The boy who had no choice.

I stared that stupid mark on my arm. The skull stared me back, terrifying each blond hair of my head. "What the fuck have I done?" I thought. Damn, I never wanted that shit. My school was on fire and we (my parents and I) weren't sent to Azkaban because my mother lied to You-Know-Who about Harry's death. There were so many dirty in my past… There were so many mistakes… I couldn't erase them, I couldn't forget about the blood on the stair on Ravenclaw Common Room. It was from a girl who had a crush on me. She was pure blood, and beautiful as well but she died. She stood between a Death Eater and her best friend, a mudblood, and she was killed. She died with honor, I thought, and it is better to be death and be remembered as a hero than live like a stupid coward like you

Painful tears rolled down my face and touched my arm's skin. Fuck, why did I do that? Potter was a hero indeed. He deserved all the fame and glory he received. He deserved to be remembered as some fucking thing.

Nobody could understand I had no choice, when you are a part of a family like mine, one just cannot decide to be different. Although, I still remembered Alvus Dumbledore conversation before his death. So calm and pacific he was, and used his words so wisely. "I am talking to myself. I always talk to myself. Have you been talked to yourself lately?"

I don't talk to myself because I don't like myself. I don't like closing my eyes because I don't like to see what is hidden inside of me.

It is late, I should go back home. Walking down a dark street I see something pretty strange: A girl running from something. She screamed and cried a lot. She was terrified. I followed her down the street. The street was wet and cold. I touched my wand, to certify that I wans't going to be killed. While I approached the girl, I found she was laid on the floor; a huge creature was floating above her body. A depressive feeling seized of my own, like I could never be happy again. It was a Dementer. What was a Dementer doing out of Azkaban? I ran after her, she could die if I did nothing. Then I stopped.

C'mon, Draco, you know the words…. I thought. Expecto Patronum… I couldn't do it. I didn't have any happy memory strong enough. So, run away or try to help her? "Stuporo!" I screamed.

Luck or not, I had his attention now. That huge black creature flying in my direction. I let my want fell. Shit, I am going to die. I tried to ran, but I couldn't run more than ten meters. I fell on the floor and when I looked up again he was there sucking my soul. In part I shall confess that it wasn't worse than dealing with my conscience everyday. I wanted that. Maybe I deserved more the death than she.

All of sudden a strong light obfuscated my eyes. A silver and white otter seemed to waltz on the air, and the dementer flew away. "Are you ok? Oh my God? Malfoy?" said a strange voice. I stood up to face Hermione Granger's eyes.