I woke in a strange place: the room was dark and gave me chills. The poor and dusty furniture were brown and didn't see a single drop of water for years. There was a noise when I stepped on the floor, and just then I realized I was wearing my socks. I walked through the door and saw a very familiar voice echoing: "But he was a Death Eater, Mione! You just can't trust…" "Fuck, Harry! He saved her life. Give him an opportunity…" "I am surprised with you! He bullied her all the school's years! Damn Ron, you could agree with me! It is not the best moment to disagreements between Order's members…"

I walked through the door. The seven years which passed affected all of us, but not enough to make them unrecognizable. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. They were the same… "You look awful" Harry said "Nice to see you, too. And thank you I guess. I don't know what happened, but thank you…" "You saved my life" Hermione said "You failed trying to attack the Dementer, but you helped me a lot" "Yes, why didn't you use a patronum against him?" I looked down "I can't create one. I don't have… Happy memories…" I silence rained on the room, which was as dusty and bad illuminated as the room I was. "Well, you are a hero"

Hero? Are you kidding? "I have done nothing in my whole life which made me deserve glory…." Harry rolled his eyes. "What? Now have you become a good person?" I took a deep breath "ok, I am not in the mood, so, you're welcome for anything and where is the door?" "Wait… We wanted to talk to you…" "No, you want to talk with him" Harry emphasized, pointing his finger at her "Follow me" Weasley said. I left the room without any other word. "So… You were brave…" "Yeah, nice…" "Hey, man, I mean it. Any other person would run away from there…" I really wasn't in the mood to that conversation.

Arriving at home was like arriving in the deepest hell. After the war, the "family's name" was lost. My father kept his stupid arrogance and prejudice. My mother never raised her voice against him. They kept their fake marriage, hurting themselves everyday more. My house was abandoned. The mason we used to live now was full of plagues and as cold as the days when he used to live in here. My parents never talked again after the war, when she lied about Potter's death. That was unacceptable for him, but he was the first one to run away when Potter rose up.

I followed to my room, with poor furniture and an old wardrobe without a door. I took my Slytherin scarf and caressed it, and I remembered how good it was the school years. My friends were death. Or in jail. Why do I fuck live? I cried silently.

My silence was broke by an owl. A stupid creature that hit my window soo hard that I thought it was going to break. It had a letter to me.

"Dear Mr. Malfoy,

We are glad to invite you to join us in a particular special ceremony, because of your courage and strength saving the life of one of our member, Hermione Granger. The party starts at 20h, tomorrow at the forest. Bring your wand.


Luna Lovegood"

What the fuck?