowing his brows. "I've been resting the whole day."

"I'm sorry, kid. It's just-"

"I know. I'll in my room."

"Alright. I'll call you when I'm done."

Kurt returned to his room and plopped onto the bed. He rolled over to his side and stared at the pill bottles arranged in a neat row on the nightstand. They were always there, despite how much he wished he didn't have too see them, always reminding him, sometimes mocking him. Kurt closed his eyes and sighed deeply before reaching for his remote. He was going to have to resort to distraction by TV if he was going to keep himself from tearing up again.

After idly flipping through a few channels and coming up empty, Kurt eventually stopped when he saw a blond woman was interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. Grammy's, perhaps? He set his remote down besides him sat up higher up on the bed.

A couple of big-name artists later, Kurt recognized the face that had been the center of everyone's attention this year. Even Kurt knew him and he rarely got out of the house or followed mainstream music.

As Kurt watched Adam Crawford and the interviewer exchange formalities, he couldn't help but notice what a genuine and beautiful his smile was. It was quite captivating in its way, and he began to understand why people loved the singer so much. Well, that and the fact that Adam Crawford had an absolutely wonderful voice and enough energy during his performances to light up a small country.

And he was British. Enough said.

"Now that your tour is done, what are your plans?" Kurt watched as the woman asked and quickly placed the mic towards the singer.

"I'm planning on taking a break for a couple of weeks. Hopefully see my parents, get inspired and maybe even travel for a bit."

"See you haven't brought a date. So now I must ask, for all the ladies out there, are you currently single?"

Adam laughed, his eyes crinkling in the process.

"Yes I am."

"There you have it, ladies!"

Kurt rolled his eyes at the screen, just imaging all the fan girls squealing in front of their TVs right this moment. He never quite understood the point of obsessing over a celebrity when there was generally no chance of them ever coming across each other. Yet, he had to give it to this Adam Crawford. Young, charming, successful and obviously handsome, with the most adorable smile he's seen on a human being. And the thought made Kurt quite bitter.

He had dreamt of becoming a singer ever since he was a child. He was singing and dancing since he could remember, never missing an opportunity to perform in front of others. He was a member of his high school's glee club, had even won awards with his solos. Yet, fate had stolen that dream from him without as much an apology.


Kurt snapped out of his brooding with the booming voice of his father. He rolled off the bed and treaded to the kitchen to set the table. Since his father had gotten remarried, the dinner table had always been quite crowded and loud, thanks to Finn's overwhelming presence and Carol being a mother hen. Yet today, it was going to be like the old days. Just him and his dad sharing a simple and quiet dinner. And he was quite glad, because he wasn't in any mood to be cheerful.

"So Kurt, I need to talk to you about something."

"Please don't tell me-"

"Hey now. Relax. I have to be in Washington for a few days next week, and unfortunately, Carol and Finn won't be around either."

"Why? What happened?"

"Well, Finn's grandma isn't doing too well."


"Yeah. So I was thinking that you stay at Dr. Crawford's house during that time."

"Dr. Crawford as in my doctor Dr. Crawford? Dad, I-"

"I know you're capable of taking care of yourself, but do your old man a favor? It'll help me a lot knowing that you're in best hands."



"OK fine. When are you leaving?"

"This Sunday."

Dr. Crawford had cared for Kurt for the past couple of years. He had just moved from England with his wife Emily, and the couple seemed to have developed quite a soft spot for the polite and sweet young man. When Burt told him about having to leave Kurt alone for a few days, they volunteered on the spot to take care of him.

Kurt had also taken quite a liking to the couple. Dr. Crawford was a very gentle man who never treated Kurt like just another patient, while his wife never missed an opportunity to make Kurt her stylist. So while the idea of having to be under constant supervision made him slightly bitter, he figured that spnding time with them was always going to be a positive thing. And his father had a point. Who else was going to take care of him and his condition better?


Kurt found himself in the living room of the Crawfords, his father having dropped him off only about an hour ago. He had settled into the guest room and was now marveling at the modern and chic decor of the house as he sat by Dr. Crawford on the couch. He had expected something more...traditionally European, but that didn't seem to be the case.

"William," Emily addressed her husband as she entered the living room, looking quite pleased. "Guess who's coming home for a couple of weeks!"

"Can't be Adam."

"Oh, but it is. He just called to say he's flying in tomorrow."

"That's brilliant. Finally taking a break I see."

"I'm sorry. Who's coming?" Kurt asked hesitantly, looking back and forth between the two adults in the room.

"Our son."

"Oh. You have a son. Sorry, I guess I never..."

"No, no. It's just that we try not to talk about him in public much."

"Oh," Kurt breathed, confused but afraid to ask. He just hoped that he didn't have to spend the few days in the house with an ex-convict or a drug dealer.

"Dear goodness, that sounded quite...wrong. Do you know Adam Crawford?"

"I know an Adam Crawford as in the singer, but...oh my god, is he...?" Kurt gasped and placed a hand to his mouth, suddenly seeing the resemblance. The same curly blond hair, the same eyes, and the way Dr. Crawford smiled! And well, being British and all.

"Yes, that's our son. And I'm sure you two will get along just fine," Emily answered with a smile, and Kurt could easily see that she was very proud of her son.

He sat to the side as the couple continued to discuss plans for picking their son up from the airport. For Kurt, the entire situation was surreal. Who would've thought that his doctor's son was the Adam Crawford? What were the odds that the superstar was coming to visit his parents who happened to relocate to Lima, Ohio of all places from London?