When I asked for smut prompts on tumblr I was blown away by how many people requested Emma and Killian's first time in Always. It's funny I had decided to make this story T because I was new to the fandom and I didn't want anyone thinking I was a big creep- -a few handful of smutty one-shots later and here I am revisiting this story again with some sexy times (the fact that I didn't want people to know what a creep I am is almost laughable now). Siiiiiigh. Anywho I'm thinking about also doing the "missing scene" from when Emma and Killian reunite as well as the very popularly requested jail scene...but those will filter in throughout the summer.

Anywho, please enjoy and I'd love to know what you think. As always I kinda got carried away. Also a reminder while the main story is rated T and technically ends after chapter five any "missing scene" from here on out will most likely be rated M.

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Missing love scene from Chapter 3 after Emma flees Killian's ship for the second time since coming to Neverland...after he kisses her in his cabin.

Their first time

Emma closed her eyes, taking a brief moment to appreciate the soft scents and sounds of the entrancing world around her. She had left the ship earlier that day without speaking to anyone about her departure. Instead she had merely waltzed off the Jolly Roger as if she owned it, as if she had every right to come and go as she pleased.

And no one had stopped her.

No burly crewmates had crossed her path blocking her exit, no furious captain had shouted at her, demanding she come back. She had left and not a single soul aboard the great ship had attempted to intervene and bring her back.

Not knowing where to go, she had begun walking away from the beach and eventually finding a small trail, against her better judgment she had followed it. She had walked for what had seemed like miles, cursing Hook in the process and silently acknowledging that if she got lost or eaten by wild animals she was going to place the blame entirely on him for being such an arrogant ass and forcing her to flee his ship once again.

Of course she had ended up falling on a particularly uneven portion of the path—a sharp rock had sliced her hand leaving a pretty decent cut. It had hurt like hell and the string of angry curses that had followed the fall would have impressed even the foulest of pirates. And that too, she somehow managed to blame Hook for. She figured if he hadn't acted the way he had, with his hot kisses and hurtful words laced with false accusations, she never would have left and injured herself.

Thinking about her hand she opened her eyes and looked down at it, wincing at the jagged and deep red cut. Scowling, she figured sooner rather than later she'd have to find water to clean it. But first she wanted to enjoy the calm serenity for a bit longer. On a sigh, she gazed out at the lush field she sat in. The grass was green and soft—scattered with vibrant wildflowers of every color combination imaginable. Butterflies fluttered from bud to bud as exotic birds flew from perch to perch in the towering trees of the nearby forest. With a final stretch and a sad sigh she lifted herself off the ground, a tiny smile ghosting her lips.

Neverland really was enchanting.

"Care for me to walk you back to the ship darling?"

She closed her eyes for a moment trying to block out the warring emotions that bubbled up at the sound of his velvet voice. Squaring her shoulders, she turned around and faced him, noticing the wary expression he wore. "So you found me."

His mouth kicked up into a slight grin and his clear blue eyes never left hers, "Always."

Emma fought not to show any reaction to his declaration and biting her bottom lip, she lifted her shoulders in a careless shrug. "Do I have much of a choice?"

"I'd rather not leave you to the beasts that roam the hills…Neverland is as dangerous as it is beautiful. It'll be dark soon…come back with me."

She sighed, he was right—she'd never survive on her own once it got dark, she had no other choice. "Fine." Walking towards him, she made a move to stalk past him when suddenly he reached out, grabbing her arm lightly.

"Give me your hand."

She glanced down at her hand quickly before looking back up at him. "What?"

"Your hand it's cut, let me help you."

The reminder sent a flash of pain burning through her palm but backing away she shook her head. "What? No…it's fine just forget about it—"

He reached out fast, faster than she'd anticipated, and capturing her wrist with his hook, pulled her towards him. "No. It's not."

She hated how instantly the spicy smell of him—rum, sea, and something uniquely him—invaded her senses. Scowling up at him she raised a brow. "So now you're going to be a gentleman?" she asked quietly, watching as he inspected her hand with a light touch and a gentle expression.

Glancing up, he leaned towards her and closing the already small space between them, gave her an infuriating smirk. "The beasts can smell blood…and I'm always a gentleman."

Emma raised a brow, wanting to remind him that his recent actions with her proved otherwise, but for some reason she held her tongue, watching as he grabbed a bottle from his pocket and uncorked it with his mouth. Looking up at her, he flashed her a small almost apologetic smile before dousing her entire upturned palm with the warm clear liquid. Immediately a burning pain shot through her hand and she tried to pull back but he had a firm grip on her with his hook and refused to let her go.

"Oh God…what the hell is that?" she asked wincing as the liquid continued to run down her skin.

He smirked and inspecting the cut, he unraveled a scarf that was loosely wrapped around his neck. "It's rum….and a bloody waste of it."

She frowned, watching as he expertly began to wrap her hand in his scarf, ignoring the heat that began to dance across her skin at his close presence and soft touch. She wanted to be angry with him…she was angry with him…and she'd prefer to stay that way. But as she watched him tend to her injury, she nearly rolled her eyes at herself in disgust…her resolve was already wavering.

Concentrating on his task he cleared his throat, gaining her attention. "Over three hundred years ago a coward took away my love. Ripped her heart out right in front of me and crushed it to dust, letting the pieces fall to my feet. I made a promise that very day…I would get my vengeance. I would find that crocodile, skin him, watch him suffer and die. He would pay for what he did to Milah. Three hundred years Emma and that has been my one and only focus. I've never wavered from it." Slowly he brought her hand to his lips, and taking the cloth he had wrapped it with between his teeth, he caught her eyes and pulled gently, his mouth lifting slightly when she inhaled sharply. Tucking the scarf into itself, he continued to hold her hand, his eyes still searching hers. "And then you came crashing into my life…disrupting the delicate balance of this land…tempting me to forget. You changed everything Emma. Everything. I wanted to keep you at arms length…I wanted to make you hate me. Because you, my love, terrify me as well. You're the most infuriatingly stubborn lass I've ever met. And the more I pushed you, the more you reminded me of her…all spirit and wit and beauty. And I hated you for it. Because surely thinking of you in that way was a betrayal to Milah. So I continued to keep you at bay—playing the part of the rotten pirate." He paused his eyes burning into hers, "and then you left me. You ran from me and my world, which had unbeknownst to me gotten brighter, very suddenly dimmed again."

Tentatively he reached out and took a lock of her hair between his fingers, his entire face relaxing when she didn't pull away. And how could she pull away—she could barely breathe let alone move. "When I searched for you after you were taken by the gnomes something terrifying occurred to me. Perhaps revenge isn't the only reason I've lived all these years…perhaps I've watched countless sunsets and seen many sunrises…waiting for you. "

On a shaky sigh, she blinked rapidly, trying to ignore the prickling of tears that had gathered at the corners of her eyes, inwardly cursing when one escaped and rolled down her cheek. As it made a wet path, slowly Hook brought a hand to her face and cupping her cheek gently, he rubbed a thumb over her skin, softly brushing the tear away. "When I got you back I swore to the gods I wouldn't let you go. I'd do everything in my power to keep you…to make you happy always. But then I saw you that day on the beach. You were staring out at the sea and you looked so distraught, so melancholy—it was like a blade to my gut to see you that way. It was a rash conclusion but I assumed you missed your Peter, your world…both. I acted out. Foolishly so. I drank a filthy amount of rum and my actions the other night were deplorable only further proving to you what a black-hearted scoundrel I am. I upset you my love…and for that I'm truly sorry." He smiled sadly and rubbed his thumb gently over her cheek again. ""The wardrobe is a means back to your world…it is yours. You're free to go, whenever you choose."

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes filled with more tears, blurring her vision. Staring at him, she frowned when he took his hand away and quickly and without thinking she grabbed it. Bringing his fingers to her lips, she kissed them softly and his sad smile was swiftly replaced with a look of shock before fading away into an intense expression of fiery concentration—suddenly she felt lightheaded.

"Killian." She said softly, her words coming out a whisper.

"Emma I—"

But before he could say anything else, she fisted her hands into the lapels of his coat and dragged him to her, crushing her lips against his without further preamble. And he reacted instantly, his arms wrapping around her waist, he pulled her even closer, his mouth moving against hers in a longing and passionate rhythm.

Finally, was all she could think.

Good God, finally.

Nipping at her lips lightly he soothed them with his tongue before gently demanding entrance into her mouth. And unwilling to deny him, she tilted her head to the side, allowing him better access—a soft sigh escaping her as he deepened the kiss, his tongue sweeping in to tangle with hers in a slow and sensual dance that had her stomach fluttering lightly and her body heating hotly. And as he continued to kiss her thoroughly, neither held back. He kissed her with all the desperation of a man looking for redemption and finding it in her. And she kissed him with all the wild abandonment of a woman who had never known real love and trusted him to show it to her.

When at last he pulled back, the action causing her to whimper with the loss of contact, he rested his forehead against hers for a moment, his breathing slightly unsteady, the feel of his breath fluttering warm against her skin causing her to close her eyes for a moment, drinking in the sensation.

"Emma." He said her name softly; the complete devotion in his tone laced with unmasked awe had her tilting her head away from him, her eyes flickering open to meet his.

And as his sea-blue gaze met hers, she smiled gently, her heart warming slightly as her somewhat racing brain tried to process the fact that something undeniable, something big, had shifted and changed between them.

"Killian." His name, whispered from her lips, felt right, the sound echoing quietly in her ears. And unable to help herself, not really sure what she was doing or what exactly she wanted, she pushed her hips lightly against his—her smile widening at his sharp and sudden intake of breath.

"I didn't intend…" he trailed off shaking his head, his arms tightening around her waist even as a look of pained indecision crossed his chiseled features. "We should get back to the ship lass."

"We still have time before it gets dark." Emma raised a sharp eyebrow at him defiantly, looking up at him stubbornly.

"Minx." The word was muttered in a quiet voice, his tone both broken and amused.

Staring up at him, she couldn't help but feel somewhat surprised by the blatant want and desire that was flashing in his vibrant gaze—a sudden surge of boldness rushing through her fast as the hot beginnings of lust began to stir deep in her belly. They had been dancing around each other for so long—trying to deny what was between them, attempting to push the other away. She felt like a lifetime had passed since she had found her way to Neverland—the memories of her eighteenth birthday hazed and blurred. And now, with his arms wrapped around her, his gaze full of need—the haunted look that usually dimmed his bright blue eyes slowly fading—she couldn't fathom holding back anything from him. The need to belong to him completely, to give herself over entirely, so intense and strong she was unwilling to ignore it any longer.

She trusted him.

She wanted him.

She needed him.

She loved him.

Taking a deep breath Emma tilted her head up, and catching his lips, she kissed him once again—attempting to convey the swarm of emotions that were coursing through her with the gentle brushing of lips. And he reacted instantly once more, responding with such careful tenderness that she felt her eyes prick with tears once again as the fluttering in her belly grew quicker, her skin tingling with slow awareness. It amazed her how her dark and dangerous pirate captain was able to treat her so delicately yet desire her so obviously...so desperately.

It made her feel wanted.



And her inexperienced femininity sleepily stirred; itching for something she wasn't entirely certain of—a yearning she wasn't completely familiar with.

She wasn't stupid. She wasn't totally dense when it came to sex. She had been around it enough throughout her life. Moving from foster house to foster house, she had seen and heard enough sexual acts to last a lifetime and then some—the drunks and lowlifes she had been placed with not exactly the most discreet and considerate of people. But as far as experience went…second hand was all she really had, her desire to want anything else squashed fairly early—the filthy names her once foster-mother had called her ringing in her head.

No-good whore.

Worthless slut.

At the tender age of fourteen she had been caught allowing one of the older neighborhood boys a few stolen kisses and some less than innocent touches. His clumsy fingers had unnerved her—the sloppy advances had been an odd combination of exciting and disappointing. But it was the both the verbal lashing and brutal beating she had received from her then foster-mother after her behavior had been discovered that had rid her of the want to ever experience a repeat performance again—the bruises had lasted weeks, the emotional scars longer. As she grew older, slowly developing out of her awkward teenage years, she had warily observed how men seemed to take notice of her—her foster brothers constantly stating the lewd things they'd like to do to her, her foster-father constantly watching her with an odd gleam glimmering in his eyes. It had been enough to make her sick, enough to make her swear off men and sex for good.

Until Neverland.

But even her time with Pan, the stolen kisses and tender moments, paled in comparison to what she felt for Hook…for Killian—the all consuming passion burned beneath her skin, rushing through her veins and nearly scorching her whole.

"I want you Killian." she whispered the words softly against his lips, surprised by how much she meant it—the desperate yearning in her body both thrilling and terrifying. Stepping back once, still firmly locked in his embrace, she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze; her throat tightening as the pure intensity in his stare nearly stole her breath.

"You deserve more than a field." His voice was gruff, and pushing back from her, he released her from his hold, clenching his good hand tightly at his side. "Come back to the ship with me. It's been a long and tiring day…"

As he trailed off, she watched the muscles in his jaw twitch lightly, his body tense stiffly, and she couldn't help the rush of satisfaction that coursed through her with the knowledge that she had brought on such a reaction from him…she was doing this to him. "I don't want to go back to the ship…I want you here…now."

"Emma, you deserve—"

"You…I deserve you." she whispered gently. Moving back another step or two, she took in a deep shuddering breath before slowly lowering herself onto the lush grass in one fluid and surprisingly graceful movement—her heart pounding near painfully as she settled herself on the soft green ground.

Focusing on her intent, on her feelings for him; memories of the dark man who had rescued her from the sea only to keep her prisoner aboard his ship flashed before her eyes. Their clashing words, their heated stares running through her head as she recalled the countless times she had been in his cabin, frustrated and angry with him—part of her wanting to hate him while another part of her had wanted something else, something she hadn't been certain of, too afraid to admit to it.

Until now.

Until he had saved her from the gnomes. Until they had both come to see that so much more lingered between them. Until she had realized from the anger, passion, and hidden needs something else had sprung—something deeper and purer had grown from the begrudging mutual respect and the obvious undeniable attraction. And as she thought of her intense and sudden love for the man she had sworn she hated, the desire that swept through her was nearly overwhelming—pushing her into motion. Her hands trembling and unsteady came up to rest at the bottom of her shirt and disregarding the slight shaking of her fingers, without further thought she pulled it up and over her head in one fast and somewhat furious movement. Tossing the shirt onto the ground next to her, she quickly moved to her pants next, lifting her hips slightly so she could fully rid herself of them. And hearing his soft curse muttered under his breath, she didn't allow herself to fully consider her actions, afraid she would chicken out if she thought them over too carefully. Finally, completely exposed, she sat before him—the cool Neverland air chilling her bare body, the heat of his gaze warming her insides slowly.



She hadn't meant for her desperation, her utter longing, to come through in her tone.

But it had.

And hearing it, the will to fight her seemingly drained out of him—a look of surrender crossing his features. Watching as he slowly brought his hands up to his long dark leather coat, her heartbeat picked up in pace once again as he removed it purposefully, his movements steady and unwavering as the garment quickly joined her discarded clothes on the ground next to her. His gaze still burning into hers, their blue depths questioned her, asking her without words if she was sure, if this was what she wanted.

And it was.

She had craved it from the moment he had harshly kissed her all dark and demanding in his cabin—awakening something inside of her she hadn't been aware existed.

When she nodded slowly, the corners of his mouth lifted into a somewhat defeated smile, the sad grin touched with the faintest hint of gratefulness hitting her square in the chest.

He didn't think he deserved her.

As he began to unbutton his shirt, his fingers, swift and sure, never hesitating in their actions, Emma closed her eyes, attempting to drown out the frenzied voices in her head coupled with the slightly panicked feeling rushing through her fast. Taking a moment to calm herself, needing only a few brief seconds to try to steady her frantic pulse and to slow her racing thoughts, she breathed in deeply, her heart hammering rapidly against her chest—the pounding painful and jarring. Vaguely she heard a rustle and shuffle in front of her—the faint sound of more clothes dropping to the grass sounding like cannon fire in her ears. And with the realization dawning over her, the slow awareness of what was about to occur between them settling inside of her; she bit her lip lightly, silently reassuring herself that she was ready.

She wanted this.

Dimly she felt him shift and move, and sensing the warmth of his body near hers, she opened her eyes, the corners of her mouth lifting when she saw he had lowered himself onto the ground next to her.

She wanted him…good God she wanted him.

When their eyes met through the small space between them, the air sizzled and crackled, a spark lighting her skin as something fierce and powerful shot through her body and settled low before spreading throughout her fast. And then, before she had a chance to collect her thoughts, he was moving towards her. His naked body covering hers, he caught her lips in a gentle kiss as he pressed himself against her, pushing her back onto the soft and welcoming ground.


She couldn't help the slight whimper that escaped her lips as his rough stubble brushed across her delicate skin, the feel of his good hand slowly drawing up the side of her lighting a fire deep inside of her as her entire body went hot, her hips tilting upwards, begging him for something she couldn't quite grasp, chasing something she wasn't completely aware of. And as Killian moved his lips from her mouth, down her jaw, and to the column of her throat she felt him smile into her skin as a soft moan tumbled from her—the quiet sound somewhat husky and undeniably needy.

She wanted more.

Desperate for it, she canted her hips up again, and feeling the way his body tensed with the action, she smiled greedily, the grin fading when his hand moved from the side of her body, to her taut and quivering stomach and then lower still—his mouth traveling from her neck, dusting feather light kisses here and there before focusing intently on her breasts.

She nearly screamed when his tongue darted out fast—the feel of it against her burning skin near shocking. Toying with her already hardened nipple, he licked her slowly, swirling his tongue around her before gently taking her into his mouth, his eyes darting up to meet hers while his fingers continued to just barely dust over the place where she wanted him most—wet and hot, she was aching for him, needing him badly. Throwing her head back she closed her eyes as he continued to pay special attention to her breasts. Working each one carefully, he licked and sucked and nibbled until she was withering beneath him, her body buzzing and tingling— incoherent words tumbled from her lips as she tried to search for purchase, attempting to gather her bearings.

"Emma." Killian whispered her name into her skin, and lifting his head, he looked down at her, his eyes bright with desire, the cool air on her wet breasts causing her to shiver. "Look at me."

At his raspy demand she raised her eyes to his, watching as they flashed vibrant and blue—the intensity of his stare stealing her thoughts and leaving her breathless. And before she could do anything, before she could even say anything, he gently stroked his finger against her hot core, the simple touch sending a jolt throughout her, causing her to involuntarily flinch as her eyes widened big and round. Continuing to lightly caress her, he parted her slowly, grinning devilishly when she gasped at the soft and deliberate contact.


"So beautiful." he murmured the words in a voice thick with emotion, and flashing her another smile laced with both wonder and wickedness, he rubbed a thumb over her sensitive bud of nerves before plunging one long finger into her without any further warning.


All she felt was hot delicious unforgiving heat.

Crying out at the feel of his finger cleverly invading her, she closed her eyes tight, her hands flying up to his shoulders; she dug her nails into his skin as he stroked her intimately, touching her tenderly. Moving his finger in and out of her, he curved it slightly; hitting her in a spot that made her toes curl as bright lights flashed behind her closed eyelids. She had never felt anything so raw before, the feeling of his finger knowingly moving inside of her causing her skin to tingle and flush as something warm pooled low inside of her—shooting hot and golden throughout her veins.

"Killian." She practically purred his name, continuing to clench his shoulders tightly; she lifted her head from the ground burying it into his chest as he continued to caress her deeply, a startled gasp escaping her when he added another finger without the briefest hint of hesitation. "Oh God."

"Emma, look at me darling."

His voice sounded as though it was coming to her from a long and narrow tunnel; the buzzing in her ears was so loud and echoing. Dimly, as if moving through a heavy fog, she lifted her head from his chest, meeting his brilliant stare once again. And locking her gaze with his, vaguely, almost amusingly, she acknowledged that his eyes were nearly as blue as Neverland's vast skies and lively waters—the thought somewhat comforting as the image of a turbulent sea and stormy sky invaded her brain.

"Emma…gods…you're so tight…" his voice fell as he pushed his fingers further into her, a broken grunt escaping him when she clenched her thighs around him.

Biting her lip to keep from screaming, she winced when she drew blood, trembling as he slowly and expertly continued to finger her, her eyes closing and her hips rocking up to meet his hand as a low pressure began to build within her.

"Don't look away. I want to watch you…when you fully yield to me…I want to see it."

And he didn't give her a chance to say anything at that—to question him, to answer him. Brushing the pad of his thumb over her again, he began to move his fingers in and out of her fast, curving them in just the right place while pushing his hips lightly into her. The heavy feel of his arousal pressed against her thigh caused her eyes to widen as moan after desperate moan fell from her lips in a jumble of unintelligible words and disjointed phrases. Her entire body was humming, the blood in her veins running hot as her brain raced and sparks continued to dance and flash before her eyes. She had never felt so free before—her inexperienced body struggling to absorb the sensations he was forcing upon her, frantic to keep up with him. And moving her hips in synch with his, drawing his fingers deeper into her, whimpering when he pulled them out only to moan in appreciation again when he pushed them back in, she gripped his shoulders tighter, her eyes never leaving his as he continued to draw her closer and closer to that ever-looming edge.

"That's it sweetheart…let go." he whispered the words to her, his hypnotizing voice deep and slightly broken as he pushed his fingers further into her, stretching her and preparing her for what was still to come. "Give yourself over to me."

And with the demand Emma felt the coiling heat inside of her burst into flames and she let herself fall, knowing that he'd be there to catch her before the inevitable crash and burn. Sobbing his name out she closed her eyes, disregarding his demand that she look at him, her head falling back as she whispered his name over and over again. Her walls clenching his fingers tightly, pleasure greater than she had ever known possible swept over her body, consuming her completely and leaving her gasping for breath as the intensity of it overtook her entirely—shocking her to her very core.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god." Blinking rapidly, she chanted the words again and again as her body continued to quiver and burn as the last of the orgasm swiftly rippled through her, leaving her weak and limp and completely sated.

Never in her life had she felt so alive.

Slightly stunned, Emma opened her eyes, and locking her hazy gaze with his, she couldn't help but feel consumed by the sudden shock of emotions that rushed through her fast—desire, need, appreciation, fear…


Her fingers loosened their grip on his shoulders, and skimming them up to his neck, she hooked them around him and clasped him tightly before drawing his head to hers, capturing his lips in a hard nearly bruising kiss.

More, more, more.

The word echoed softly in her brain, demanding he give her what she still desperately craved from him, becoming louder and more insistent as he groaned with the harsh contact of their lips. Abruptly he rocked against her once, her head meeting the soft grass as he deepened the kiss even further, his body covering hers more thoroughly as he pushed her into the ground—the feel of his solid body pressed against her pliant one causing her to tremble almost violently in unashamed anticipation.

She needed him now.

His fingers suddenly sliding out of her, the action drew a whimper of protest from her lips as he rested his good hand and hook on either side of her head, his knee slipping in between her thighs and pushing them open as they continued to kiss each other hungrily, her breathy pants and his stinted groans filling the fractional space between them.

"Please…oh god Killian please." she whispered the plea against his mouth, her hips thrusting up against him, the dizzying feeling of him pressing against her nearly driving her mad.

Lifting his head, his eyes found hers, the vivid blue staring down at her with heavy and meaningful concentration burning within them. "I don't want to hurt you sweetheart." His voice was low and gruff, the tone betraying his darker desires.

"You won't."

And without another word Emma unhooked an arm from around his neck and snaked her hand between them, wrapping her fingers around his pulsing length, she closed her eyes as he muttered a violent curse at the contact, his entire body going rigid above hers. Slowly, tentatively, she guided him to her entrance, whimpering as the tip of him pressed against her teasingly, taunting her with what his fingers and her prior orgasm had only hinted at.

"I need you Killian." Her voice, breathy and desperate, barely sounded like her own—the tone was so husky the need in it undeniable.


Locking her eyes with his, she allowed him to see her, past the walls she had taken a lifetime to build, past the hurt and unwanted girl who trusted nobody and questioned everyone, to the passionate and welcoming woman behind them. And as he saw her, reading the emotions that were flashing in her eyes, she watched as the hesitation slowly faded from his features—acceptance replacing it gradually.

Finally, gently, slowly, he pushed himself into her.

It felt familiar and foreign all at the same time.

It was nearly too much but not quite enough.

It would never be enough.

As he sank into her, his length disappearing into her slowly, stretching her and filling her, she opened her mouth on a silent moan—her fingers digging into his skin as she closed her eyes tightly, part of her afraid she'd split in half if he kept going, another somewhat larger part afraid she'd die if he ever stopped.

"Christ." she murmured the word softly, her voice wavering with the effort, as a single hot tear trailed down her cheek—the wetness almost going unnoticed until he wiped it away gently, his fingers lingering on her cheek with the action. And wincing as he stopped, his body going still, she shook her head fast, needing him to continue, silently begging for him to finish.

"Sweetheart…it's too much for you…just give me a moment…I'll stop…"

But she refused to listen to his soothing words and without another thought, without even a word of warning, she gripped his shoulders with both hands and reared herself up, drawing him all the way in, a pained cry falling from her lips as she took him into her completely—the action ridding her of her innocence and joining them fully.

"Good gods Emma…" his voice was laced with such desperate want and broken need—the sound barely registering above the sudden roaring in her ears.

Letting out an unsteady breath, she continued to keep her eyes shut tight, breathing in deeply as her body adjusted to the hot and strange intrusion. Seconds ticked by slowly, his heavy breathing filtered to her ears, her pulsing heartbeat thumping in her throat. Until finally something inside of her gradually shifted, the sharp pain lessening fractionally, something deep and satisfying settling itself low and spreading warm—pulsing and hinting at the golden tipped pleasure she had experienced before. Experimentally arching her hips up once, she winced again as a somewhat radiating pain shot through her—and even through the throbbing veil a tiny involuntary smirk ghosted her mouth when a livid curse fell from his lips.

"Bloody hell lass don't move."

But she didn't listen; she couldn't listen—shifting her body up again, her breath caught as she drew him into her once more, the pain diminishing slightly, a growing need blossoming within her.

"Emma please..."

But again she disregarded his plea and moving again she whimpered quietly—the pain almost entirely gone and in its place a different kind of ache.

"Oh God." She tilted and arched; her hips rocking and moving, she needed more from him—suddenly she was consumed with the desire to feel him completely, and bowing her body up she offered herself to him. "Please Killian…just…God just please move."

Dimly she heard a swift intake of breath, and with her wavering and stilted words hanging between them, apparently unable to deny her any longer, unwilling to even continue to try, he uttered one low oath and without another moment's hesitation he quickly obliged her desperate request. Driving into her deeply, he took her fully, the feel of him completely sliding in and out of her drawing a loud cry from her lips as he thrust into her again and again; something seemingly taking over his body as he continued to move—all the uncertainty and tentativeness from before entirely gone.

It was amazing and terrifying, dark and bright, comforting and suffocating, too much and not enough.

"Wrap your legs around my waist sweetheart." He murmured the words into her ear, his hips bucking up, he drove into her again, the feel of him stretching her and filling her nearly overwhelming. "That's a good lass."

Locking her legs around him, she swore softly under her breath—the pain still lingered but the dull ache that had begun to spread in its place was delicious, the pressure that lurked even deeper was darker and even more promising than the ecstasy she had known only moments before.

And as he thrust into her again, pushing himself all the way to the hilt, as far as he could go, she reveled in the feel of his powerful body moving over her, his muscles rippling and shifting as he continued to take her slow and deep—ruining her for anyone else.

And she smiled despite herself at the thought.

There would never be anyone else.

Not for her.

Killian…only Killian.

And almost as if reading her mind he lifted his head and stared into her eyes, a smirk crossing his dark features before he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her thoroughly; his tongue invading her and mimicking the actions of his hips—caressing her deeply, knowingly, possessively.

Gripping him tightly, Emma whimpered into his mouth—the sound needy and soft. She couldn't get over the feel of him inside of her, the way her body welcomed his. And while she had nobody to compare him to, she couldn't help but think that the way they moved together, the way their bodies seemed to fit and adjust to the other, how they seemed to know each other—was almost eerily unnatural, something that wasn't necessarily normal. It was like they had been made for the sole purpose of finding each other. And knowing she was over romanticizing things in her brain, she shook her head, trying to rid herself of the slightly dramatic musings.

But a persistent voice refused to block out the thoughts, insisting that she was his.

She would always be his.

And he would be hers.

Swallowing over the rising lump in her throat, she sucked in a sharp breath, tightening her legs around his waist and locking her arms around him more firmly as she tried to concentrate on how her body was responding to the way he was moving inside of her, attempting to disregard the tears that had begun to well in her eyes. But the effort appeared useless—the possessive thought continued to echo in her ears, the ring of truth it held both frightening and comforting.

They belonged to each other.

"I want to see you come undone for me again...gods Emma I need to feel you around me."

At the sound of his whispered request, she broke from her reverie; blinking fast, the action causing the tears to spill from her eyes even as her hips tilted up to meet his—her inexperienced body slowly becoming intoned with the age old dance they were doing. Watching as he raised his good hand to wipe away her fallen tears, she muffled a cry as he stilled inside of her, her walls pulsing around him as he stroked her cheek tenderly—the look of complete and utter devotion glimmering in his gaze heated with hot sparks of passion warming her from the inside out.

"Emma, my love." He murmured the words softly, tenderly. And slowly withdrawing from her, his eyes lingered on hers for a moment, flashing bright, before he pushed himself inside of her once again, her hips lifting up to his, her mouth falling open in a long muted moan. Lowering his head, so that their foreheads were nearly brushing, she shuddered as his breath ghosted across her hotly. "My brave, passionate, beautiful, love." He said the words against her lips before, with another thrust of his hips, he claimed them again—the heat of his kiss matching the fire in his words and the scorch of his touch.

And as he continued to take her, his hand knowingly moving from her cheek, down her body to the oversensitive bundle of her nerves between her legs, she cried out and flinched when he began to rub her quickly, continuing to claim her slowly. His fingers sending shocks of pleasure shooting through her fast as the sounds of their lovemaking filled her ears—their sweat slicked bodies slapping together desperately, their moans and grunts mingling together erotically.

When his movements became more erratic, his breathing labored, she felt herself begin to lose control. Her body trembled almost violently, her thoughts becoming more jumbled as she whispered words to him—words of promise, of gratefulness, of love.

Of always.

Her toes curling, her body nearly vibrating, she dug her nails into his skin, knowing she was marking him and thrilling at the thought.

"Come for me Emma."

It was a demand not a request and she was helpless to deny him. Responding near instantly as he slammed into her again and again—all the pent up frustration that lingered between them coming to a head as he continued to drive himself into her relentlessly. His fingers brushed over her fast as he whispered hot and encouraging words into her ear; her body quivering in hot anticipation as the beginnings of an orgasm slowly started to work its way from her core—breathy pants falling from her fast as the need to finally be pushed towards blissful oblivion nearly drove her crazy.

"Let me feel you."

He thrust into her once more, stilling for a moment, he rolled his hips and flicked his fingers over her fast. And rocking against her with shallow and stunted movements, he closed his eyes briefly before drawing out of her and slamming hard into her once again. The combined actions finally sending her over the silver lined edge she had been teetering on—the fall dark, bright, and beautiful. As she clenched around him, gripping him tightly, she cried out in both wonder and awe, the intensity of the orgasm rippling through her, causing her to draw him closer to her as she eagerly rode it out.

And with each rough wave of pain tinged pleasure, something inside of her—a part of that had laid dormant for so many years—sparked and glowed golden around the edges as her love for him overwhelmed her, burning bright and leaving her dazed and breathless.

And as she sobbed out, the sensations nearly too much, she felt him go rigid above her, his name drawn out on a long breathy whisper, the last word she managed before, with a shouted nearly pained groan he let himself finally go. His murmured words of love ringing in her ears as he pulsed inside of her—the warmth of his sated pleasure shooting into her and causing her cheeks to burn hotly even as her legs clenched tightly around his waist, trapping him to her indefinitely.

"Emma, Emma…my Emma…my love." He said the words over and over again, his hips still rocking against her, as he continued to draw out his orgasm, her own pleasurable aftershocks sweeping through her, until finally, with a heaving and shaky sigh, exhausted and satisfied he collapsed onto her abruptly. The heavy feel of his body weighing hers down bringing a weak smile to her lips and the burn of happy tears to her eyes, as she gently stroked the back of his neck, with a lazy and slow turn of her fingers.

She felt delicate, like she could shatter into a million pieces at any moment, and somehow she also suddenly felt empowered like she could take on any obstacle that threatened to stand in her way.

After a moment or two of nearly deafening silence, where she struggled with the turbulent emotions sifting inside of her, her body once again betrayed her, letting the stubborn tears fall soundlessly. And when he rolled off of her, bringing her with him, and tucking her to his side with murmured and gentle words of endearment, his fingers once again brushed the trailing wetness of tears away from her flushed cheeks with a touch so tender and affectionate it had her blinking back a fresh wave.

And later as they lay in the field, her head resting on his chest, listening to the soft beating of his heart, as Neverland darkened and quietened around them, she closed her eyes with a warm and contented smile, a small satisfied sigh escaping her lips as she nestled deeper into his embrace. Oddly enough, she felt as if something in the universes had shifted, destinies had been fulfilled, and the fates were pleased.

But most importantly...she felt complete.

Because in his arms she felt safe, in his arms she felt alive.

In his arms she had finally found her home.


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