The servant stepped into Vivian's room, turning towards where the body was...and froze. "What...Violeta said..." The body wasn't there any more. Plenty of blood and ruined clothing was still there...but the body was nowhere to be seen. "God damnit. It's bad enough I have to follow aro..." He trailed off and frowned, raising a hand to touch his hair, bringing it down to his eyes. His hand was stained with blood. "The hell?" Very slowly he moved his eyes upwards, looking at the ceiling...and let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

"I'm losing my mind." He shook his head as he moved to the door again...he didn't even get a glimpse of it, and by the time he realized he was being attacked, it had already ripped out his throat.


"Are you sure it will work though? I will admit those creatures are ugly brutes and they can cause a great deal of damage...but only one? Once it gets noticed it will die." The man talking was new, and he was nervous. The other man was looking away, his hands folded behind his back as he answered him slowly, his voice cutting through the air like a dagger.

"It will work. Vivian's job was simple, and her DNA was special...we injected the original DNA we gathered from Carthage into her veins years ago, and made it dormant. Over the years we've been gathering data and improving it, her own DNA bonding with it and making it stronger...making Project Termination."

"But there's only one and it has no way to's a female for gods sake." The man smiled, pulling out another cigarette and lighting it before answering.

"Don't swear to god. When you're in our business...there are far to many to worship. As for how it will recreate itself...I told you it's a prototype. It adapts. It can mimic any weapon, any ability, any power, and it can even take Vivian's ability and shift it's appearance, making it look...human. It can impregnate a woman, it can seduce a man, it can even impregnate a goddess." He smiled as he blew out a puff of smoke. "It's called Project Termination for a reason."

~Hyrule Castle~

Three guards were laughing and joking, and one nudged the other as the servant came out of Vivian's room. "What were you doing in there Liam. Those were some pretty loud sounds...fucking her body were you?" That made the others laugh, as the servant ignored them, walking past them as if he had somewhere to go. They didn't notice his eyes flash bright red for a few seconds.

~Throne Room~

Midna fell out of the portal, and her eyes widened as she noticed the three villains, starting to fall...before Link caught her. She looked up at him, her eyes full of panic as he shook his head, gesturing for her to be quiet. He was wearing his double clawshot, one hooked into the rafters...the other not hooked into anything, clenched around her arm as he pulled her up against him, making it easier for him to hold onto her. "Link..." She started to say, her voice shaking but he silenced her gesturing to the three below them.

"Where is she. She said to be here before the sun set. It's long past then." Vaati sighed in annoyance, glaring at Ganondorf.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up and go find her if you're so concerned. Quite frankly the sooner she's gone the better. Then I can take over again and kill your sorry desert ass." Ghirahim smirked slightly, amused at their arguements.

"Right. Because Hylia's just going to let us all go. No. She'll banish us all this time. And she'll scatter or essence and souls so we can't be resurrected like the desert rat was. You're going to wish you'd stay sealed in that sword after this is all over wind spirit." The other two had no answer, staring at him surprised...even as there was the sound of wood splintering, one of the lesser rafters breaking and collapsing as Link and Midna fell onto Ghirahim in a tangled heap.

"Well well well...if it isn't the great hero." Link scrambled to sit up, pushing Midna behind him as they backed into a wall; Ganondorf, Ghirahim, and Vaati smiling as they surrounded him.

"I've been waiting a thousand damned years stuck in a fucking stone and sword for this...I'm sure as hell going to enjoy it."