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Chapter 1

"Primrose Everdeen."

I was so shocked I could hardly move. How could this happen? It's only one name in thousands. I took action immediately. I started running towards Prim, who had started to walk to the podium, tucking in her shirt tail nervously, but two Peacekeepers blocked my way.

"No….No…..I volunteer!" I shrieked.

The two Peacekeepers were so shocked that they loosened their grip slightly, making me able to push past them. With a clearer voice I shouted "I volunteer as tribute!"

I rushed over to little Prim and knelt down to her level.

"Prim, you have to go. Go find Mom."

"No, NO, NO." Prim was shrieking, as Gale lifted her up and carried her away from the scene.

I stepped onto the podium, and Effie Trinket, the annoying District 12 Capitol representative, inquired in her ridiculous accent: "Well, I bet my buttons that was your sister wasn't it?"


"What is your name, dear?"

"Katniss Everdeen."

"A round of applause for our lucky tribute!" Effie exclaimed, loudly clapping in the silence. The crowd raised three fingers on their hands, with the thumb tucked over the pinkie: the District 12 sign of respect and farewell.

Seeming confused, Effie said "And now for the boys".

She eagerly dug her hand around the bowl until she pulled out another slip of paper, and read "Peeta Mellark".

Great, I thought. Guilt is what I need right now. I never thanked him for saving my life by giving me the loaf of bread.

Peeta stepped onto the podium and we both shook hands with each other, but while his eyes were filled with tears, mine were only filled with steely determination, and with that we were both ushered into the Justice Building.


I was pushed into a room by Peacekeepers. The room was completely bare apart from a couple of dusty chairs and some tatty wallpaper, which was peeling off the walls. Nice place, I thought. I turned at the sound of the door opening, and immediately a blonde blur crashed into me, wrapping her arms around my waist.

"You have to win Katniss", she sobbed.

Pulling back from the embrace, I could see tears streaming down her face.

"I will Prim. I'll come back and everything will be back to normal, just like it was."

Turning to Mom, I ordered her that she can't leave again, not like she did when Dad died.

"You have to be here for Prim, even if I'm not."

"I know Katniss, I won't."

When she said that, I pulled her into a tight embrace.

Peacekeepers entered the room to lead them out. Prim threw herself on me one more time before they were lead out, her eyes already bloodshot from crying.

As soon as they walked out, Gale and Madge came in, and Gale wrapped his strong arms around me. Gale was my best, and one of my only friends. We met when he thought I was trying to steal his kills he caught in snares outside the fence boundary, while we were both hunting for our families. I didn't know Madge that well, but at school we had a silent agreement to sit next to each other in classes and at lunch so it wouldn't look like we were alone. Surprisingly, she wasn't snobby, considering she was rich, as she is the Mayor's daughter.

"You can win this Catnip. We've trained with knives since we were little, and your aim with a bow is perfect. You have to come back ."

He let go, and I saw Madge standing there, with a sad, reassuring look on her face.

"Take this, Katniss. For good luck," she said.

She handed me a golden pin of a mockingjay on it, clutching an arrow in it's mouth.

"Thank you, Madge."

She pulled me in for a short hug, before Peacekeepers were announcing that visitor time was over.

They lead me outside to a rocky path leading to the train that would soon take me to my death. Cameras pointed at my face, recording for the Capitol, but I showed no reaction, and carried on walking with a emotionless look on my face.


Me and Peeta sat on soft leather hairs in one of the trains carriages as it started moving, sitting there in an awkward silence.

"So, do you want to talk about anything?" Peeta asked.

I said nothing.

"Look, I understand if you are scared, but we could at least talk about it."

Before he could say anything else, I stood up and said "It's nothing personal, but I'd rather not get to know you. It would make it that little bit harder to kill you in the arena."

And with that statement, I left the baker sitting alone in the carriage, with a stunned and hurt expression on his face, slamming the door behind me.

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