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Chapter 5 – first day – PruCan

The three brothers all made it to the entrance with five minutes left to spare, quickly entering the school "You two can find your own class rooms by yourselves right?"

"We'll be fine, It sucks that we're not in the same section though" Alfred frowned.

"Nothing can be done about it, good luck then" Arthur waved goodbye to his brothers and walked toward his class.

Matthew followed Alfred to his classroom, trying his best t keep up with him.

"This one is yours, bro. I have to go back downstairs, but if something happens then don't hesitate to run to my class room."

"Okay" he replied as Alfred left to his class.

Matthew stood in the hall not knowing what to do, and the bell was going to ring any minute. He could wait in the hall, but then he would be marked late. "Maybe I'll talk to the teacher" He walked to the door and then it suddenly opened, someone came out bumping into him sending him three steps back. "Sorry" he apologized quickly. He looked up seeing a large Italian man; his hair was rather messy too.

"Buon giorno"[good morning] He greeted confidently "Are you the new student named Matthew?"

"Y-yes sir" He spoke quietly, squeezing his white, stuffed bear.

He grinned "I was waiting for you to show up, lets go to class then" He placed both hands on Matthew's shoulders pushing him into the class room at an uncomfortably fast pace. Mattie found himself front and center, he stood completely still as the whole class stared right at him. He gripped his bear tightly, trying to prevent his body from trembling.

"Go ahead, introduce yourself" The teacher spoke with a hand on Mattie's shoulder.

"U-ummm I-I'm Matthew, hello" he spoke quiet and gently, but loud enough for everyone to hear, so that he wouldn't repeat it.

The teacher smirked eyeing him up and down "Are you legal?"

"Huh?" Matthew gave the teacher a confused look.


"So rude, Lovino" Rome pouted

"Give yourself some boundaries, Gramps!"

"Fratello, be nice to Grandpa Rome" Feliciano spoke

"Umm can I sit now?" Mattie spoke

"Hmm not yet…" Rome teased.

"…Please?" Matthew pouted while giving him puppy eyes.

Apparently it was super effective since the teacher let him sit down, while he was holding a tissue to his nose.

Mattie sat at a desk behind Feliciano and in front of his grumpy brother, Lovino.

Class started, people were already starting to fall asleep. Mattie sighed at his class's poor attention span, and unsurprisingly Feliciano was the first to fall asleep. "Ludwig, could you wake up your boyfriend for me~" the teacher grinned.

Ludwig sighed "Yes, sir" He walked over to Feliciano's desk and lightly tapped the brunette's head with his textbook.

"Ouchie! Luddy, that was mean!"

"You fell asleep, the teacher asked me to wake you"

"I'll pay attention if you kiss me~" he smiled


"Please, Luddy!" Feli begged

Ludwig glanced at Rome who just grinned at him "Fine" he sighed, while ignoring Romano's raging shouts and curses.

He quickly kisses Feli and went to his seat blushing heavily from the public display of affection. Ludwig was also avoiding eye contact with Lovino who was giving him a sharp glare, like daggers.

"Aww Luddy, you're so cute" Feliciano smiled, making Ludwig's blush intensify.

The teacher continued doing what he was before, with a grin spread on his face.

The morning classes passed by quickly and Feliciano actually did pay attention after the kiss, surprisingly.

"Your name is Matthew, right?" Feli asked as he turned in his seat to face him.


"I'm Feliciano and behind you is my Fratello, Lovino"

"Nice to meet you" Lovino said grumpily

"Nice to meet you too" Matthew smiled

"You want to eat with us?" Feli asked

'Sure, I'd love to"

"Hey Matthew, that guy at the desk is our Grandpa, if he flirts with you just ignore him" Lovino pointed out.

"Students shouldn't ignore the teacher," Rome pouted.

"You're not supposed to flirt with students, stupid old geezer!"

"Fratello!" Feli frowned

"I'll go head to our usual spot then" Ludwig spoke

"Okay Luddy~"Feliciano kissed his boyfriend on the lips.


"You should come with me too," Ludwig hinted to Mattie.

"O-okay" Matthew grabbed his bear and left the room with Ludwig, leaving the Italian family in the classroom to argue. "Are you and Feliciano really going out?"

"J-ja, it that weird?"

"No" Mattie shook his head "I think you two are a cute couple"

Ludwig blushes at the compliment "Thank you"

Antonio shouted in the hall while running towards them. "Ludwig, is Lovi still in the class room?"

"Yes he is, and don't run in the hallway!" he shouted. "I'll show you where we usually eat, Matthew"

Mattie nodded and followed the German.

Just as Mattie went around a corner in the hallway, he felt like a car hit him, and sent him to the floor. Thankfully he landed on his arm instead of hitting his head on the floor. He opened his eyes and looked up, seeing a man hovering over him.

Mattie looked at the man's face to apologize only to have his breath taken away, as deep ruby orbs gazed at him with deep interest. He had never seen an Albino man before, his skin was pale, but it fit so well with the frost white hair. The most mesmerizing quality about him was those gorgeous eyes; drawing him in and making him feel hot as he continued to stare into them.

Gilbert eyed the teen boy below him, and he was beautiful. He gazed into the blue-violet eyes through those the corn silk lashes, his wavy golden locks were as lovely as his soft fair skin. He looked frail, but it added a sense of delicacy that seemed to attract him for some reason.

They could have gazed at each other for hours, but it was interrupted by a loud and commanding voice, "Gilbert, get off him!"

"Huh, wh-what? Oh uh sorry" The Albino lifted himself off the blonde.

Mattie continued staring at the man as he lay on the floor.

"A-are you okay?" Gilbert asked concernedly.

Mattie snapped out of his little world when he realized that he was being asked a question "O-oh yes, I'm all right" he replied nervously, shaking as he stood up.

"You don't have to go to the nurses office?" Gilbert assured.

"No, I'm okay" he smiled deeply peering into the ruby orbs again, Gilbert swallowed nervously while fighting a sudden heat that tried to envelop his face.

"Bruder, are you going to eat with us?" Ludwig asked.

"Y-yeah" he replied.

"Matthew, this is my older brother, Gilbert"

"N-nice to meet you"

"Yeah, nice to meet you too" he held out his hand for a handshake, and Matthew gladly took it. Gilbert almost forgot to let go after feeling how soft Matthew's hand was. Matthew blushed as he felt Gilbert's fingers move across his hand, he held on for an unusually long time, but he didn't mind.

"Let's go then" Ludwig spoke, while keeping an eye on his brother's strange behavior.

They walked onto a large area outside; Matthew gazed at a very large pool that stretched across about 50 feet in length. There was a shaded area with a few large tables on the side making it a very nice and comforting place to sit and eat.

"Are we allowed to use these tables?" Matthew asked.

"Ja" Ludwig replied, "Bruder, I'm going to get Feliciano up here, so keep Matthew company…and don't do anything stupid"

"Right!" He saluted.

Ludwig stared at him curiously for a moment, then walked off. Gilbert was alone with Matthew, now it was his time to pull a move and 'test the waters' as Francis put it.

"Sorry, about running into you" he apologized again.

"It's alright" Matthew slowly stood and walked towards the albino. "Umm"

"What is it?" He asked, somewhat shocked to see the shy blonde making the first move.

Gilbert stood still not knowing what to do as he saw a seductive spark in the blue-violet orbs.

"I'm nervous"

"Y-you are?"

Matthew stood closely in front of albino, nearly touching "Is that weird?" he asked, staring straight into the albino's eyes.

"I-I don't think so" Gilbert swallowed nervously again, while placing his hands gently on the smaller teen's shoulders. "Can I try something?" he asked to make sure.

The boy nodded.

Gilbert leaned down and gently captured the blonde's lips, pulling back a few seconds later. "Did that feel… weird?"

"It felt really good. Do it again, please" He smiled

Gilbert grinned "You're so polite, how can I say no" He leaned down again, bringing their bodies close, making them melt against each other as they kissed.

"Does this mean that we should date?" Mattie asked after pulling back for air.

"I'd like to do that"

"Me too" Matthew hugged the albino closely. "Should I tell my brothers?"

"Well I'm not going to tell mine, he'll nag me to death. I also imagine that your brothers are very protective of you"

"How did you know?"

"It was a guess, I'll meet them eventually though"

Matthew nodded and smiled.

"I'm surprised that this happened so fast"

"I'm happy though" he spoke quietly.

Gilbert grinned and hugged the blonde back "Do you want to eat? Because I'm starving"


Matthew and Gilbert sat at a table and pulled out their lunches. At that moment Antonio, Lovino, Ludwig and Feliciano came through the door. They stood shocked to find the albino in a very normal situation for once. The group cautiously sat down staring at the two of them, but mostly Gilbert.

"You guys are looking at me like I killed somebody" Gilbert commented.

"Hey, Ludwig?" Matthew spoke.

"What is it?"

"What does being 'legal' mean?"

Gilbert nearly chocked on his home cooked sausage "Wh-what!?" he coughed.

"Don't worry about it, just ignore him" Ludwig frowned.

"Ignore who?" Gilbert asked.

"Mr. Rome"

"That bastard should just keep his hands to himself... Speaking of which, this is Antonio, Matthew" Lovino introduced.

"Nice to meet you" Mattie smiled.

"Hola, Matthew" He smiled

Gilbert eyed Matthew's food "Who made your lunch? It looks so good"

"Thank you, I made it myself"

"Really, can I try some?" Gilbert asked gleefully.

"Sure" Matthew smiled "You can try this soup"

Gilbert took a spoon and tasted the red substance "It's delicious, what kind of soup is it?"

"Vegetable soup" Matthew smiled.


"Matthew, please give me the recipe!" Ludwig asked loudly. "Bruder won't eat anything healthy if it tastes horrible"

"Sure, I'll give it to you when we go back into class"

"Mattie, can I have your soup?" Gilbert asked.

"Only if you give me your sausage" Mattie whispered.

"S-sure" Gilbert slid his sausages in front of Matthew, while hiding the blush on his face.

Lunch time passed by too quickly for the group. They all gathered their belongings and began walking back to their classes up the stair well. "Hey Mattie, do you have a name for your bear?" Gilbert asked.

"Yes, it's Kumajiro"

'That's an… odd name"

"I know, I named him when I was three" Mattie laughed.

"That's cute" he grinned.

Mattie blushed at the comment, while tightly hugging his bear "I suppose so"

Gilbert stopped then wrapped his arms around Mattie, pulling him into a kiss. Surprised, Mattie gripped onto the front of Gilbert's hoody as he deepened the kiss, pushing him gently against the wall. "Mmm…Gil…" Mattie breathed out.

"Gilbert, what are you doing down there?" Ludwig asked.

Gilbert quickly backed off of Mattie as he heard Ludwig come down the stairs. "It's nothing Bro, I just thought that I forgot something, it's fine now"

Gilbert and Mattie continued up the stairs, while breathing a sigh of relief that he didn't see anything.


"What's up, Mattie?"

"If you want to…umm can we hold hands?" He asked quietly while tugging the albino's sleeve.


They both held hands the rest of the way, slowly climbing up the stairs.

The rest of the day went by fast, and Matthew was having the best day of his life.

"You seem happy" Gilbert commented as they walked back to the dorm.

"I am" Mattie smiled brightly.

They stopped in front of the blonde's dorm room "I'll see you tomorrow, Gilbert"

"Auf Wiedersehen, Mattie" They both kissed again and Mattie waved goodbye as Gilbert made his way to his own room.

Matthew walked into his room to find both of his brothers on their beds exhausted. He didn't see Alfred's school bag so he tripped, crashing onto the floor. The noise seemed to catch his brothers' attention rather quickly.

Mattie managed to get up and sit on his bed, told them about how he made a lot of friends, he didn't tell them about Gilbert of course. Alfred seemed to make friends with a large scary man, and Arthur met Francis again.

Francis came by to pick up Arthur for work in the Student Council room. Arthur seemed surprised by it, but was forced to go anyway.

Matthew closed his eyes, resting his head on the soft pillow on his bed. He recreated his first meeting with Gilbert in his imagination and sighed, he wanted to know more about the strangely attractive albino.

"Dude, you look so happy that it's scaring me," Alfred commented as he laid on his bed.


"Don't apologize, if anyone was going to have a bad day it would have been you; but it looks like the wheels have turned" He grinned.

"Alfred, is that big guy really that bad?"

"Huh, Oh Ivan? He doesn't seem to have any friends, he gave me an impression that everyone misunderstood him, or he just doesn't know how to act friendly. He hasn't really done anything other then intimidate me with his huge size"

"Good luck with tomorrow," Matthew giggled.

"Ugh yeah, I'm going to need it"

Buon giorno - good morning

Auf Wiedersehen - goodbye