His whole body felt like it was on fire.

He had gone way past his shame, letting out soft moans when the hollow licked his sensitive skin, louder ones when his teeth scraped against his collarbone, shuddered when his large and skinny hands wandered from his shoulder to his thigh, caressing, scratching, pushing in on some spots that made him jolt in pleasure and surprise. His own hands attempted to return the affections, his senses long since lost, but he was too inexperienced and too drenched in pleasure. His hands were shaking, his toes curled whenever the hollow's white lips ravished his in a fiery and passionate kiss.

As he arched his back to try and get some friction against his unbearable erection, the hollow pulled back with a wicked smile.

'Look at you, my King... Such beauty. Your eyes... Such wildness. You've lost your pragmatic composure.' he leant against the shinigami's ear, giving the redhead goosebumps as his breath caressed his neck's hot skin. 'I like that. A lot. I will make it mine. I will make you mine, Ichigo.'

The redhead moaned at his lustfully whispered name. He needed relief.

'Please, hollow...'

Before he could add anything, the hollow softly put a white and elegant finger to his parted lips.

'Hush my King... Do not beg. There is no rush... Just enjoy this moment.'

The hollow smirked as he kissed his way down from Ichigo's chest to his belly button, making the redhead arch his muscled back some more.

His golden eyes, similar to a predator's, did not miss a single movement, his ears not a single sound from his King. He, too, wanted to rush things, but on the other hand he knew that such an occasion would not repeat itself do soon, and hence it'd be a shame to waste it by giving up so easily to his instincts.

And so, he licked the tip of the shinigami's length, earning an ecstatic whimper as a reward.

He felt a rush of energy shake his body from head to toe.

With a rough groan, he deep-throated the shinigami's hard-on, sucking, making subtle use of his teeth, letting his tongue dance freely around the hardened member.

Ichigo could not believe how good that felt. It was overwhelming, so powerful, so intense, he thought his heart might give up on him. The hollow looked so good, so wild and tamed at the same time, doing his best to please him but never completely, preventing him from releasing, kissing his inner thighs, blowing cold air on his throbbing cock, making him want more, and more...

Deciding he had played around enough, the hollow grabbed some lube and carefully coated his fingers.

'Now, my King... this might hurt a bit. But bear with it and I'll make you see the stars.'

Ichigo gaped in awe at the hollow's beauty when he had smiled to him just then. He looked majestic. He was the one to be called King.

Watching the hollow put back the bottle on the night-stand, he gritted his teeth preparing for unknown pain. He first felt uncomfortable when the hollow slowly pushed a finger inside of him, and then another... but he had to bite his lower lip not to make any sound when the hollow started a scissoring motion, stretching his entrance slowly, carefully, delicately, his eyebrows slightly furrowed in utter concentration. He didn't want it to hurt. He wanted his King to enjoy every second of their moment. He added a third finger, closing his eyes as the shinigami breathed out painstakingly.

'Relax, my King. It'll get better if you just relax.'

The shinigami nodded slightly and leant back on the bedhead, breathing out more calmly.

Feeling his King fully relaxed, the hollow started looking for the bundle of nerves which would make Ichigo feel better than he ever had.

He knew when he hit it thanks to the pleasured shout Ichigo let out, his back arching against his fingers.

Smiling to himself, he took his fingers out and earned a disappointed whimper from the painfully aroused shinigami.

'I need to feel it too, my King. It might not look like it at first sight but I won't last long either with you like this...'

With that said, he placed himself between Ichigo's parted legs, putting them over his shoulders. Panting heavily when their gazes met, the hollow gave a furious thrust, making his King call out for him needfully.

He thrust at an irregular pace, barely controlling himself as the shinigami tried to rock his hips in rhythm with his frantic come-and-go motion.

He felt himself on the edge as Ichigo released, the strength of his orgasm making his sight go white and sending powerful shivers all over his body. At the sight of it, the hollow grunted and panted, coming as well, his arms shaking on both sides of the shinigami's head. He did his best to make his arms resist and thrust a few more times to ride out his orgasm.

'You... have done well... my King... now, rest... you deserve it...' He smirked deviously as he kissed his King's still parted lips, feeling a shaky hand run softly through his snow-white hair.


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