Chapter One

Season One

There was a small tap on the window, Stiles Stilinski a kid in his late teens looked up from his computer. The tapping continued looking up at the window he stood up and walked over to the window; he opened the ledge and lifted it up. A blonde curly haired teenager climbed into the room and sat on the window side "what Isaac?" Stiles said stepping away and sitting back in his chair.

The kid named Isaac licked his lips "Let's go to Jungle" he said jumping off the window side. The jungle is a club down a few blocks away from where Stiles lives; it's been around for a long time.

Stiles shrugged and turned his chair away from Isaac and continued on his computer "do you know what time it is?" Stiles asked

"When has that stopped us," he asked raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah fine" Stiles sighed swivelling his chair around "I will meet you buy the jeep," Stiles said, Isaac smiled and turned back to the window Stiles sighed "you do know you can use the door my dad isn't home"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Scott McCall, a man in his late twenties with brown chocolate hair looked around the crowded club "Have you seen Derek around?"

"No" Jackson Whitmore a mousy brown haired guy in his late twenties answered. Jackson is a well-built man who was a bit taller than Scott.

Scott looked around the heated room "I just got a text from Allison" he held the phone up to his face.

"If you're looking for Derek, he'll be in the backroom" Danny Mahealani leaned against the bar, he's well-built man just like Jackson. Running his hand through his black short hair, he ordered his drink.

"Big surprise" Scott moved from the bar and left.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Isaac and Stiles stood in line outside the club, the exterior was a plain old building except the bright sign above the door, Stiles hugged his body "I'm freezing my arse off" he moaned. Isaac gave a roll of the eyes.

They moved about an inch in the line, Stiles sighed "We could be here for hours"

Isaac rolled his eyes "All you've done is moan since we got out of the jeep" stated Isaac.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Derek" Scott walked past all the bodies until he got to two people one was on his knees, one guy was giving the other head "Derek, Allison's had the baby".

The man Derek Hale opened his green eyes and sighed as he stared into Scott's Brown eyes he leaned against the wall "get that man's mouth off your dick and come on".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles blew into his cupped hands as he and Isaac were still standing in the line. The doors opened Derek walked out of the door and a Scott followed, Stiles looked up and stared up at Derek as he did the same. Derek kept eye contact with Stiles for a few seconds as Stiles' mouth opened.

Isaac looked in the same direction as Derek and Scott left. "Did you just see what I just did" Stiles' hands moved to his side.

Isaac nodded "I did and I like".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles opened the jeep door and lifted himself up and sat in the driver's seat, turning the key and starting the engine "do I get a ride Stilinski?" a blonde teenager sat in the passenger side and slammed the door

"Erica" he sighed.

Erica Reyes smiled she pushed her long blonde hair over her shoulder and put her seatbelt on. Stiles drove away from the curb "so did you and Zac go out last night? Why can't you ever take me with you?"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Pssst Derek" Allison Argent sat up in the hospital bed as she opened her drowsy eyes and stared up, her hair was up in a ponytail and her fringe stuck to her sweaty forehead.

Derek had his head on his arms as they rested on the bed fast asleep "Der" she placed her hand on his head "wake up" she said. Derek yawned and sat up from the bed and rubbed at his eyes "what time is it?" she asked.

Derek looked at his watch "9.30" he said. Allison smiled "where is he," he asked

Allison yawned again and looked towards the door "Lydia's gone to see a nurse" she told him.

"I meant Markus," Derek said

"The nursery" Allison said "I can't believe we did it Der" he got on the bed she put her head on his shoulder.

"What time did Scotty leave?" he asked.

"An hour ago" a strawberry blonde walked into the room.

"Lydia" she stated, "Did you talk to the nurse?" Allison asked.

"Yeah we can leave once he accepts your milk"

Derek stood up and clapped his hands "Come on Al if you get your boobs out and I will be outta here" Allison hit him on the leg.

Lydia Martin sat in the chair "let me guess last night when Allison was giving birth to our son you were getting your cock sucked" she stated a fact.

"Lydia please" she scolded her. Derek ran his fingers through his hair "you need a shave" Allison touched his stubbled chin.

The phone rang. Derek took it from his pocket "watch out Peter and Laura are on their way"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Mr Stilinski" a book slammed down on the table. Stiles jumped up "green eyes" everyone looked at him and laughed "Do you think you could pay attention," the teacher said.

"Sorry Mr Harris I had a late night," Stiles said to him.

"Probably off sucking cock" the class laughed.

Stiles turned and stuck his middle finger up "fuck off Matt" he said.

"Another word like that Mr Daehler and you fail this class".

Stiles turned back around and leaned his head on his fist.

Isaac leaned against the wall with his bag over his shoulder, the bell above his head. The door opened next to him and students filed out of the room "looks it's the other cocksucker" Matt said.

"Fuck off" Stiles cursed walking out of the room and Isaac walked beside him "he's an arse" Stiles gave a shake of the head.

"Up for another go at Jungle today," Isaac asked.

Stiles shrugged "I don't feel like it," Stiles told him.

"Oh come on"

"Okay but Erica wants to come," Stiles told him.

Isaac laughed "has she got a dick" he stated.

"No" Stiles answered.

"There's your answer".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

The music was thumping loudly "here" Isaac pulled Stiles to the bar.

"You really think they're going to serve us here Isaac," Stiles told him.

"What is wrong with you today," Isaac asked.

Derek, Jackson, Danny and Scott walked into the club with different outfits that match their personalities "I am going to find myself a willing body" Derek walked away.

Scott watched him leave Jackson and Danny glanced at each other "come on Scotty let's get a drink" they dragged him with them.

Stiles stared at the full coke glass. Isaac leaned against the bar watching the people "told you they wouldn't serve us alcohol" Stiles took a sip of his drink.

Scott, Jackson and Danny walked to the other side of the bar "you have to get over Derek Hale Scott" Danny said to him.

"Yeah he's only in love with himself"

Derek gripped a hold of the guys hair as he sucked him off his head went back and hit the wall he closed his eyes.

Scott rubbed the back of his head he picked up the bottle and took a swig "hey want to dance with me, Jackson?" Danny slung his arm around said man shoulders.

"Of course" Jackson and Danny left to the dance floor.

Scott sighed "can I buy you a drink?" Isaac leaned on the bar.

Scott looked at him up and down "sorry but you're a little young".

Isaac raised an eyebrow "never too young".

Stiles came to a stop "I am going to kill Isaac so very painfully"

"Is it going to hurt?" came a deep voice. Stiles turned around Derek stood arms folded.

"I um Hi" Stiles stuttered he gulped staring at Derek's bicep's he looked up at Derek's prominent jaw line "Big bad sour wolf" Derek raised an eyebrow. Stiles licked his lip "because you remind me of a wolf what with the gruff demeanour and sweet deep voice"

A guy went into Stiles side "watch where you're going" Derek stepped forward into Stiles personal space. Stiles swallowed and licked his lips.

"Do you want to come to mine?" Derek asked with smouldering eyes.

Stiles breathed out "i…"

"You, me at my place" Derek whispered gently pushing him gently against the bar.

Stiles opened his mouth to speak "I" he stuttered licking his lips "Yes".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek drove his coal black Camaro with one hand, Stiles rubbed the back of his head and looked out of the window. The car came to a stop, Derek got out and then Stiles tumbled out of his side "this is your place" he looked up at the house.

Derek opened the house's front door "yeah parents left it to me when they died" he said walking into the house and leaving the door opened "come on let's go" he walked up.

Stiles stumbled after him and closing the door behind him, Derek walked into the sitting room and took his jacket off revealing a tight top. He threw the jacket onto the sofa.

Stiles licked his lips and looked up at the high ceiling, Derek turned around.

"Well," he said, "you get water from one" Stiles asked him, Derek invisible face palmed he walked up to him and grabbed the back of his head and kissed him.

"Hmm," Stiles grabbed a hold of his arms Stiles' lips were crushed by Derek's large ones and crushed to Derek's muscular body.

Their lips settled against each other.

Derek removed his own shirt lifting Stiles shirt over his head and brushed his fingertips against Stiles nipples. Stiles swallowed "have you done it before?" Derek asked.

Stiles blinked "n-no" he answered.

Derek took his hand and led him up the stairs and into a bedroom.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Scott buried his face into Isaac's neck as he jerked him off "fuck" Scott moaned and then his head moved again "ahh".

Isaac licked his lips they were stood outside the club in an alley "I'm going to" Isaac's hand sped up.

Scott bit at Isaac's neck "I feel like a horny teenager"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles opened his eyes as he stared at the ceiling, he sat up "fuck" he moaned and laid back down. He moaned and turned his head the side of the bed, where the sheets were rumpled and empty "fuck" he cursed "What's the time?"

Stiles reached for the clock "the…..fuck" he fell out of the bed "my fucking arse" he stood up there was a piece of paper he picked it up and read.

'Make sure you leave everything how it is by kid' Stiles screwed it up and swung his legs to the side and sighed "It's too good to be true"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Stiles hey" Isaac walked up and stood next to him as Stiles opened his locker door "what happened to you last night?" Isaac asked.

"I didn't feel well so I went home," he told him shutting his locker.

"I'm sorry but I gave a really hot guy a hand job last night" Isaac grinned.

"Lucky you," Stiles said

"Let's go to that diner near the jungle," Isaac said to him.

"I have a paper due," Stiles said to him.

"Bring it with you dude and me"

"Hey guys" Erica walked between them as she bit into her apple "I missed out twice guys I want to go to Jungle, this time, I am not missing my time to be the perfect Fag Hag"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

A woman with shoulder length brown hair walked up to their table "okay what can I get you?" she asked.

Erica smiled "I'll have a beef burger with no Cheese and a Salad"

"And you blonde," she asked.

Isaac smiled "The nacho cheese" he smiled she looked at Stiles.

"Brace yourself" Erica mocked leaning back in the chair.

Stiles smiled "burger with curly fries, onion rings with salsa dip two slices of pizza and another shake" the woman eyebrow raised.

"Told you to brace yourself" she went.

Stiles drunk some more of his milkshake "Erica, Stiles is being cryptic he didn't take his jeep when he left"

Erica grinned "it's obvious he left with someone"

"I did not leave with someone okay can you drop it" Stiles finished his shake.

The doors opened and Derek walked in with Jackson, Danny and Scott "I'll probably see Markus tomorrow" Derek stated.

"Good, at least, the bitches are letting you," said Jackson.

They sat in the booth behind Erica, Isaac and Stiles.

The Waitress walked over to their table and set their orders down "Here you go" the waitress put plates down.

"Thanks" Isaac smiled.

"God your smile is gorgeous" the women smiled "enjoy your meal" she moved onto the next table.

"Hello little brother" she smiled at Derek.

"Laura," Derek said and straightened his tie "can I get my usual," he asked.

The women Laura smiled "sure"

Stiles stuffed some fries into his mouth Erica picked up one of his onion rings "Oi" he smacked her hand away.

"Stiles" she stuck her tongue out "Please just tell us where you went last night?" Erica asked

"No just drop it". He said opening his bag and got his textbooks out and placed them on the table, he opened the textbook he had put a post-it note "I'm so going to fail this assignment Harris hates me" Stiles said.

"Harris hates everyone" Isaac drunk out of the glass.

"No he hates me" Stiles stuffed his face "let's just eat okay and not talk about this anymore"

Jackson looked at his phone "another text" Danny asked.

"Yeah asshole boss" he stood up "see you later at jungle"

Danny finished eating "I better get going" he stood up "see you later" Danny and Jackson had both left.

Derek put the glass down "I gotta go" he stood up.

"Stiles stop" Derek turned and looked over behind him "just eat Isaac before I come over this table and strangle you to be quite"

Derek smirked and walked over.

"Oi kid," he said Stiles froze.

Stiles looked up "I don't think we've been introduced Derek Hale" he held his hand out, Stiles shook it.

"Hale," Isaac said "Hale as in Hale enterprises"

Derek nodded "bye kid," he left both Erica and Isaac looked at him.

"Fine…I lost my virginity last night".