Toph had wandered away from the camp set among the beautiful ruins of the airtemple. There were a lot of people there, over double their normal group, and she had taken to walking to get a break from the near constant chatter. She was by no means a shrinking violet, it was merely that she was still getting used to being around a lot of people constantly after living a life of near solitude.

Not to mention that, while air was earth's opposite, these buildings were perfect for her sight. She enjoyed the freedom, and the slight thrill she got then she felt the vibrations of the stone stop so near bellow her feet where it met the open air.

She found herself standing close to an edge, tapping her foot in her way of gazing over the ravine. She couldn't see anything in front of her, but she was alerted of someone making their way up behind her. By the how he placed his feet, it was obvious that he was trying (and failing miserably) to be stealthy.

"Sokka, I know you're there," she scoffed when she felt he had gotten close enough.

The familiar steps stopped a foot behind her, while the heart beat connected to them sped up. "...Sneak attack?" he offered, his usual humor entering his voice, but none of the sarcasm.

Toph felt herself smile and willed her cheeks to stay cool. Damn it, she was the Blind Bandit after all! "Of course Snoozles. I think you will take Aang out of a job, you could beat the Firelord all by yourself with those skills!" She, on the other hand, did not lose her sarcasm.

She could practically feel his pouting, and couldn't help a chuckle. There was a moments pause, then he join her, laughing at really nothing at all. It just felt good.

Then all of a sudden Toph found herself off the ground, strong arms and the sent of the sea wrapping themselves around her. Her hands grabbed hold of one of the arms, and then she was laughing again. This felt even better. It felt right. Maybe there was a war on, maybe they were on the losing side, maybe a lot of things. But with his cheek pressed her's, his body supporting her's, she felt she could take on the world.

"Hey Toph?"

"Yeah, meat for brains?"

"Love you."

"...Right back at you, Sokka..."