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~Hyrule Castle Dungeons~

Jennifer lay slumped against the wall, barely conscious. She would've been on the ground if she weren't chained to the wall. Her clothes were tattered, burned, and ripped in places. In the past week she'd gained more scars and burns than she had in the past year. That was saying something when you traveled in and out of video games for a living. Once more she struggled to pull herself into an upright position, but just like the other times, she collapsed against the wall coughing again.

The only reason she was alive was because Violeta believed that the two's life force was connected. She believed if one of them died, so did the other...and Jennifer believed it to. Even with that there, her sister had no problem torturing her, just as long as she didn't die. She knew she should be glad that she was alive, but she was close to breaking.

She glanced up, hearing the sound of metal against metal. "Finish it off. There are three more of them inbetween us and Jennifer's cell. We can't risk Violeta learning of us here, don't let any of them escape. Kill all of them, or we're dead." She heard more metal clanging, mixed with swearing and even screaming. She was slow to register that they're must have been at least ten of them. She couldn't figure out why, but that seemed to wrong to her. How could ten people sneak into the dungeons unnoticed?

"I think I found it!" That shout was from nearer, and in the next moment the door to her cell was kicked in, slamming against the back wall. "She's here! Someone get Sister Rosalie!"

'Sister Rosalie...?' It took a moment for that to register, and when it finally did, she wasn't pleased. 'What's she doing here...if Violeta gets her hands on her we're as good as dead.' A moment later, three people stepped into the cell, a woman in the lead. She stepped up to Jennifer, making two quick slashes at the chains holding her on the wall; and she collapsed, coughing and shaking. The other two people stepped up to Jennifer's body, helping her into a standing position as Sister Rosalie met Jennifer's eyes speaking to her.

"Jennifer...Jenny!" She was slow to register that Rosalie was speaking to her, and even when she did she said nothing. She couldn't have even if she wanted to. Rosalie frowned before she turned to the cell's entrance shouting to the others. "Bring me Alex's kit. Something's wrong with her, I think her vocal chords may be damaged."

One of the other came into the room, handing Sister Rosalie a gauntlet of some sort. "Hurry up. Ino says she senses more of the phantoms coming. We can only hold this position for so long." He left then, returning to the outside.

Rosalie pulled on the guantlet, and as she did it readjusted, scanning her DNA before it tightened on her arm; connecting with her nerves and a single black lense slid over her eye, bringing up data and linking with the guantlet. "Alright Jenny, this is going to hurt...but it has to be done." Jennifer still remained silent, as Rosalie brought the guantlet level with Jenny's throat, the lense covering her eye bringing data and she groaned as she examined it. "Damn. They caused some serious damage here." As her eyes linked with the lense, the tips of the fingers on the guantlets sharpened into needles as she leaned in closer to her friend's throat. This would hurt alot, but they had to take care of it here...

~With Violeta and Eve~

Violeta leaned against the windowsill, the symbols running along her arms burning brighter as Eve sat with her legs crossed, beginning the ceremony. "How long?"

There was no answer as she concentrated before finally she said. "Could be hours."

"Great...I don't suppose you have to be completely still and focused during it?"

"If I don't, it just uses up more energy."

Violet was silent as she registered that, thinking for a moment before she replied. "Take the extra energy...I want to see the prototypes." The symbols running along the goddesses arms glowed brighter as Eve pulled more energy through the transfer before Eve stood up, walking over to the closet. She pushed open the door, and then pulled out a case, laying it down on a table as she opened it.

"This one was a bit trickier than the others, the scientests in the labs were working for a while, and without Vivians help it wouldn't have been possible." As she spoke, she pulled out a chest plate and a pair of gloves. "The weapon was designed to require ammo, and we were reprogramming it so that it wouldn't, afterwards; connecting it to the nerves was simple enough, but we had to make it so that it wouldn't damage them or be permenant-here."

"Put them on. You helped design them, you'd do it better." As she spoke, she undid her cloak and her shirt, spreading her arms apart. Eve stepped up to her, attaching first the front, then the back of the plate; strapping it together. As she did, Violeta gasped as she felt the needles push into her skin, connecting with her nerves. "Damnit Eve, could've warned me." Eve smirked as she pulled the gloves onto Violeta, typing into a keypad that rested on top of it. As she hit the last key, they tightened, connecting with her nerves and the chestplate.

"Since it has to create the ammo itself, it needs time to be charged. The retinal enhancement will show how long, as well as reveal data and even improve your vision."

"That's fine. Just as long as it has the same effect as the original?" She flexed her fist, getting used to the feel of the technology.

"It will."

"Perfect. Now for the retinal enhancment, finish it." Even as she spoke, the outdated version of the enhancement activated, bringing up data and such. Eve stepped forward holding a needle in her hand.

"This is going to hurt...and if you move...it'll hurt more."

"Do it anyway. I need it." Eve raised the needle, holding Violeta's head as she did.

"Don't flinch..."


Zelda sat upright, her eyes shining bright gold. "It's time." She stood up, exiting the house and walking towards the bridge. As she did, the soldiers and guards throughout the village all looked at her. They could tell it was time. All of the archers followed her, as they were instructed to.

She came to a stop in front of the bridge, the archers taking up their positions as Fi stood beside her. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. It's now or never. I know it. Not to mention that if I don't get rid of the triforce now...it'll kill me." She raised a hand, raising her voice as she did. "Ready..." The archers began to light their arrows, until all of them had flaming arrows.

"As you wish my queen." Fi stepped back as a golden aura started to surround Zelda.

"Aim..." She held her palm outwards, the triforce on the back of her hand shining even brighter as she said the final word. "Fire!"

The archers released their bowstrings, and within seconds the bridge was aflame. The ropes holding it together snapped, and the flaming bridge fell into the rift as a blinding, golden light filled the whole area. As it faded, a dome began to stitch itself together, covering the region; with elegant golden patterns running along the surface of it.

Fi stepped forward, holding up a hand and a smaller dome surrounded Zelda as she fell to her knees. A second light, much brighter than the first filled the region and golden lines ran along the dome surrounding Zelda, the force of it causing Fi to collapse from exhuastion. The smaller dome held for a few more seconds, before it faded to nothing. Where Zelda had stood moments before, now stood a girll of the same height, and the same weight. Her hair was a much brighter color, and her clothes were elegant, as if they were meant to be worn by a goddess.

As the archers took aim, and the soldiers reached the area, the figure was asked one question. "Who are you?"

For a moment she said nothing, just meeting their eyes. Before finally she said. "My name...is Hylia. The fourth and strongest goddess of Hyrule." There was silence, before one by one the army kneeled before her, speaking as one.

"Long live Hylia!"

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