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chapter 3: Gender change and arguments

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"WHY AM I A BOY" Artemis shouted making all the team wake up for the surprise of their lives

Megan and Conner were sat with a blanket over them and they just stared at Artemis who was holding Wally by the ear and shouting, Kaldur and Zatanna were shocked as well and just started at the scene while Roy was fast asleep not even flinching at the noise while rocket was trying not to laugh until she ranted to her self about why the boy's hair got longer but her's was always short and Robin had ended up falling backwards from couch and laughing on the floor. "IT'S NOT FUNNY" Artemis shouted again "ALL ARE GENDER'S HAVE CHANGED!" that caused Robin to stop laughing and actually take in the picture making him moan fall back to the floor.

"Why is our gender's changed may I ask" Kaldur said getting up and walking over to the Robin as he still moaned on about how bats was going to kill him and how hard it would be with Villains making fun of him being a girl. "Let's ask Zatanna since she was the one who made a genetics potion the other day" Rocket said standing up from her place as well "Ooh don't look at me I haven't even gone near the potion since I bottled it away" the leader looked towards the kitchen to see an empty potion bottle "Is it by any chance the empty bottle on the work top " he said making Zatanna dash towards it "No,NO I left a label even saying not to go near it, Megan did you mix the potion up with are food yesterday?"

Megan thought back for a minute before she answered "Nope I didn't, I'm positive but I don't remember anyone else coming to the kitchen for anything except..." she narrowed her eyes at Wally who was about to make a dash for it forgetting that Artemis had a death grip on his ear "I say we kill him slowly and drop him in Gotham dump no one would know until it's to late and he wouldn't be able to be brought back" Robin said with a dark laugh making the team mates go white and Wally to panic and try to run off "No I'm sorry I blame Zatanna simple genetic change she say won't hurt you she say's, I want five cakes now just to make me feel better" Wally ranted on while a dear sleeping Roy harper woke up.

"what the hell happened, I haven't been asleep for so long nor to I remember being tossed into another dimension" Roy said trying to keep laughter back at the sight of the team "Look in the mirror Roy then lets see who's laughing" Artemis snapped at him making him worry "What do you - OH GOD!" he shouted look down at him self "WHO THE HELL DID THIS!" he shouted again going into totally angry mood ready to shot at anyone. Everyone moved away from Wally and pointed at him "No I blame Megan she took her eyes off the cookie mix" Wally said ducking and hiding behind Robin who glared at him "You mixed the potion with the cookie mix" Megan gasped as if it was the worst thing he could do.

"In That case I vote we should just kill him slowly and dump him in Gotham dump" Rocket said glaring at the speedster who was very worried about his team mates joking or behind serious. "No I say we shoot him and make him go hungry" Artemis suggested "or let supy deal with him or worse batman" robin re suggested until everyone turned to see Conner getting up and the figure he had made the team stop for a minute "I'm not going to say anything" Artemis said giving up "Well I am, are girl kryptonians meant to look so hot" Wally said earning him self a slap in the head "You know that abusive to hurt a girl" Wally moaned rubbing his head.

"In any case how are we meant to explain this to the justice league?" Zatanna asked while trying think if there was away to break the spell "No but imagine how superman would react to super girl over here" Wally joked earning him self a growl from Conner "Or green arrow his so going to laugh I just wish we could make them feel the way were feeling right now" Artemis said leaning back on the counter. "We could..." Robin mumbled "Yeah we could" Megan said picking up a plate of cookies from last night "Yeah imagine I bet Flash would almost eat it all, I wonder what effect would that have on him" Wally snickered "Your not aloud to speak wall-girl were still angry at you" Artemis said while still glaring at him "Well I have plan for this to work" Wally said cheerfully "Yeah sure you do, how would you get the justice league to eat those cookies?" Roy asked flopping down on the couch "Girl scouts" Megan suggested shrugging her shoulders "and how would you make them not notice the sudden change in our gender" Aqualad asked.

"Well I did come here for a day and none of you really noticed" Wally smirked "That's right you were a girl for more than a day" Conner said remembering the cloths Wally wore yesterday big jacket and trousers. "Flash 04" "Oh great their already here HID!" Wally said causing the team to run off and hid in the locker rooms Leaving the speedster all alone with the justice league.

10 minutes later

"What do you think is going on there?" Rocket asked worryingly when no sound was heard "WAAAAAALLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!" the Flash shouts could be heard only suggesting one thing "How many justice league members came in you think to see Baywatch gender bent appearance" Artemis asked robin "I don't always hack the system" he shrugged while he tried hacking the camera view.

10 minutes ago

"Hey Uncle Barry" ...

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