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"So, any plan of action?" Max asked, glancing and Finn and Jake.

"Not really," Jake said, "We just get in, get the book, and get out."

Max nodded in understanding. The simple plans were the best ones. They quickly got to the castle and confronted the Ice King.

"Where's the book you stole, Ice King?" Finn yelled, pointing at him with his sword.

"It's on the bookshelf over there." Ice King said, pointing to Finn's right. When they looked over in the direction the Ice King pointed, the Ice King froze Finn and Jake from the waist down. The Ice King looked over at Max, who had been still and quiet the entire time.

"Who are you?" Ice King questioned, getting ready to fight. Instead, all he got was a question.

"Is that a penguin!?" Max yelled, diving for Gunter. "It's so cute!" he said, hugging it. Gunter was struggling against the man while the Ice King was furious.

"Release Gunter or be destroyed!" Ice King threatened, readying his powers.

"I don't wanna!" Max replied, shooting a look at Finn and Jake. In defiance of Ice King, Max grabbed several more penguins and hugged them. While they continued to bicker about penguins, Jake shrunk himself until he could get out of the ice.

"While he's distracted, I'll try to get the book and you try to get yourself out." Jake told Finn. While Finn started breaking the ice, Jake went over to get the book. The ice shattered, freeing Finn, and catching the attention of the Ice King. He shot a blast of magic at them as they escaped. Max set the penguins down and jumped in to the blast, blocking it with his katana. The blast left a thick layer of ice. He tightened his grip on his katana and the ice shattered, leaving an aura of pure energy.

"I'll see you later, Ice King." Max said, leaving with Finn and Jake.

"What was with your sword?" Finn asked, looking at Max's katana.

"I'm afraid that is another story for another time, my friend." Max replied, smirking.

They soon arrived at the Candy Kingdom and returned the book to Princess Bubblegum.

"Do you have a map of Ooo I could borrow for a minute?" Max asked Princess Bubblegum.

"Sure." Princess Bubblegum replied handing him an old looking rolled up map. Max spread it out on the table in front of him. A thin cylinder extended up from his PAK and bathed the map in a red light.

"Map saved." the PAK informed Max. He carefully rolled it back up and handed it back to the princess.

"Thank you, princess." He said, bowing. As the princess put the map up Max turned to leave.

"Come along Finn, I need you to show me back to the portal, please." Max said as they left.

"Can't you track it with your PAK?" Finn asked, looking at Max as they walked to the portal.

"I could, but then I would have to leave sooner." Max replied, looking at Finn. When they left the Candy Kingdom, Max looked at Finn and asked, "You like-like Princess Bubblegum, don't you?"

"N-No!" Finn stammered, blushing.

"Whatever." Max said, waving his hand at Finn. They reached the portal and Max stuck his head through. He turned to Finn and said, "So much for recon. Now it's time for in depth information gathering."

"How are you gonna do that?" Finn asked.

"Why, I'll just go to the library!" Max replied, walking into the woods. "See you later, Finn and Jake!" he said, waving.

"See ya!" Finn and Jake yelled after him, waving.

"Do you think we'll see him again soon?" Finn asked Jake as they went back to the tree house.

"Probably." Jake said.

Max eventually reached the library. As soon as he entered he saw the massive number of books and said, "This is gonna be fun!"

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