"Haha, yeah, catch ya later, dude!" Lucy said joyfully with a chuckle as she slammed her locker shut, waving goodbye to Paulo as he scurried off to his next class quickly, not wanting to be late again. Oh, how that teacher hated late students..

For the first time in months, Lucy was showing off a real, genuine smile that could light up even the darkest and dankest of alleyways for miles and miles. Her and Paulo had been together for about.. two weeks now, at least that's what Lucy thought, she was never really that good with the whole "keeping track of time" deal. She looked down at the multicolored books that she had grasped in her hands, her fur rubbing up against the boarded backs, the cool feeling of the covers rubbed off against her flesh but not in a way that she would dislike. It's nice to cool off every once in a while, especially if you have fur that heats you up every second of every day.

She turned around with a quick pace, her tail whooshing to and fro from the sudden kick off pace, finally coming to a halt when a familiar Korat caught her bright blue eyes which widened when she saw him staring at her with a rather displeased face. "Uh.. hey.." She finally forced out of herself, trying not to make the awkwardness the situation was forcing down upon her obvious on her face.




A sharp ring of painful connection from fur and flesh echoed the empty, soundless hallways, Mike's scornful face burning with rage, Lucy's head up and in place from where the slap left her. "Mike.." Lucy began, her pupils rolling over to where he was positioned. Her head rolled back into place to stare him dead in the eye, shooting daggers down at him.

"What the FUCK, Mike?!" She spat loudly, not even caring if someone heard them. Class had already begun by now but neither of them seemed to care that they were missing their classes. "Did you even really mean it when you confessed to me back there?!" Mike pitched in, his eyebrows narrowing.

"Wh.." Lucy stuttered, stepping back an inch before clenching her teeth and becoming angry again. "YES!" She yelled with force, the sound echoing once more, making it seem louder than it actually was. "Doesn't seem like it." He responded in a blank tone. "Screwing around with that manwhore." His eyes fell as blank as his tone, Lucy becoming angrier by the minute, unsure if she should be outraged for Paulo or offended for Paulo.

"ALL PAULO EVER DID WAS COMFORT ME!" She screamed with scorn, unable to think straight, just focusing on speaking her mind. "ALL YOU DID WAS MAKE ME FEEL BAD ABOUT MYSELF. HE COMFORTED ME WHEN I WAS CRYING, SOMETHING YOU NEVER DID."

Mike stood there for a few minutes, speechless and motionless, a few blinks here and there being the only exception. "Well maybe..!" He forced out with desperation, trying not to make himself seem like an idiot. "Um.. erm.. well.." He fumbled for the right words to say, trying to catch a grip on his tongue, not even sure where he was going with this.

"That's what I thought," She narrowed her eyebrows and swirled around, pawing towards a water fountain and gulping down a few swallows of the crisp, chilly refreshing water. Wiping the water off that had stuck to her fur, she padded off to her next class, her fingers reaching for the stone-cold metal doorknob, her hand twisting and opening the door, the class falling silent at her late appearance. All eyes were on her.

"Sorry I'm late. I had to pee."

haha, yeah, sorry that it's bad! uwu;; it is my first time trying to write something that is literate in, like, three or four months or something? sorries! umu;; but we all gotta pick up someplace, right? OuO i also wanted to vent out my feelings for mike.