Ichigo raised his head, kneeling on the sun-drenched floor of the building roof.

Half-lidded chocolate brown eyes lazed around looking for clues of his presence in his inner world. Zangetsu was nowhere to be seen, but he could clearly feel his white alter ego's flaring reiatsu somewhere in the lower floors of the building.

Something was different about it, making Ichigo shiver under its strong presence.

He rose to his feet and went through the opened door, aiming to find the powerful hollow residing inside him.

He went down a load of stairs, always finding a single door always opened at each floor, knowing he was throwing himself into the hollow's trap. He was tired of running from him anyway, he was supposed to face him sooner or later to be in full possession of his hollow powers.

He arrived in front of the only closed door of the building, and realised there were no more stairs even though he probably was right in the middle of the building. Instead, there was a bottomless void around the tiny path that had led him to the wooden door.

He grabbed the door knob, slowly turned it, and pushed making the door creak loudly.

His guest was there, golden eyes upon the young shinigami. He was sitting on a large, red velvet armchair, making his pale skin and hair look whiter than ever. Ichigo always wondered how they could look so similar, but so different at the same time.

Ichigo wasn't expecting to ever see lust in those gold on black eyes, other than blood-lust of course. But he could clearly feel the hollow's heavy gaze running up and down his body.

He closed the door and leant against it. 'So what is it you want, hollow?' the hollow got up from his armchair and and planted himself in front of the shiniami, his eyes locked on the redhead's. 'What I want?' He leant towards the laid-back shinigami and his lips brushed against his ear, hot breath in his neck, and the husky voice that had nothing to do with the usual high-pitched one filling his every thoughts, whispering languidly 'what I always wanted is you'.

But the contact was broken way too soon as the hollow turned his back on the redhead and took a step forward. 'And you? Do you know what you want, Kurosaki Ichigo?' The shinigami lowered his gaze to the floor, still feeling a bit dazed from the very close and suggestive contact he just had with the hollow, his cheeks heavily flushed.

'I... I want your power.'


The hollow shivered upon hearing his King's words.

'Is that so, my King?'

He turned to see Ichigo looking obstinately at the floor, cheeks flushed and chocolate orbs slightly veiled by his light provocations. If he continued looking so hot, he was going to get so much more of that.

'I am afraid that to do so, you'll have to become one with me.'

Ichigo raised his head to meet his golden eyes with confused warm brown ones.

'What do you mean?'

'Well, my King, in order to comprehend fully my power, you'll have to get to know me, won't you?'

'You mean... H-have s... sex?'

The hollow snickered. It was cute how he hesitated on the word sex.
'Of course I do. That's just how twisted I am, my King, if you hadn't realised yet.'

He knew the young hard-working shinigami never had sex before, and that was the dreamt occasion to teach him some... tricks.

He held his opened hand out towards the blushing redhead, who complied hesitantly and slipped a warm hand into his. The warmth of a human body...


Ichigo let his hollow lead the way through a couple of doors until they reached a red themed velvet room, a king-sized bed sitting in the middle of the room. His cheeks flared red, as he felt embarrassed and did not know what to make of himself. He had no experience whatsoever in that kind of activities, so he motionlessly stood and waited for the hollow's orders.

Said hollow was fumbling through drawers and cupboard, setting some objects on the night-stand. He then beckoned for the shinigami to come and sit on the bed. As he did so, the hollow leant against him, his head resting on the redhead's broad shoulder.

'Now, my King, you only have to do one thing for me... Relax.'

He undid the young man's tight knot, ridding him from his robes, which he cared to drop on a chair in a corner. Ichigo, now stark naked and red cheeked silently sitting on the bed, was awkwardly looking at his host.

'No need to look so awkward, my King. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Facing your true power is an act of bravery and pure courage... You can only come out more powerful, but of course there is a price for everything.' He undid his own knot and his clothes soon joined Ichigo's.

He came back close and sneered.

'Don't worry. I'll go easy on you.'

He licked the pale pink neck offered to him while pushing Ichigo so his back would rest against the mattress. Ichigo held back a moan at the new sensation which sent shivers down his spine, and gripped the hollow's shoulders unconsciously.

Yes, my King... let yourself go.


Basically this is a test-story... If you want it continued let me know in the comments.