Secrets Revealed

Between getting captured by his English class, revealed on live television, sent into a future that wasn't supposed to happen, and drugged by the rare plant 'Ghost Nip,' Danny Fenton's soon going to discover that secrets aren't always meant to stay secret.

A/N: I don't like killing main characters. You don't have to worry about unnecessary death/gore.

Table of Contents:


2) Waste of Space: (angst, hurt/comfort, overly dramatic)

Alternate ending to Phantom Planet, and what would have happened if the Fenton parents accidentally rejected their son before they realized who or what he was.

3) Haywire: (angst, family, drama)

Amity Park thought they knew everything about their mayor, but an incident with the billionaire and the youngest Fenton makes them realize there is a lot more depth to him than they thought.

4) Captured By My Class: (humor)

Danny Fenton, a newly formed Halfa, gets captured by his English Class in his ghost form. Lancer is nervous, Valerie is trigger happy, Paulina is curious, but mostly everyone is just plain confused. And his two best friends chose this day to be sick. What a coincidence.

5) Video Diary Screwup: (humor, drama)

Team Phantom keeps a video record of all their adventures on a highly encrypted, password protected folder while their CD copies are hidden in a secure location. So how did Danny manage to turn one in for their class project?

6) This Story: (ANGST)

Fighting the dead, learning about the dead- even being part of the dead- was nothing compared to actually watching someone die.

7) My Missing Half: (humor, angst?)

Danny has been split in half by the Ghost Catcher again. This time, however, there are no lackadaisical teens and bed-sheet wearing superheroes.

8) Things I Can(not) Do in Amity Park: (humor)

Danny and his friends are officially seniors of Casper High. A month away from graduation and suddenly Danny is sick of Amity Park's ignorance. Refusing to play innocent any longer- and hoping everyone will finally get a clue- the golden trio of Amity Park lets loose. This town is in for a wild month. NOW A SEPARATE STORY.

9) Guardians: (hurt/comfort, adventure)

When Vladimir Masters was born, the world took a breath it couldn't let go of for 30 years. When Daniel Fenton was born, the world woke up- and some still wonder if it should have just stayed asleep.

10) Shots Fired: (suspense, drama, humor)

Amity Park deals with ghosts. It does not, however, deal with human enemies; specifically ones who wield guns inside schools.

11) Misconceptions: (hurt/comfort, friendship)

The Fentons aren't a well known family. They're famous for their work, but it's not like anyone knows them personally, and honestly no one really wants to know. Then Danny Fenton starts showing up to school with bruises.

12) A Different Kind of Hero: (hurt/comfort, slight angst)

If Danny wanted to be a hero for everyone, then he needed to be a different kind for some people, because saving the day doesn't always involve using your fists.

13) Family of Fools: (angst, hurt/comfort, family)

Jokes are only funny when everyone's laughing. April Fools prompt for the Fenton family.


14) 5 Times Danny Fenton Uses His Powers to Help His Town + the 1 Time They Use Theirs: (love, support, Post-PP, "so sweet it just might give you a toothache"):

Amity Park is one of the lucky towns that has its very own super hero, but their hero is tiny, he is young, and he is always- always- saving them.

15) DannyMay17 Prompt- Humans and Ghosts (part 1): (angst because ya'll like to SUFFER)

If there was one thing Danny Fenton perfected since receiving his powers, it was how to pretend.

16) Amity Park: The Last City Standing: (hurt/comfort, time travel)

Dash always knew, sooner or later, that the consequences of his recklessness would catch up with him. Danny always knew that a single mistake could cost him his family, friends, and futureā€“he just never realized it didn't necessarily have to be his mistake. NOW A SEPARATE STORY.

17) Humans and Ghosts (Part 2): (angst because ya'll like to SUFFER)

Her hands were gentle and Danny couldn't remember the last time his parents made him feel safe.

18) Humans and Ghosts (Part 3): (angst because ya'll like to SUFFER)

His skin doesn't fit. He feels like a spirit with a body that doesn't move right. It pumps blood when it shouldn't, it breathes when it shouldn't, it flushes with color when it shouldn't.