America: Yo, everybody!

England: I don't approve of this.

America: I don't care; this is about the faaaaannnss. -motions to the audience- We're here to give fan service!

England: But I-

America: Sh,sh,sh,sh,sh.-leans in close- England, don't say a word. –puts on romantic music-

England: -blushing madly- A-America! Stop, you're making me blush!

Russia: -appears out of nowhere- Become one with me!

America/England: NO, RUSSIA!

England: Get! This isn't even…..Get out of here!

Russia: Fine, but one day you will become one with me! In more than one way. –disappears-

America: We need to get anti-Russian locks o.o

England: Git, they don't make those!

America: We'll shit we're screwed. Well, you are anyways. –grins wildly-

England: That is, unless the fans want me to top.

America: Yeah, but until then, let me put my American flag in your Big Ben. –pounces-

England: Ah, shit!

America: Ah, hahahahaha! –repeatedly humps England's ass-

England: Why do I love you?

America: Hehe cause you do! Remember, fans, submit your fan service requests!

Director: -runs and gives America a sheet of paper-

America: -reads paper- Well, England, It seems that our director's best friend wants fan service. And I don't mind this one at all…. –nosebleed-

England: What is it? –takes paper and reads, growing tomato red- Not with that nosebleed you're not!

America: -gets up and goes to the bathroom- I'll be right back.

England: -mutters- Git.

America: -comes back minutes later blood free- Alright. I'm ready now. Make sure you take it off nice and slow.

England: Bloody wanker. –takes off clothes slowly-

America: Sexy, baby. –pulls England back-

England: -yelps- W-wanker.

America: -buries face in his ass-

-camera zooms in on American's face then zooms out-

Camera crew/director and friend: -massive nosebleed-

England: -blushes darkly, covering face-

Director: Well, this ends today's epi-

England: Am-America! Don't push your tongue in!

Director: sode. Send in your fan service request. As you can see, there's no limit to what you can ask for. Later guys!