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District 1
The morning was crisp as the sun poked through the morning clouds. Jack Leonsin was walking down the road to the woods his hands in his pockets.

I wonder what Dad is going to make me do today? His dad was always making him train as hard as he could so he would win the Hunger Games. He smiles to himself.

If I win maybe Dad will let me date Veronica! Veronica was the CUTEST girl in school and she said she liked him. He told his dad, but he didn't seem to care. He said this and I quote.

"That's great son and I'm thinking of that tree we found yesterday, I'm thinking of you pulling that thing right out of the ground!"

Of course he pulled the tree out without much difficulty. Blah blah blah so what! He's been too obsessed with me winning ever since Marvel earned an arrow to the throat from that lady archer Kittyniss or something like that. He went to the woods and found his dad poking a large sequoia tree.

"Here's a warm up for you," his dad said.

"Seems easy enough," he replied to his dad. He grabbed around the base of the tree and heaved. It popped out easily!

Jack smiled and punched his dad in the shoulder. That punch would of made his senior mates in school cry, but not his dad. His dad's brother was a victor, but he died in the rebellion. "Ya should of picked something harder dad!"

"Hahaha maybe so!" he said. The rest of the day was running through the forest avoiding obstacles and fighting sword battles and practicing shield strikes. He also had a lesson in Mutts and what they do. He'd learned about Nightlock Hawks, Tracker Jackers, Metal Bulls and whatever. He needed to get ready for his big moment. He went in the tub and washed his sandy blonde hair, he wasn't tall at all, just muscular. He was around 5'4 and used to get picked on by other kids, mostly Liam Stogerman. He got dressed in his best shirt and pants and was off.

"Come on Leah!"

"Shush Lil"

"Be quiet Kim!"

The triplets always argued they argued about which one of them would win the games.

"I'm going to win!" said Leah.

"No I am" said Kim.

"Both of you quiet" said Lil or was that Leah or or or...!

They were all identical and they all wouldn't shut up. So they stood apart at the Reaping, in identical dresses.

Rosalinda Firatata was the escort this year since Jetson was deemed missing in action since last years Games. An odd case that fellow.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 78th annual Hunger Games!"

Just call a name! thought Jack as she said,

"Ladies first!" she went over to the reaping bowl and picked out a name. "Kim Losenphene!"

Kim went up on stage, but just as she did her sister jumped out from the crowd

"She's not Kim I am!"

"No she's not!" another sister jumped up "I'm the real Kim!"

"Are not!"

"Am so!"

"No you aren't!"

"Shush your mouth! Lil!"

"STOP!" screams Rosalinda.

They stop fighting to look at her.

"I'm going to pick one of you! Eenie meanie minie moe!" she says.

She points at one of them and says,


"Yes!" says the now going to be Kim and gives a small fist bump.

The other sisters did not look happy about not being picked so they go to their spots again.

"Sigh," said Rosalinda then she put on a forced smile and said, "Now for the boys!" She goes over to the big clear shining bowl of names. Whenever poor people in

District 1 needed tessera they went to Jack. Jack would put his name in for tessera and give it to them and have his name in extra times. It made sense if they were scared why not help?

So when Rosalinda was about to call a name he was just about sure that he would get picked and if not he'd volunteer!

"John Leeter!"

"I Volunteer as tribute!" Wait a minute that wasn't me! He looked and saw Liam Stogerman his rival since Kindergarden.


He sees the looks from others, but stands proud and walks toward the stage. Then he sees Liam's fist, trying to hit blocks, jabs, and breaks Liam's nose.

"IT'S MY GAMES!" screamed Liam, his voice slightly muffled by his broken nose.

"Shut up Liam," Jack said and walked on stage.

"U-ummmm" Rosalinda looked around for some sort of support. She caught a quick look from Jack and made up her mind. "DISTRICT 1, YOUR TRIBUTES!"

District 2

Jessica Thomas brushed the hair from her face as she walked down the street to school.

"Ugh another boring day of school which equals BORINGNESS!" she complains to her friends Mikah and Sidney.

"Hahaha well I guess you're right about that!" says Mikah when they reach their school.

"Shush you two there's the new principal!" says Sidney. Sidney said she thought the new principal was cute!

"Sid there is a line between cute and going out of your way to give a random kid a fist bump!" said Mikah. Mikah was like 2% milk right 2% of the time. She'd heard yesterday he gave detentions for kids who couldn't or wouldn't give him a fist bump.

"Hey girls!" he said as walked by and gave them each a fist bump.

"See my point?" says Mikah as the principal reaches out to give a Kindergartener a fist bump.

"I don't think the little girl likes it!" says Jessica as the small girl rockets for the door straight past us.

As school continue I get bored in math, sleepy in geography, and get my hair messed up in PE! During lunch some dufus named I don't even know his name man! He is
a scary kid! He sits by us and tells LAMO jokes. Then he tells a story about me in Kindergarten!


"Mikah shush!" I say sweating cause I see she's caught the attention of Mr. Lakay. WE ARE TOAST! He comes over and says to us,

"Girls indoor voices, please!"

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA" laughs Mikah, "Ooooopsy!" she whispers as Mr. Lakay holds out a bright pink slip that says the following,

Mikah will report after school for the next 3 weeks and will not be able to participate in sports this year and will be given 7 lashings in front of school.
That hurts. Then Sidney is given the same slip saying that she provoked Mikah and that she will get 6 more lashings than Mikah.

"I didn't provoke her!" says Sidney.

"I don't know what just happened, but you two will miss the reapings today." I say.

"My knight in armor will save me!" Sidney proclaims.

"Girl, if you talkin' bout' that principal! He not going to save you! If I remember right the PRINCIPAL gives the whipping.

Casey was just fooling around like usual when it happened. He was walking home from school to go home after hockey practice and ran into his dad. His dad was a the head of the peacekeeper force in District 2.

"Son what are you doing?" he asked sternly.

"I'm just going home!" he says rather quickly.

His dad shakes his head and says,

"Son I do think the Games would be a great experience for you."

"Yeah some experience that would be," he says, "Killing people and getting killed."

"It was where your brother met the love of his life," his father pointed out.

Casey rolled his eyes and said,

"Yeah before he got his head chopped off from the girl from 7!"

"That was a great Games, sigh," his dad said. Casey found his dad a little on the cooky side.

That day a new escort was in District 2 for the reaping and his name was Quinlin Footmyster. He was a dark skinned man who dressed like a crazed Justin Bieber, sadly he talked like Justin Beiber also.

"Hey boys and laaaaddddddiiiieeeesss! Well it time for the Hunger Games! LADIES TIME FOR YOUR TRIBUTE!"

He practically runs to the ball and grabs a slip and strikes a pose.


CRAP MIKAH'S IN DETENTION! What do I do what do I do?

"I-I volunteer a-as t-tribute!" she shouts.

"We have a volunteer!" screams Quinlin in a singsong voice, "Your name?"

"Jessica" she says then louder, "Jessica Thomas!"

"How old are you Jessica?" Quinlin asks sweetly.

"16," she replies.

"Excellent, now for the boys!"

He comes closer and closer and closer to the big clear ball of names.

"Johnathion Handcik!"



As he walks up on stage he wonders, What happened? I didn't say that! Did Dad say that?

He has no time to think about it as he is shoved on stage.

"Well we know your name now so how old are you?"

"17," I say. I see dad, I see dad SMILING.