What happens when you're sitting in class and the instructor is reviewing things you know for sure? Well my brain creates things like this.


Beneath the waves in the North Atlantic

A lone metal sphere descended to the depths of the ocean as some of the passengers wondered what a lone lighthouse was doing in the middle of nowhere. Mark sat quietly in the bathysphere along with half a dozen people. A woman with long blonde hair sat quietly next to him holding his hand "Mark, are you sure about this?" the man sighed "Amy we aren't moving here, it's just a quick visit alright?" Amy leaned back "I'm sure your work in genetics had nothing to do with it." Mark scoffed "My work also brings food to the table and keeps a roof over our heads." Amy playfully slapped him on the shoulder. Mark laughed "Admit it you like it when I tease you." His wife rolled her eyes "Dad look." Mark and the others looked out through the bathysphere's thick glass door. Had they not seen it with their own eyes they would never have believed it, a massive city at the bottom of the ocean. Neon signs that advertised stores, entertainment, and something called "Plasmids". The boy, no older than 5, pressed his face to the glass, marveling the underwater city.

"It's so pretty," the boy turned to see a girl with dark hair just past her shoulders. "It's not 'pretty' it's cool." The girl frowned "Why don't boys call anything pretty?" the boy faced her "Things like that are girly." "Boys…" with a huff the girl turned and walked back to what the boy assumed to be her parents, a thing woman and a man with black rimmed glasses. A few people tried to hold back their laughter. Mark got up and pulled the boy from his shirt "Alex what have I told you?!" "Sorry Dad I didn't mean it honest." Mark gave his son a glare "You will apologize right now" "Ok ok." Mark led Alex to the girl sitting between her parents "Excuse me, but my son has something to say." Mark nudged Alex forward "I'm sorry I was rude to you before." The girl's father raised an eyebrow and looked to his daughter for an explanation "Apology accepted." With that Mark and Alex went back to their seats. "Wow Lillian you already made a new friend," the girl looked up at her father "Daddy friends don't act like that," "At your age sweetie it's the same thing." Lillian looked to her mother hoping to get some kind of explanation; she was met with a small smile.

Doctor Yi Suchong's office

"Dr. Suchong even if we could do it there won't exactly be any volunteers for this." Yi Suchong adjusted his glasses with his finger "No imagination, there will be more than enough children at the day care." The assistant stared back for a few moments "Sir we can't just take them, they have families that will look for them." Dr. Suchong merely waved him off "Preperations have been made, there will be an 'incident' that will guarantee us some test subjects." His assistant felt uneasy "S-sir… you can't do that" Dr. Suchong couldn't believe this man called himself a scientist. "They can have another brat in 9 months if they want." The young scientist couldn't believe what he just heard, "Doctor they are not some… tool that can be replaced." Dr. Suchong scoffed "You are still bound by the surface, here in Rapture we can create and grow without limitations. Why shouldn't the few help the advance of the many?" The assistant knew he couldn't do anything to stop this, since Suchong is one of the faces of Rapture and if anything Suchong could erase him and be forgotten like he was some illusion. "I'm sorry sir, you are right" "Good, prepare the lab for tomorrow." The assistant turned and walked down the hall to the surgical wing of the lab. As the door closed behind him he leaned on the glass corridor and stared into the dimly lit ocean in front of him.

Near Ryan Amusements a woman and child walked to the daycare built for so parents could have a night of their own "Mommy do I have to go?" "Yes Eric, but it will be fun kind of like school" Eric sighed he didn't want to tell his mom he didn't like school because they tell him what to do. They both stopped in front of a large metal door with a sign that read "Poseidon's Playground" A large gear on the door turned revealing a short older woman with a dark blue uniform "May I help you?" "I'm Mary Warner" the old woman perked up "Ah you must be Eric then," the boy hid behind his mother's legs "Tonight we are pretty full because of the dinner Mr. Ryan is hosting." Mary led Eric inside "See Eric maybe you can make some new friends here." The boy looked around to see all the other kids laughing and playing. "Your father and I will be back to pick you up in a little while Eric". As Eric watched his mom leave a boy finally noticed him standing awkwardly by the door. He pointed him out to the kids he was playing with and decided to be the one to introduce himself. "Hi I'm Alex what's your name?" "Eric" "They have so many toys here; you are going to like it".

The day care employee liked the calm of the day until Suchong's assistant arrived. The young man looked around seeing all the kids without a care in the world "Miss the amusement park just informed me one of the children was seen causing some mischief and were wondering if she just happened to wonder off". The worker took the roll sheet and asked the child's name "Zoey Adams" the old woman saw the child's name on the sheet which she also noticed was the only child left to arrive. "Oh dear could you watch the kids while I go pick her up?" The assistant happily obliged as the woman left the front door.

When the alarm first rang many people didn't know exactly what had happened. Emergency situations were unheard of in Rapture up until then. Of course other than the parents of the kids that were still inside the daycare knew what had occurred. The smoke that continued hours after the fires were put out still marked the ceiling and nearby walls where the remains of Poseidon's Playground once stood. Anyone nearby had to be sent to the Medical Pavilion because of the force of the blast, officials said the explosion was caused by a faulty gas pipeline. The families of the children still in the building were not immediately informed according to the people that heard the blast and the time it took for the news to become public. Single parents whose children were in the building when the accident occurred didn't leave Rapture for months over how distraught they were for losing the last part they had of their wives or husbands that were no longer with them. The other families returned home to hold ceremonies and burying some belongings of those lost because nothing could be found after the fire. Had they stayed behind enough to see the little girls accompanied by the large metal men searching for angels in the streets of Rapture, they would have been pulled into the darkness that Rapture would turn into.

4 years later…

Doctor Yi Suchong's Office

"You have to admit Tenenbaum's work with these Little Sisters made all this possible." A man in a white lab coat watched the Adam mutations in a microscope. "Michael let me see subject 4's blood work again" Another man with veins; glowing an electric blue handed him a file. "Interesting… the boys will end up being better candidates as protectors than the Big Daddies at this rate." Michael took the file back "But sir the Little Sisters now are just as powerful as a Big Daddy" The doctor smiled showing his unnaturally sharp teeth "Exactly".

Just a prologue for now, but tell me how the story is so far.