Chrono Trigger: Temporal Time

The Millennial Fair Arc

Chapter 1: Prophecies and a Fated Meeting

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A/N: Hi people, some of you may remember me from the Pokémon Red, Green and Blue fan fiction I recently finished. This is obviously a different sort of area I'm in but I hope it'll be enjoyed; I have high hopes for this.

For all who are interested, this is a novelisation of the video game Chrono Trigger (which you can find on PSX, SNES and DS) with my own spin on it. Those who haven't played Chrono Trigger and are interested in reading this I strongly recommend you to play the game; it's not only worth the time but it's one of my personal favourites.

Also a note for those later; some characters will be different or 'OOC' (out of character). Crono as an example will have his own personality as well as Marle etc so here's hoping it blends well.

Anyway without further ado I'll begin; hope you enjoy!

Scene 1


I opened my eyes to the darkness around me.


Absolutely nothing.

"Queen Zeal! Princess Schala!" I yelled out but my voice only echoed in the darkness and nothing more; no replies, vocal or even symbolic.

Had everything been erased by that monster?

My lower lip began to tremble and I dropped to my knees.

Was I dead? Was this heaven? Was it hell?

Or was this purgatory?

My eyes began to sting as tears slowly formed.

Everything had been done in vain; the Kingdom of Zeal had fallen, the Queen had fallen to her indomitable lust for power, the poor Princess had died to protect not only him but everyone around her…

And the new fellows, led by the boy with the spiked hair.

"I'm sorry…" I muttered pathetically as I dropped to my hands, tears falling onto the groundless darkness below me, sniffling like a child. "So sorry…"

Nothing could stop that monster; absolutely nothing.

The world would refuse to change.


The boy groaned as he swung his body around under the quilt covers. As if to protest against him further, light spilled in behind him making him cringe and force his head further under the covers.

"Crono, wake up you lazybones!" the voice protested again – his mother – this time a little clearer. The named boy himself rolled his lazy eyes under the quilt.

Every morning it was the same old routine.

"Did you forget? The Millennial Fair is today!" she spoke again and like a switch turned on, Crono's deep green eyes burst open before his spiked crimson head shot out from under the covers, swinging his body around as he did so.

"I forgot!" he exclaimed in his now big and excitable grin. His mother, a tall woman with a similar grin on her face, stood above him, her hands placed on both her hips grinned similarly down at him. Her long and light blonde hair had a short fringe to it; coming down in short spiky strands down the sides of her forehead. She also wore a long yellow dress with a white apron on the front.

"Don't you always." she said, rather in a statement than a question as she tipped her head in a light grin. "You should go get ready! Lucca will be waiting!" she sing-songed and Crono rolled his eyes in a frustrated frown though it upturned into an amused little grin.

"You know we're just friends Mom," the young man grinned back as he leapt off his bed exuberantly, covered in his lightning brand pyjamas.

"Ha, ha… of course, of course." she winked back playfully. Crono merely grinned in another rolling eyed grin as he walked over to his closet ahead of himself, walking past his mother. He opened up the cupboards and grinned in as he pulled out his usual outfit.

A long blue tunic and black belt with a gold buckle in the front. A green undershirt hung under his blue tunic that went down to his lower legs, covering his body from the cold. He also wore big brown boots suited for trekking and such and finally the young man grinned as he spun his favourite bright yellow scarf around his neck.

Leather arm guards were also worn around his wrists; the ever cheerful young man rung them 'round his wrists and grinned as he did so, clenching his left fist as he finished up in his stance. The woman watching him blew out a sigh as she did; lightly smiling and he turned his grin on her, eliciting a raised eyebrow expression from her face.

"You look just like your father." she admitted and Crono grew a shade of red as he smiled and lowered his head, rubbing the back of it. The woman chuckled in a light grin as she narrowed her eyes down at him. "All right, you better get going! Don't wanna miss the fair after all," she grinned again as she folded her arms down at the boy. He nodded exuberantly and grinned back in response as he did so.

"You got it Mom!" he grinned before rushing on forwards, running past the chuckling woman for the stairs. He swung around and took them two at a time as impatient as ever. "I'll be back before dinner!" his voice exclaimed up and his watching Mother shook her head in a light grin as he did so before cupping a hand to her mouth to amplify her response.

"Be careful out there! Don't make me worry!"

"I won't!" his voice responded back before the door to their small house slammed closed. The woman shook her head again as she sighed and walked forwards to head down the stairs; she knew it was helpless in even asking him but she felt she had to.

Even if to calm herself a little.

She smiled and began to hum another little tune to herself as she walked into the main living quarters, heading for the kitchen.


Crono grinned on as he ran on out his small house and into the vast green fields of Truce. He stopped for a moment as he 'rounded the corner around his house to stare out at the pure green fields ahead of him, the wind blowing his fiery spiky hair as he did.

A weird sense of pride and happiness washed over him as he saw it all; Truce. He had always dreamed of leaving to see what else the world had in store for him but there was always something else that stopped him; a kind of force that kept him grounded and halted him from leaving.

He always wondered what that was.

The young man grinned again as he shook his head of the matter.

He was wasting valuable time!

He broke into a sudden run, the wind blowing across the grass that crunched beneath his feet as he grinned forward, running past the big buildings to his right and left; the simple Residence to his left and his own small house to his right. With his enthusiastic and energetic grin he set his sights forward and up the road to find his final destination.

Leene Square.

As he finally entered, the bustling sound of the festivities hit his ears and he grinned as they did. Balloons, trumpets and screaming children ran around the area. To add to that, a group of four racers shot past the wide eyed Crono. The poor young man shot his arms into the air in pure shock as he backed a step away to avoid being run over, the four forms a blur to him. They shot past several other fair-goers and in between the two fences left in the middle of the area.

"What was that all about?" the fiery haired young man murmured as he walked forward slowly, this time in a careful manner as opposed to his usual impatient rush.

"The Annual Guardia Millennial Fair Race!"

Crono blinked and snapped his head back forwards to find a smiling old man ahead of him wielding a walking stick in a shaky stance. His initial surprised frown quickly turned into a light grin as he regarded the old man. "Yo!" he greeted in his light grin, rising up his right hand in greeting.

"Good morning young Crono. Did you sleep well?"

He winked as he grinned toothily back at the elder, laying his left arm across and under his right, the right bent at the elbow and shot up as if to show his very excitement. "Like a log!"

The old man chuckled lowly in his tired smile. "I would have expected no less,"

"Man you guys sure are busy though!" Crono exclaimed as he turned his body around to scan the area as best he could, given his height; his hands lowered to grip at his hips as he narrowed his eyes at the various stalls and stands the fair had to offer. "Were you in charge of all this old man?"

"Ho, ho, goodness no." the elderly gentleman chuckled as he shook his head in response. "It was the official council that was granted this task by our fair King Guardia of course!"

"Oh yeah those guys…" Crono murmured out as he watched over the many stalls, raising his arms to rest behind his head in a carefree frown. He shrugged before smiling this time warmly as he turned back his head to the similar faced old man.

"Well go ahead young man! See and enjoy yourself here today; the fair is for you young 'uns to enjoy!" the elderly gentleman smiled as he waved off the younger man with his cane. Crono laughed before giving the old man a wink and a forward point of his right index finger, turning his body around to walk past him. As he did, the fiery haired young party-goer turned and gave the elderly old man a wave off of his right arm.

"I'll getcha somethin' nice!" he grinned over as he winked, eliciting a shaky headed chuckle.

The old man laughed lightly as he watched the boy turn his head to continue on up the stairs ahead of himself.

"Oh that boy." he grinned.


Excited and full of energy, Crono took the steps two at a time grinning forward as he did so.

First he'd play the Horror House then the Test-Your-Strength mini game and the-


"Urgh!" Crono grunted out as he was pushed back involuntarily, landing on his rear. His eyes shut in a pained cringe before he shot them wide open in a light scowl. "The hell was-"

"All right, who's the jerk?!"

Crono's eyes finally readjusted to the light and as they did, the blurry and blonde form of a scowling young woman stood above him, arms on her hips. Her long blonde hair was fixed into a messy ponytail; strands of her light blonde hair falling over her forehead and her emerald green eyes. For a second – just for that split second – Crono sat there in a wide eyed, open mouthed gaze, purely gobsmacked as if he had just found an angel.

"So… beautif-"

Before he could even finish his thoughts a hard thwack against his head made him yell out in sudden pain. He cringed and shot his arms up to block the fiery coloured dome that was his head – alas, too late – and thus growled as he snapped his head back up in a scowl of his own.

"Hello?! Anyone home?" the young blonde woman exclaimed down cheekily at him. Crono's previous angelic perception of his interrupter vanished without a trace and he gained a new kind of anger for her as he shot to his feet, his brow furrowing in his newfound emotion.

"Why'd you do that?!" he shot back as he turned his head, half curious and half angry. A silvery glint below him made him blink and snap his head down however to find the shining object that caught his attention. He blinked further before bending down to pick it up and found a chain attached to it.

A pendant?

A strange feeling washed over him as his eyes lay over the shining object, holding the slow rotating pendant by its chain. He narrowed his eyes slowly at the pendant, his interest growing by the second.

Before it was snatched out of his hand.

"Gimme that…" the young blonde woman ahead of him muttered as she swiped the pendant away, her own eyes narrowed. With a further hard frown on her features she ringed the pendant's chain around her neck to return to its presumable original place. "What's your deal anyway? You like crashing into people?"

"That's my line!" Crono shot back hotly as he glared back. "Where I come from, people have respect!"

"That's right! So gimme your apology!"

"What?!" Crono yelled back out in a half eye widened scowl, an eyebrow raised in stupefied annoyance.

"You heard me!" the blonde exclaimed further as she glared back, arms folded. "Apologise for crashing into me! I'm just a helpless little girl!"

"Pff!" the fiery haired boy replied childishly as he folded his own arms and straightened his back, pouting as he turned away his head. "You can sing for it!"

"Fine!" she shot back hotly stamping her foot hard but it sounded more like a light step than anything else. "Then I'm your responsibility from now on!"

Crono made to shout back in his angry mood however what she said stopped him in his tracks. He stopped mid opening his mouth and gaped forward, eyes widened. "Uh… what?"

"That's right! You're my bodyguard from here on out! Until you apologise I won't leave your side!"

He stood gobsmacked again for a few seconds, eyes widened. "You gotta be kidding me,"

The young woman's face shot up as she stood in a folded armed glare, grinning back at him in a smug like expression. "Nope!"

Crono's eyes turned hard and he narrowed them as he glared forward. "I only got today to enjoy this fair! I'm not gonna have it ruined because of some whiny little-"

"Excuse me!" the young blonde interrupted as she sniffed her nose into the air smugly once more though this time in a frown. Crono blinked in a hard frown forward as he listened. "I do believe men stand up and take their responsibilities do they not?"

Crono's scowl grew low and worse as he soon growled forward.

She was kidding! She had to be!

"I don't even know your na-"

"Marle!" the blonde shot in with her smug grin, folding her arms at him as she did so. "But that's Miss Marle to you,"

"That's a stupid name,"

"Crono's stupider!"

"Oh screw you lady!" Crono yelled back hotly in a mix of impatience and annoyance, turning on his heel away from her as he waved her off rudely. The blonde stood blinking in an initial frown before a scowl soon adorned her face, giving chase to the young man.

"Hey!" she called but the similar faced Crono walked on, uncaring. "Don't run away from me; come back here and face you responsibilities!"

The fiery haired teenager stuck his banded arms in his pockets as he scowled to the side. "Pff!" he rasped back again in all his lavish wit, green eyes narrowed upwards to the sky as he did so. "Like I got any responsibility that involves you," he muttered as he glared at his right side. She ran to block him and stood ahead of him arms to her sides and for the first time he stopped to look at her.

She wore an Arabian like getup; long white dress trousers, dark brown sandals, a golden belt with a similar coloured chain attached and as if to add to her royalty like smugness, she also wore numerous golden arm bands and even one around her neck.

They almost looked like jewels.

Crono's eyes narrowed however in anger and he shot his arm to his side. "Move!"

"No! And-and if you don't stand up to your responsibilities…" she began as she glared back, he lower lip quivering as she spoke. Crono stopped in a softer scowl as he watched her, eyes narrowed.

She wouldn't.

"Then I'll scream!"

His eyes widened and he lost his scowl.

Uh oh.

Just what he needed; a rep.

"I'll scream so loud everyone will think you're a bad man!"

"Oh jeez!" the frustrated boy hissed out as he arched his back and gripped the sides of his head in his show of frustration. "Fine, fine!" he finally conceded as he rolled his eyes and lowered his hands before folding them and glaring forward. "You can come,"

Marle's eyes widened and her initial pouting scowl quickly morphed into a big grin. "Hah!" she exclaimed triumphantly before stepping to his side and grinning on as she placed her arms to rest behind her head. "You should be grateful! I'm so nice and beautiful and-" the grinning Marle went on to another of her expected long winded speeches of her beauty or vanity. Crono rolled his eyes and sticking his hands in his pockets he hunched his back down in a childish pout as he stared on forward.

He sighed long and hard as he shut out her voice, eyes narrowed forward trudging along.

It was gonna be a long day.

"You should have seen his face, it was like-" Marle began in another chuckle as she stepped next to the fiery haired Crono, turning her face in a childish imitation before she burst out laughing at her own joke again. "But then… I don't blame him." she continued as she smiled smugly as before, raising to rest her arms behind her head as she grinned up at the sky. "I'm so gorgeous all the guys want me." she giggled in a self-important tone. She shrugged of course however as she smirked and shut he eyes smugly. "And the girls too,"

Crono finally stopped and turned in a hard eyed frown as he did so. "Are you kidding me," he shot back in his droopy eyed hard frown, glaring grimly.

The blonde girl giggled again and raised her arms up to rest behind her head as she did so, her tongue hanging out as she winked at him. "What's wrong? You jealous?"

"Pff!" the young man invariably replied with as he rolled his eyes before turning on his heel and storming off as he usually did. "Like I'd be jealous of your fan base," he added on derogatorily, his arms rising up to rest behind his head tilting it as he did so in an attempt to seem aloof.

"You're jealous!" the blonde grinned back as she tilted her head to the side in a narrow eyed grin. She sighed dreamily as she shut her eyes and followed Crono behind him. "I don't blame you; I'm so gorgeous."

Crono rolled his eyes but chose not to respond.

It's probably just for the day he told himself. Or even a few hours or minutes at the maximum!

"Girls like her thrive on attention. Just don't give her any!" he thought to himself as he grew on a light smile. He rid himself on it however as he heard her calling him, pulling him out of his mind temporarily. "Huh?" he asked in a hard eyed frown as he turned his head around to glare impatiently.

Her initial joyful smile quickly morphed into a hard scowl of her own as she saw his look and registered his uninterested expression. "How dare you ignore me!" she screeched over at him, strongly offended. "I'm beautiful! You're just common muck! Next to me you're like-"

"A regular human being,"

Marle blinked and widened her eyes at the interruption to find the brunette smirking back at her, winking as he did so. Her anger flared back up once again and she scowled back at the amused young man in front of her, her arms balled up into fists as she did so. "And what is that supposed to mean?!"

Crono laughed as he set a hand to his hip, laying the other flat at his side as he grinned on forward. "Well you're Miss Sensational! You figure it out!" the smart mouthed brunette shot back as he leaned his head forward initially before turning and walking off before she could respond, leaving her a grin in her direction.

"Oh you little…!" Marle growled initially back before breaking into a rushing run after the boy. Crono snapped his head back around before widening his eyes and yelling in surprise as he turned a sharp left in attempt to evade the surprisingly fast young girl. A strange sort of rush filled the boy and he turned his frown into a grin as he ran from the angry faced Marle. He laughed as he saw her eyes narrow into his, her speed surprising.

But he was the fastest form in Truce!

She'd have to be a bolt of lightning to beat him!

He grinned on in his usual bout of confidence as he snapped back 'round his head in his run. He leapt down a small number of steps and rounded another corner, running in between two stalls. Not even looking, he managed to accidentally push a purple bag to the floor behind him strewing food contents from inside. An old man that watched from the end of the stall that Crono ran by widened his eyes and called angrily after him but Crono didn't listen; he couldn't.

He was far too interested in the little game he had concocted with his new 'friend' Marle.

He skid around one more corner to his left once more and laughed as he caught sight of the angry Marle nearly tripping over the strewn foodstuff behind him.

"I'll wring your throat when I find you, you little pussy!" she yelled after him angrily but he grinned on regardless as he rose his right hand to the side of his mouth to amplify his response.

"You'll have to catch me f-"

The fiery haired young man gasped in sudden widened eyes as his form stopped; his body crashing into a hard and metal like substance. His widened eyes darted to his front and he ripped his face and body off of his attacker to find a huge chubby form of metal looming over him, casting its shadow. His previous tiff with Marle temporarily forgotten, he took a few wary steps back and stared in a gobsmacked frown.

He almost didn't feel the grinning Marle bash into him behind him watching him with a satisfied expression on her face as she attempted to manhandle his neck. "Hah! See I-" she began confidently however her blonde head snapped up to the huge shadow looming over them and like her new companion, she stared in a wide eyed frown. "Woah…" she managed out only and Crono gulped as he nodded in silent agreement.


The large cylindrical human shaped robot rose up its left arm and turned its red coloured head over to speak through the microphone. As it did, holes through the robot's mouth opened up and blasted dance like music through the mouthpiece. "They call me Gato; I have metal joints, beat me up, and earn fifteen silver points," the large robot spoke sang out, its voice although robotic mixing well with the music that exited from its glowing mouth piece.

As soon as the creation stopped talking, one of Crono's eyes narrowed as he raised an eyebrow in wonder. "Uhh… what?"

He had no time to ponder the robot's request however as its microphone whirred back into its body and it turned to shoot a robotic fist forward, directly at the shock faced Marle. Crono's own eyes widened and the youth grunted as he leapt to his right to evade the robotic fist, Marle clutching his neck. He skidded across the ground in a narrow eyed grunt before plucking the wide eyed Marle's arms off his neck frustratingly.

"Get outta here!" he exclaimed back behind him before snapping his head forward and rolling to the side to evade the second rocket fist that came flying towards him. Marle could only stand in a transfixed, eye widened cringe, shaking as she watched the fiery haired youth scowl at the now no handed robot. He recovered from his side roll expertly, showing off his previous exercise before his green eyes widened in recognition.

An open blue to tent to his right!

At the top right end of the battle like arena made for this seeming battle robot was an open blue tent and Crono grinned as he saw weapons up on display.


The flame haired youth turned and burst into a desperate run, eyes narrowed as he did so. He skidded down in an attempt to avoid any possible attacks coming his way and sure enough, a double laser – presumably from Gato's shining eyes – shot into the tent's walls ahead of him, safely missing him. As Gato recovered from its attack, Crono's arms quickly plucked the first weapon off the stands in the tent above him.

A sheathed Katana.

Turning on his heel again, Crono's eyes narrowed as he yanked the long sword out of its sheath and with the sheath in his left hand, he burst forward in another run. The recovered Gato by now had recovered both its rocketed fists and turned its head and body around to meet Crono's challenge with a similarly narrow eyed glare.

A kind of rushing adrenaline filled Crono's lungs, his blood, his veins, his organs his very body itself as he glared forward. His heart hammered as his feet pounded the ground, his speed undeniable. The Katana wielding youth leapt to his right in another side roll to avoid the narrow eyed Gato's right fisted rocket punch. The robot's fist crashed into the wall far behind Crono and the similarly slit eyed swordsman shot his body back up into a bursting run as he glared on. The robot, seemingly desperate, shot its second fist once more, this time directly for the boy.

Crono took his next action with a quick thinking scowl and time slowed down as he executed his plan.

He leapt up into the air, brandishing his new Katana sword with his right hand up. His jump was successfully high enough and he landed on the flying fist below his feet. He continued sprinting forward before giving yet another leap forward. Gato snapped its head up to catch the high flying Crono and its eyes lighted up as it shot another double eyed beam up at him. Crono shut one of his eyes in an effort filled grunt before quickly positioning his sword and sheath horizontally as if to form a kind of horizontal shield.

Surprisingly enough, the beams hit the sword's blade harmlessly and allowed the wide eyed Crono to continue dropping down on the wide eyed Gato. Now defenceless and open, Gato made attempt to turn and run but the narrow eyed and reinvigorated Crono shot down his sword with both arms gripping the hilt of his long sword as well as his left on the sheath.

"Eat it!" the adrenaline filled young man yelled out as he plunged his new sword into the wide eyed robot's face. The sound of steel against metal scrape one another as the Katana pierced through its eyes and face, Crono's eyes narrowed down as he landed, his feet landing on the robot's chest to balance himself.

Time stopped temporarily for the paralysed Marle and the scowling Crono and they watched the similar faced Gato with a mixture of finality and dread in their hearts.

Finally however, Gato's eyes greyed out as it slowly lowered its head, standing up straight. It made all kinds of powering down sounds and Crono blinked down in a surprised gasp before he slowly gained a confident grin on his face.

"All right!" the flame haired swordsman yelled out in triumph as he yanked back out his sword and kicked off of the robot, landing as he clenched his sheath holding left hand into a victory fist. Marle watched in a wary smile as the sight gladdened her heavy heart. Crono grinned back as he issued her confident thumbs up after sheathing the Katana in its sheath.

"Told ya I'm fast." the swordsman claimed in his confident expression. The blonde stared on at him with her own wary smile before she lost it as she turned her head around in a wide eyed blink. He blinked back similarly and raised his eyebrow. "What's wr-?"


The named boy cringed and lowered his head temporarily as the complaining voice screeched annoyingly after him. He leaned his head to the left to find a glaring and hard faced Lucca staring back at him.

What was she doing he-

He darted his eyes between the defeated robot and the presence of his best friend and he cringed again.

Uh oh, he thought.

She was a young woman around his age – perhaps a little older – that wore a strange outfit indeed. Her helmet headed hair of purple colour was bunched beneath a big helmet that covered her said hair almost entirely, green and golden around the helmet's main front and back as well its frame respectively. On its side and Lucca's right ear was a big blue button that led into a silver coloured antenna that was used for something or other; Crono wasn't entirely sure.

He never was with Lucca.

Like him however, she also wore a battle like tunic however hers was orange in colour with a blue undershirt and a brown belt to hold it up. She also wore black under leggings that went as far as her high thighs and held a small brown pouch across her belt on her left side, presumably for items and such.

A big blue satchel hung across her right side and like him she wore a scarf across her neck; an old sign of friendship between the two. Unlike him however she also wore big lensed glasses that fit around her face snugly, her big blue eyes behind them.

"Hi, Lucca…" Crono chuckled quietly in a nervous sort of smile as he used his left arm to rub the back of his red haired head, a show of guilt across his expression. The purple haired young woman glared at him before storming on over past the shutdown robot and standing up to the slouched swordsman, folded arms and all in her narrow eyed glower.

"Don't 'hi Lucca' me; you just wrecked my new training robot! Look!" she even exclaimed out as she gestured behind her. The said robot itself was as Lucca had stated it was; a wreck. Electricity sparked out of its eyes now and then as it slouched its head over to show its current state. Crono grinned and shrugged it off after setting his new Katana to his hip and locking it in place.

"Oh come on Luc; it's not as if this wasn't bound to happen anyways,"

"That's not the point!" the technological enthusiast yelled back suddenly and in a show of annoyance. The fiery haired swordsman rolled his eyes as he waved her off. "This was my robot and I specifically instructed you not to-"

Even as she yelled at him, the ground near the two gave a start and made the two turn their heads in similar blinks. A frowning Marle stood, her arms joined forwards in front of herself in an awkward frown, a light blush adorned on her cheeks as she fidgeted with her feet. Lucca and Crono blinked over but Crono more so. He raised a curious eyebrow over at her and wondered.

Was weird to see her all awkward.

And what was with that blush?

He almost began to think she was cute again before the memory of her smug face was forced into his mind. He rolled his eyes again and shook his head as Lucca quickly turned her angry frown into a big smile, walking over.

"Tonda Gossa!" she exclaimed out in a big smile as she outstretched her right hand to be shook. "I'm Lucca; you must be a new friend of Crono's! Sorry about that!" she finished in a light chuckle as she did so. The blonde frowned back but raised her own hand to shake Lucca's.


"That's a nice name!" the helmeted young woman smiled back and Marle smiled back, a light blush on her cheeks.

"Only nice thing about her!" Crono called over as he frowned in his childish pout, arms joined behind his head in his usual care free expression. "Spoilt little brat is what she is!"

"Don't mind him; he's very rude. I've known him for years," Lucca waved him off as she smiled at the blinking Marle. The blonde gave a giggle in response however as she shot an arm up to her mouth.

"He is, isn't he," the blonde replied back, this time a little more confidently. Crono's eyes widened before he narrowed them once again and scowled forward as he realised their intention.

"Hey, don't start teaming up on me!" the swordsman exclaimed over as he glared, pointing directly at them as if accusing them of a crime. "I'm a victim here!"

"Oh hush up." Lucca frowned in annoyance as she waved him off once more, eliciting a blinking frown from the boy. "In fact you're lucky I don't kill you for what you did to Gato!"

"Gato?! He tried to kill us! What did you expect me to do?!" Crono yelled back as he shrugged angrily back. Lucca rolled her eyes and turned her head back to converse further with Marle, leaving the swordsman with a sighing frown. He rose back up his arms to rest behind his head as he watched them.

Two girls joining forces.

This couldn't be good for him.

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