Point Prometheus

The brother stared at the sister's weapon that was aimed between his eyes blocked by a piece of glass. He wasn't scared of what she might do to him since he could just easily throw her off and get away, which now that he thinks about it how was he on the ground with his oxygen tank still attached to his back? The brother heard the crumbling of cement before falling through the floor and on the level below. The sister dropped with him to the level below causing the syringe to tap the glass in front of his face. The big sister landed on his gut and quickly gripped his throat to show she was not letting him get away. The brother didn't want to hurt her, but if she becomes more volatile he will be forced to do something; to what extent he didn't know. The sister's grip tightened "I should kill you right now," The brother didn't move "What did I do?" The sister did not flinch "You can hear me?" the brother tilted his head a little "I thought you knew," the sister couldn't react fast enough. Even now with her arm twisted behind her back and an arm wrapped around her throat to keep her still, she wanted to know how the brother could move that fast. The brother didn't budge as the sister tried to break free from his grip, wait where did his drill go? The brother spoke again "Can we not fight?" the sister turned her head "You're making it very difficult not to," The brother let her go and took a few steps back, but still held his guard up in case she wanted to try something again. The brother looked up through the hole they left in the ceiling and grabbed the sister again to pull her back from it. The sister struggled again trying to punch the brother for touching her again, but the brother did not budge. The protectors hid in the dark as a shadow above them slowly came into view. The sister finally realized what the brother had been doing which just infuriated her more. What kind of protector hid from anything?

The brother held the sister despite her struggling to break from his grip, but until the thing above them was gone he couldn't risk getting seen or heard. Some of his brothers had fought a new creature that was almost too strong for them. The sister still struggled until he took one hand and pointed at the shadow above them. The sister stopped moving and stared at whatever it was that was moving above them. The brother stood completely still waiting to see if the creature was just passing by or was actively searching for them; for their sakes he was hoping it was the former. If it did come down to a fight he had to give everything he had. There was a low rumble from above "Don't fight unless we have to," the sister tried to pry his hand away from her "Do not give me orders," The brother didn't even glance at her as his full attention was on the thing above them. Dust from above fell through as the creature slowly inched closer. The sister felt the brother tense up waiting to make a move should he have to. The sister extended her hand out to her side about to lite a fireball to strike first. Before a flicker of light could go off the brother grabbed her wrist to stop her. A feint cling from the metal of their suits touching made the shadow stop moving. The sister already wasn't able to move, but she felt the brother tense up and it was as if she was in a steel trap. The sister could only hear her own breathing for a few seconds before the shadow quickly disappeared. The sister breathed out as she felt the brother wrap his arms around her torso and jumped back, as the ceiling above them seemed to explode. The brother slid across the grimy ground and stepped in front of the sister with his drill at the ready on his right hand. The dust blocked the physical appearance of whatever just came down, but the brother could see a shadow moving inside. The sister looked over the brother's shoulder to see what he was trying to hide from. A low growl that made the floor seem to vibrate gave the sister the idea that this thing might be as dangerous as the brother was making it out to be. Well dangerous or not she would still kill this thing. A fire ball lit up on the palm of her hand at the ready. The shadow slowly moved toward them and revealed itself to the protectors.

The sister had seen some weird things in Rapture, but this thing was something that didn't even resemble anything ADAM was capable of creating on its own. The brother didn't take its eyes off it "I think this thing is able to sense ADAM like Little Sisters, if it can get passed us it will go for them next," Wherever it came from it cannot be left alone to wander the city. If it gets to one of the sisters… no it won't, not while she lives. The fireball in her hand grew as the sister pulled her arm back and let it loose. The creature rushed through the cloud of dust and was hit by the fireball, causing an explosion. The brother didn't move as the fire and smoke continued to fly toward them. The creature came out of the black smoke with its low, but loud roar that shook the hall. The brother jumped forward revving his drill and aiming it toward the creature's chest. The creature swiped with one its claws which the brother managed to dodge midair and jam his drill into the creature's chest. The creature roared again as its momentum took them farther back forcing the sister to stick close to the wall as they flew passed her. The brother planted his feet on the ground causing some of the tiles on the ground to crack and break as he flung the creature over his head. The creature flew above him and landed on its back on the floor causing the drill on its chest to stop. The brother felt a sharp pain on his leg as a sharp white spike popped out of his thigh. The brother twisted the drill and placed his hand on the creature making a surge of electricity crack around them. The brother felt the jolt as the electricity he dealt to the creature was jumping to him as well. The brother tensed up, but continued the electrical surge despite the damage he was doing to himself. The beast roared as it swiped at him which the brother would try to dodge or kick the claws away.

The sister watched the fight as arcs of blue lighting struck the walls of the hall leaving scorch marks where it hit. The sister stood for a second before she held another fireball in her hand which she began to put all her energy into it. The sister dashed forward and held her hand over the monster's face as she unleashed a firestorm, instantly burning away the flesh down to the bone. A spray of blood hit her porthole which she looked up to see the brother stare down as the creature's tail jutted out of his abdomen. The electricity slowly subsided as the brother began to slump over and held on to the bony tail. The brother's drill disappeared in a flash of red as he slowly placed his hand on the tail and twisted the bony spike, breaking it off with a quick motion. The beast roared as it flailed its tail hitting the brother to the wall denting the wood and plaster making the sister raise her syringe and plunge it into the creature's skull. There was a loud crack as the exposed skull was pierced between the eyes making the creature roar again, but surprised the sister when it did not die. The creature tried to get a sense of orientation as the sister had burned off its eyes by getting on its feet again. The sister jumped on its back and began to pierce the creature were she guessed was its heart. The creature tried to throw her off, but the sister plunged her syringe into its back as deep as it could and repeatedly kicked its skull to keep it disoriented. The brother looked up through blurry vision, seeing the attack the sister was waging on the creature. The brother pumped a few first-aid kits into him to at least get him back into the fight, but it can only do so much against a wound like that. He felt the slow drip of blood from his lips making him take off his helmet. The brother tried to stand, but managed to only get on his knees before the pain was too much for him. He held out his hand and the creature stopped flailing for moment, but continued to tremble from its exertion. The sister looked toward the brother before finally realizing he was holding it steady with his telekinesis, which made her angry for some unknown reason. The sister pulled her hand back as it cracked with blue lighting and struck the creature in the back of the skull making a sickening crack and electrocuting the monster. The sister made a couple of more shots before taking out her syringe and jumping toward the ceiling. She planted her feet firmly before pushing with all her might, cracking it and connecting her knuckles to the creature's head. The force rumbled the hall and shattered the back of the creature's skull as the sister's fist went through its brain and out of its jaw. The creature stopped moving as blood trickled down her arm and onto the floor. The creature slowly fell to the ground as the sister breathed in slowly as she felt her arm slowly go numb. The sister finally saw the creature's teeth had scraped her forearm and pierced her skin. Does the creature have some kind of venom? The sister bent her arm and pulled the creature head clean off to make sure it doesn't come back. She held the brain splattered skull in her hand and studied it before tossing it to the side. She looked at the scrapes on her arm and closed her fist a few times feeling it weak and numb. The protector seemed to growl in frustration thinking this could become a problem if it persists longer than she thought it would.

The brother coughed as he struggled to breath. He lay on his side facing the sister glad to see that she was ok despite his predicament. He coughed more blood as pain completely engulfed him again. On the outside he barely winced and did not show any fear or sadness. The sister stood above him and used her foot to move him to inspect the wound. He rolled back to his original position before he smiled "I take it you are ok?" The sister bent down "As I said before I should kill you right now," A thin line of blood went over the corner of his mouth "Is this the only way you could?" The sister grabbed his throat and pulled him a little higher "If that thing didn't show up, I could have," She dropped him back on the ground before turning. The brother's vision faltered as he momentarily blacked out only to regain consciousness again "Well you're safe it's all that matters," The sister began walking away taking one more look at the creature before continuing. The brother coughed up some more blood as he could see the sister start to fade the further she walked. The brother shook his head in an attempt to clear his vision, but it just made him dizzy and worse off. He pumped a few more first aid kits into himself to try and stay conscious. Whatever that thing that was lying dead next to him was he needed to make sure to get back to the doctor quick. The brother tried standing up again, but only managed to sit up. He was breathing slowly as it pained to him to just stay alive. The creature's body in front of him twitched for a moment which at first he dismissed as his mind playing tricks on him. He froze when it moved again.