England: Hello, everyone!

America: Yo~

England: Director is currently setting up the studio to help make out next request even better.

America: You better be somewhat gentle. –anger mark-

England: Sure, sure, love.

America: I mean it!

England: Why should I? You do me way too often. Besides, I have this all planned out~

America: And that scares me. –about to make a break for it-

Camera man: -hands England mug of tea-

England: Thanks, Danny~ -holds on to America's jacket and casually takes a sip of tea-

Camera man: -nods and runs away-

America: Let go! I'm scared!

England: -still casually sips tea- Go get change.

America: Okay… -trudges off-

England: Good~

Director: It's ready~

England: I hope this pleases our lovely Kamen Rider Thanatos. Thank you Thanatos for this wonderful request~

-camera goes black then reveals a classroom setting-

America: -in a school boy uniform, slouching in a desk-

England: -casually sits on America's desk- Do you know why you're in detention?

America: -shrugs- I'm an unruly bastard. Suck it.

England: That's exactly why. –points at him- But after I'm done with you, you'll think twice about being an unruly bastard.

America: Whatever..

England: Stand up.

America: -stands and grumbles under breath-

England: -bends America over the desk- What was that, Jones? -pulls hair-

America: -yelps- I said screw you.

England: -presses up against America- I'm afraid it does not work like that.

America: -smirks and rubs ass against England's crotch-

England: -bites back a moan- Oh, no you don't. Just for that little move…. –undoes America's pants and pulls them down with his boxers-

America: H-hey! –looks back- You can't do this! This is rape!

England: Shut up, Jones. You brought this on yourself. –undoes pants and takes out erection-

America: M-Mr. Kirkland!

England: -strokes America's hard on- Mm?

America: -blushes and gasps softly- Nn..

England: What was that? –nibbles on his ear-

America: Mr. Kirkland….Don't….Stop… -moans softly-

England: Don't stop, you say? Alright~ -steers him to the teacher desk-

-camera zooms in on America's blushing face-

England: -continues to tease America-

Director: So he's been planning this out all night has he? O.O

America: M-Mr. Kirkland….Please.

England: Please what? –rubs his ass-

America: -blushes darkly- F-fuck me. Fuck me now please.

England: -slams into America dry-

America: -screams and claws at the desk-

England: -mercilessly pounds into him and mutters under his breath- See…how it feels…to be dry…fucked?

America: I'm sorry! I'll never do it again! –tears up-

England: Too late for that.

America: -screams, tears falling-

England: Ah~ You're so tight~! –changes angle-

America: -moans loudly- Ah! Right there!

-Half an hour later-

England: Sorry, love. I think I did go a bit over bored.

America: -rests head in England's lap- You made my ass bleed….

England: -leans down to kiss his forehead- I'm sorry, love. How about some ice cream for handling it like a hero?

America: -still crying from earlier, nods- And some ice cubes.

England: You want me to-?

America: Yes, but gently.

Camera Man: -hands England ice cream cone and a cup of ice-

England: Thanks, Jamie.

Camera Man: -nods- I hope you're not still bleeding, America.

England: You're not helping. –holds the ice cream in front of America's face-

America: -licks it- See you guys next episode….-continues to lick ice cream- England, you pervert. You got a boner just from me licking ice cream…You're fixing it yourself.

England: Perfectly understandable.

-camera turns to the director-

Director: England was a bit rough with that one. I know it took forever for this episode, but I've been busy with other things. If you go to my profile, you can see what I've been busy with. America should recover shortly after being dry fucked like that. I hope you are pleased with this, Thanatos. England certainly enjoyed himself. And while you're waiting on the next episode, go check out my fluff story and review on that ~! Please and thanks!