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Chapter 1

Snow fell onto the ground, coating it with the appearance of white cotton. A small pale haired boy stood in the middle of a field, reaching his hand out to the sky to catch some fresh snowflakes. He smiled gazing and the beautiful shape of them that most people failed to notice.

He turned his head to see a young golden haired boy running towards him. "Hello, what's your name?" the boy asked.

"I-Ivan" He said quietly.

"Cool, I'm Alfred! Why are you standing here by yourself?"

"I like to observe snow"

"Observe? Does that mean watch?"

"Da, you could say that"

"Da? What's that?"

"It means 'yes' in Russian"

"Oh ok, cool. Why do you like to…umm… observe snow?"

"It's pretty"

"Pretty? It's just cold white fluffs"

"Nyet, it's pretty"

"Nyet? Does that mean 'no'?"


"Ok cool" the boy giggled

"Look" Ivan told him

Alfred looked onto Ivan's small gloves seeing the puffy snow "I don't get it"

"Snow is crystal"

"Huh?!" Alfred looks again and notices the lovely shape of the crystallized water. "Wow cool, snow really is pretty. I thought that those kinds of snow flake shapes were just in cartoons, I'm totally gonna show Mattie"

"Who?" Ivan asked

"Mattie's my twin bro, he's the oldest because he came out first" Alfred pouted.

"I see" Ivan smiled

"Weird though, it's a bit early for a snow fall"


"…Here" Alfred held out his hand holding a flower.

"A flower?"


"What kind of flower is it?" Ivan asked as he took the flower.

"My brother Arthur says it's a Dwarf or something, but I just call them baby Sunflowers"


"Dude, I went to my grandma's farm and they grew sunflowers. One sunflower was bigger then my dad…" Alfred's smiling face turn into one of sadness.

"Did your dad go away, too?" Ivan asked.

Alfred looked up at Ivan while wiping away some tears "My mommy and daddy died"

"I'm sorry"

"It's okay, I'm moving to my aunties in England"

"That's far away" Ivan frowned

"Yeah, …did your daddy die too?"

"Nyet, daddy works all day. He goes far away and I never see him; he leaves me and my big sister Katyusha alone in a big house"

"What about your mommy?"

"Mommy died with my little sister in the hospital when she was being born"

"That's sad"


"Well cheer up!"

Ivan looked up at Alfred wide eyed and confused

"I don't have my mom and dad anymore, but they gave me awesome brothers for me to play with everyday. You're not alone, you have your big sister with you, and so you don't have to cry by yourself. Even though your mom is gone and your dad doesn't see you, I'm sure that your big sister loves you very much"

Ivan felt tears flow down his cheeks, and then he began to cry. He felt warm arms around him, realizing that Alfred was hugging him. "My brother Mattie likes being hugged when he cries"

"It feels nice" Ivan smiled as he hugged back.

Ivan calmed down and Alfred let go of him, feeling the cold hit where it was once warm "Thank you"

"No prob, dude" Alfred gave him a thumbs up through his fingerless mitt.

"Why do you have sunflowers, Alfred?"

"O-ohh I'm going to my parents grave and give it to them"

"That's nice"


A boy yelled at Alfred from the nearby town "Alfred, get the hell over here!"

"Oh poop, he found me!" Alfred turned around and ran toward the Graveyard area.

"Alfred, wait!" Ivan shouted

"I hope we meet again someday Ivan, you're a really cute girl" he grinned as he ran to the graveyard, leaving Ivan puzzled.

"Must have been the scarf," Ivan smiled as he clutched the soft, light pink fabric.

"Alfred, get back here!" Arthur yelled "…And Francis, let go of me!"

"Non Arthur, don't leave me, s'il vous plaît"

"I have no choice you idiot, our parents are dead so we have to move away."

"Where will you go, Arthur?" Francis asked

"To my aunts house in England"

"Too far away, don't go Arthur!" he pouted, as he held on tighter.

"Get off dammit, I have to find Alfred... and where the hell did Matthew go!?"

"Coming Arthur" Alfred yelled

"Where the hell have you two been!?"

"We just wanted to give mom and dad some flowers before we left" Matthew said giving Arthur puppy dog eyes.

Arthur sighed from being unable to get mad at him when he made that face "Alright fine, but what if you get sick again?"

"Mattie went there before I did" Alfred pointed out

"I just wanted to say goodbye," Matthew said as he started to cough.

Arthur panicked "Shit Matthew, be more careful; come inside you two. Francis's parents are going to drop us off at the airport soon"

"Okay" the boys both said.

Alfred turned around looking at the pale haired boy and waved before going inside the house.

"Arthur, are you going to let other people touch your bum too?" Francis asked

"Hell no, and you shouldn't do that in the first place" Arthur shouted, smacking the French boy on the head as they all entered the house.

Ivan breathed in the cold air as he gazed at the dwarf sunflower that Alfred gave him. He looked up seeing a shooting star fly across the sky. "I wish to see Alfred again someday."

Then seven years quickly passed by...


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