"Kiss me, kiss me hard." With those words Kensi woke up and realized she'd been dreaming of her shaggy haired partner yet again. She sighed, got up and went into the kitchen to get something cold to drink. Gulping down her juice, she wondered why Deeks had to invade her dreams also. He'd already invaded the rest of her life, to the point that she had even quit having any dates, let alone first dates.

A few hours later when the whole team was assembled in ops for the briefing of the next case, Kensi couldn't help but be a little resentful that Deeks appeared to be well rested. She'd given up trying to sleep when all she did was toss and turn, wondering what it would be like to be Deek's partner, in every sense of the word. There was no lying to herself, she was immensely attracted to the blond haired detective, and had been since she'd first met him. She still got shivers when she thought of him dressed in shorts and a tank top, as is his usual outfit to go jogging in.

Deeks noticed that Kensi seemed preoccupied, which he thanked the heavens for. If she knew that she'd been starring in some very hot and erotic dreams she'd laugh at him, and then hurt him. He'd been drawn to her from the beginning, even before he knew who she was. The fact that she could take care of herself, in addition to her brains and looks were exactly was he'd been looking for all his life. However, having been burnt before made him very wary of trying the whole romance thing again. He didn't think he would ever recover if things didn't work out with Kensi. Above all, she was the best partner he'd ever had.

Sam and Callen knew what was going on with the two junior members of the team, and they, along with Hetty, trusted that Kensi and Deeks would work it out to everyone's advantage. They didn't think that an office romance was the best idea, but since Sam had met his wife during an undercover assignment, and Callen was dating Nell, they couldn't exactly say much.

Nell and Eric noticed that Kensi kept a little more distance between her and Deeks than she normally did, and they weren't surprised that she was fighting what she felt. Nell knew the whole story about Jack, even though she was sure that Kensi had forgotten about telling her about Jack one night when she was totally plastered. Nell had never told anyone, not even Kens herself, about what she knew. Eric just knew that Kensi had a father get killed, a fiance who had left her, and Dom getting killed didn't help matters any. Nobody on the team had fully forgiven themselves for Dom, especially not Kensi.

Hetty wondered if Deeks and Kensi had any idea how transparent they were. She and Granger had a bet on when the two would quit fighting their feelings long enough to realize they could have it all. She had known when she asked for Deeks to join the team that he would be the perfect counterpart to Kensi. Kensi had been sliding into being too somber and rarely if ever smiled by the time Deeks had rounded out the foursome, and Hetty knew under the smiling, joking persona of one Martin Deeks was an intellegent, caring, capable agent. Now if he would just sign the papers she'd had drawn up before he ever started, she'd be a happy woman. That, and if he'd go ahead and ask Kensi out so she could win the Granger bet. She did love beating Owen.