Iceland – Emil Boen

Denmark – Matthias 'Mat' Boen

Norway – Lukas Boen

The night loomed over the whispering town and hardly any cars could be seen driving along the winding roads beside the sleeping shops. Tiny dots of pure white light twinkled in the blackness, cloaking the huge silver orb that spread its rays over the world. A light frost was setting in, making the pavement sparkle as each petite dagger-like crystal was formed with great delicacy. A soft breeze wafted through the streets, lifting leaves and discarded paper in its silk grasp and floating them along in twist and spirals like a dancing ballerina.

Concealed within the grubby green rubbish bins that were slowing turning white as the hands of frost stretched over them, mice scampered along hand-sized roads among the bags. Weaving around the drink cans and crisp packets they sniffed at the air in search of food and on the lookout for predators. Silence had settled over the town as its inhabitants slept; no drunks howled, no cars screeched, nothing.

A cat strolled under an orange-glowing street lamp, its fur the colour of coal but with eyes piercing emerald-green. Each paw was placed before the other with great care, soft pads muting any; if not all sound they created. A long, slim tail flicked at the tip, the fur just kissing at the frost below. Elegant legs skimmed the cat around the bins as it held its head high with arrogant pride. The mice scattered at its feet making the cat lift its velvet pink nose as it basked in power. Bending its body around the corner its paws came to an abrupt holt, eyes narrowing as it growled in the back of its throat, sharp white teeth sneaking out from behind gums. The figure in front flattens its ears at him, a loud hiss followed soon after, their teeth to beginning to show in the night's bleak blackness.

"Get out of here, stupid cat!" A can zooms through the air, thundering into the ground mere inches from its feet, making the cat spring back in shock before lowering its head in submission, slinking back the way it came and trying to ignore the on looking mice. "Ruddy things, breeding like there's no tomorrow."

"Oh shut up," A voice snapped behind him, "It's late, just go to sleep already," Matthias turned to face his brother who was sitting against the damp, moulding wall. Lukas' blinding blue eyes glowed with the reflection of the moon, making his skin look ghostly and pallid. Limp blond hair hung around his face in a lifeless frame with a cross-shaped clip holding away the longest strands from his eyes. Two sand-coloured ears poked through the locks, turning in their sockets as they listened for any sound of danger approaching. The thick crimson coat concealed most of his body, held together by round buttons and reaching down to his knees where mucky trousers a few sizes too big covered his legs. The snake-like golden tail wrapped itself carefully around his ankles to hold the bottoms of the trousers against his body to stop heat loss.

One of his green mittened hands tucked itself around the shoulders of their youngest sibling who sat beside him, arms crossed tightly over his chest. Emil wore a humongous black coat, trousers and boots which made him melt into the darkness around him, the sleeves slipping over his shaking hands. If it wasn't for his incredibly pale skin you wouldn't see him even if he stood in right in front of you. Emil's eyes took on a mystic purple that swirled around his pupils, but they were forever downcast and grim, kept from the stares of the people around him by long eyelashes. His already colourless hair was alight with ivory in the eye of the night's rays, furthering his pale and sickly complexion.

"Don't stare," Lukas hissed, ears flattening in annoyance, "If you're going to insist on staying awake at least help me keep Emil warm." Sighing, Matthias slipped next to Emil, settling his arm around the kids shoulders and pulling him close.

"We should have gotten him a thicker coat," He commented as he felt his baby brother convulse with shivers, placing his own caramel tail around Emil's waist.

"We got what we could afford," Lukas huffed, sending spinning wafts of air into the sky, but he slowly curved his tail around to interlock with Emil's own snow-white limb to comfort the teen, "We will have to save up for a new one."

"I am here you know," Emil whispered in a weak voic,e "Don't talk about me like I'm not."

"Yeah, whatever," Matthias ruffled Emil's hair, a sly grin on his face, "We-"

"Shush," Lukas suddenly snapped, holding up a hand to silence the eldest Boen brother, "I heard something." Matthias rolled his eyes.

"I was just doing like you said and keeping-"Emil slapped his hand over his brother's mouth, using his free hand to point to the entrance of the alley. Cones of canary yellow light pierced the darkness, skimming over the tattered walls and crisp pavements.

"NIC," Emil whispered, moving his hand away while Matthias teal coloured eyes widened. Neko International Control was the biggest threat to strays like them, catching on average 15 nekos a day. Get caught by one of them and it was cages, locks and collars with no going back. Families had been known to be separated because an owner didn't like the colour of their fur and sometimes siblings never saw one another again. Matthias glanced at Emil; if he got caught then he'd be in a cage for the rest of his life. That was something he wasn't going to let happen.

"Come on," Lukas breathed, keeping low to the ground, "Lets go."

"But we'll get spotted," Emil argued, he too staying close to the frost smothered floor. Lukas shook his head.

"It's too dark; we'll be fine as long as their torches keep off us," Feeling a small push on his back from Matthias, Emil followed his brother along the alley way making sure to stay close to the wall. Once they reached the alley entrance Lukas pressed himself against the alleys side, peering around the corner. The usually busy street was empty of all life but Lukas' sharp sight latched onto the white NIC van just poking its bonnet around a turn in the road, inside a laptop was creating enough aqua blue light to highlight a woman talking through a walkie-talkie. They were trapped. Glancing back Lukas knew that the patrol was closing in on them; they couldn't go back even if they wanted to meaning foreword was the only option.

"Ok," Lukas turned to his brothers, a determined look upon his face, "You know the shopping centre the other side of town?" Both Matthias and Emil nodded "Run for that and keep going."

"What?" Matthias frowned, "What kind of a plan is-"The eldest was silenced by Lukas pushing him and Emil into the street and moonlight.

"Over there!" A voice echoed down the alley swiftly followed by thudding footsteps.

"We don't want to hurt you! Let us help."

"My plan," Lukas hissed, "Now run. Keep Emil safe," Emil eyes suddenly widened as he caught onto what was happening but before he could protest a heavy hand had grabbed his arm, dragging him down the streets and away from his older brother.

"Matthias," He gasped as the fresh night air scrapped at his throat, struggling against the iron grip, "W-we have to go back, Lukas-"

"He knows what he's doing," Matthias assured, steering them around a bend in a fast flip, "He'll be fine."


"Just move Emil," Matthias dropped his arm and continued running along the pavement. Emil blinked at his brother's harsh tone, slowing down to a halt. Resting his hands on his knees he tried to regain his breath and wished away the dizzy feeling that was taking over his head. "Come on," His brother called making him jump. Flashing his eyes back the way he came Emil started into a sprint, trying to ignore the horrible feeling twisting in his gut.

Matthias didn't stop running until the giant glass building came into view. His legs felt as if they were about to drop off at any moment and his mouth was bone dry from panting but they'd made it. Collapsing onto the floor he laid there, chest heaving and cheeks rosy.

"See," He wheezed, rolling onto his back, "That wasn't so bad. Lukas will be fine, he'll join us any minute now." When he received no answer he sat himself up on his elbows, eyes narrowing, "Emil, talk to me. I know you're upset and I'm sorry for snapping at you but at stop hiding in the shadows were I can't see you," Still no answer. "Emil?" Matthias climbed to his feet, slowly beginning to walk back the way they'd come. Scanning the streets he could see no sigh of his brother, making a rush of adrenalin surge through him with the same force as a tsunami. What if NIC had gotten to him? Or someone else? Was he hurt? As he retraced his steps Matthias could feel his pace getting faster and faster making him think about his dash through the streets previously. Had he gone too fast?

"Emil?" He called softly down a backstreet, "Emil, where are you?"

"You lost him?" A voice growled, freezing his feet to the spot and making the hairs on the back on his neck stand on end.

"You got away then?" He turned towards Lukas who glared at him, eyes hard and mouth a set line. His arms were crossed and an eyebrow rose in expectation.

"Naturally, now answer my question."

"I…err," He struggled under his younger brother's gaze, "I didn't mean-"

"You're hopeless," Lukas pushed passed him, "I trust you with one simple thing and you can't even do that. How do you remember to breathe?" Matthias' ears flattened against his hair as his tail hung limply.

"Sorry," He mumbled, "I didn't realise how fast I was running."

"You never do," Lukas sighed, guiding them along, "At least he can't be-Emil."

"Huh?" Matthias bumped into Lukas' back, blinking he moved around the middle brother, his eyes settling on the youngest. Emil lay slumped against a shop doorway, head down and mouth open in laboured breaths.

"Not again," Lukas whispered, kneeling down next to him. Removing a glove he placed a hand on his brother's brow. "Oh Emil," He sighed, pulling him into a hug, "It's ok, we're here now."

"Lukas?" Emil's voice was muffled from his brother's coat. Gradually, he managed to open his violet eyes to gaze up at Lukas.

"Yep it's me," Lukas grinned then turned to Matthias, "We need to get him somewhere safer, less open," Nodding in agreement, Matthias knelt and scooped Emil up bridal style, letting the fevered neko curl into him. Lukas brushed away a few strands of pearly hair, purring in the back of his throat for comfort.

In the far off distance the moon began its journey back to bed.

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