One-shot reward for the reviewers of Avengers and Videogames. The Avengers play real life Fruit Ninja!


This is purely written for amusement. No storyline or plot, just fun.

The Avengers were currently assembled in the main training room. It was huge, empty, and pure white. There were several robots next to numerous crates of fruit and mock bombs. Tony was handing out swords to each Avenger; customized to be like the oned in the game. Each of them wore thin body armour over their clothes. Tony stepped up.

"Jarvis, cue epic music." Tony commanded. Japanese ninja battle music started playing.

He brandished his sword as a barrier seperated him from the others. The robots threw an apple at him. Tony sliced it. Then came five lemons and a pineapple. He barely managed it.

Two watermelons flew through the air. Tony sliced one, and just grazed the other. The remaining one hit him square in the face.

"I AM BLINDEDDDD!" Tony screamed, running around the room like a headless chicken, much to the amusement of the other Avengers.

"TONY WATCH OUT"' Pepper cried.

Tony promptly slipped on the watermelon juice, and faceplanted on the floor. Clint and Bruce burst out laughing. Thor went red from laughing too much, and Jane shrieked. Natasha struggled to remain cool. Tony groaned before crawling away and out the room. Clint stepped up. He flexed his fingers as the music restarted.

A flurry of fruits flew at Clint, but he moved with expert precision, ducking and dodging as he slashed out, getting five fruits in one strike. Natasha cheered him on as his score rose on the holographic board.

The bombs were thrown. Clint jumped and dodged, the bombs deactivating once they fell in the observing area. He narrowly missed a blue one, when a rare dragonfruit came up.

"DRAGONNN-" Clint started.

"DRAGON? WHERE?" Thor cried, swinging Mjolnir wildly. It flung out of his hand, and smashed the dragonfruit, the juice and pieces of fruity shrapnel exploding in one big 'SMULCH'.

"THORRRRRRRR!" Clint roared. "THAT WAS MY DRAGONFRUIT! MINE! AND YOUUUU SMASHED IT!" he raised his sword. Thor raised his hands in the air in surrender.

"I apologise, man of Hawk. I merely feared for our safety." Thor tried reasoning with Clint, but the angry archer chased the Norse God out of the room, shouting all the way.


Natasha facepalmed before running off after Thor and Clint, sword brandished, gun at the ready. Bruce decided to take his turn. But, because his hands were shaking constantly to surpress the Hulk, his aim was quirked, and a watermelon smashed him directly in the face. Steve, Tony, Jane, and Pepper started backing off as Bruce's skin turned green. Before they knew it, Bruce had morphed into the Hulk.

"Shit. JARVIS, bring me my suit. Smash walls if you have to." Tony ordered.

"Of course, Sir. The Mark 8 has been deployed."Jarvis' anonymous voice replied.

"HULKKKKK…." Hulk started.

Jane and Pepper shrieked before hiding behind Steve and Tony.

"-SMASH PUNY FRUITS!" Hulk crowed.

"The fuck?" Tony's eyebrows raised so high that they almost disappeared.


Hulk proceeded to smash every fruit in sight, the bots struggling to keep up, squeaking when Hulk got too close. Soon, the fruit ran out, the room now stained with many colours, the floor dangerously slippery, and chunks of fruits smashed and squished lay all over the floor, some floating in pools of fruit juice. Hulk, Steve, Tony, Pepper, and Jane were covered in fruity mush. Tony's suit had been delayed by a watermelon smashing into it and gumming up the works.

"Fruit. My suit was stopped by fruit." Tony was seething with anger, and shaking so much due to trying to surpress his laughter at the hilariousness of the situation.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Fury burst in.

"SIR!" Steve shouted.

"WHAT?!" Fury was pissed.

"Watch out for the-" Steve started.

Fury carried on walking briskly, but slipped on a chunk of Dragonfruit, and went flying into the Hulk's back. The two crashed through a wall.

"…fruit…" Steve finished quietly.