Physical Barriers

Chapter Ten

Season One

"Happy Birthday" Laura smiled.

"Thanks" Scott drunk some coffee.

"What the hell is that T-shirt you're wearing Laura" Jackson raised an eyebrow.

On Laura's t-shirt there was a picture of a male like a toilet with no head and underneath there were words underneath 'want head'. "In some old store," she said.

Isaac poured Scott some more coffee in the mug "thanks" he said Isaac smiled "anytime birthday boy" he went.

"Wanna tap that again" asked Laura Scott shook his head. "What are you doing for your birthday?" she asked.

Scott shrugged "same thing I do every evening"

Derek walked into the diner "Happy Birthday" he slid next to Scott and kissed the side of his head "jungle tonight" Derek asked.

"You can't take him to a nightclub for his birthday," Laura said.

"Why not it's a stripper and a party rolled into one" he ate one of the grapes on the plate.

Isaac walked over "hey Laura, Al says were out of eggs" he folded his arms.

"How can we be out of egg were a diner," Laura said.

A mobile went off "w….mine" Isaac answered "hey Stiles" he said Derek ate some more grapes "yeah I can do that" he said "Bye" he hung up.

Scott finished his coffee.

Isaac picked up the empty plates and went "so what do you want" Derek asked

"Der come on you know you don't do presents," Scott said to him "I can change can't I".


Derek ate another grape "i…have a date" Derek ate "date who"

"I met him online," Scott said to him.

"It's a woman," Derek said

"Shut up Derek".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Danny" Jackson banged on the bedroom door "Danny"

"Go away Jackson I am tired," Danny said.

"You never want to talk to me," Jackson said.

The door opened. "Danny what the fuck happened to your face" Danny had a busted lip.

"I went into a door at work" Jackson narrowed his eyes.

"What Jackson" he stared at him.

"Fuck sake Danny a feeling of déjà vu with you," Jackson said

"And I told you I am not taking drugs". Danny repeated Jackson forced the door open "Jackson"

Jackson opened draws "where are you hiding it Danny where is the meth Danny"

"I do not have any drugs," Danny told him.

"Don't lie to me Danny" he lifted up the bed a bag of white stuff "then what's this" he held something in his fingers.

"Jackson I" Jackson threw it at him "fuck it that's fine just" Jackson walked pass him "please" Danny pleaded

"No I'm done with you kill yourself for all I care" Jackson left.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles stopped the jeep he looked at the block of apartments he closed his eyes.

"You're never going to see this Derek Hale anymore for crying out loud his 7 years older than you….his uncle was sued for sexual harassment," John said.

"You can't stop me dad," Stiles said, "you watch me….if you talk to him I'll have him arrested".

Stiles started up the engine and drove off.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek sat at a table Markus was in the car seat on the table next to him "so are you ready?" Lydia handed him a pen.

Allison sat next to him Derek took the pen and went to sign and then stopped "I'm not signing it" he pushed hit away and stood up.

"Don't do this Derek," Lydia said.

"I can do it and I am I'm not signing it" he took Markus out of the car seat as he started crying "hey" he kissed his forehead "Shhhh"

Lydia looked at Allison "Allison don't let him do this to us" she said.

"What do you expect me to do if he won't sign it he won't sign it" Allison stated.

"Look taking his side again" Lydia stated.

"It's not about taking sides Lyd's" he said "he changed his mind" she added.

"Why wouldn't he change his mind?" Lydia asked "he didn't give a fuck before this," he said.

"Markus is here now I made that decision before" he kissed his forehead again.

"I can't believe this" Lydia stormed out.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Come on Scott please decide what you want to do for your birthday?" Laura asked him.

"I told you nothing I'm not in the mood for birthdays," Scott said.

"It's because your sad and lonely isn't it" Derek smirked and ate.

"Fuck off Derek," he said, "that's where you're wrong I am going on a date tomorrow".

"Mysterious date you called me about," Laura asked, Scott nodded

"Online," Jackson asked him "I'm not going to find any decent blokes around here" Scott said.

"I'm pretty decent" Jackson said "you got large eyebrows" Jackson's hand moved to his forehead.

"Derek's are worse than mine" Jackson said to him "they fit his face" Scott said

Jackson drunk some coffee out of his cup "Pizza at my place will do"

"What for?" Derek asked "my birthday".

"Okay, but let's do it at mine," Derek said.

"That was more sexual sounding than it was meant to," said Scott "up for it" Scott stood up and put money down.

"What time," Scott asked "6.30," Derek said to him "okay see you later" Scott left "are we really just going to have pizza," Jackson asked.

"No party".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

John opened the fridge door he had a phone to his ear "I would love to it will be good for you to finally meet Stiles" he said.

"Okay bye," Stiles walked into the kitchen "finally meet who," he asked him.

"My girlfriend".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek opened the door and stuck his head out "I'm here" Scott said. "hey" Derek opened the door it was dark "turn on a light jeez" he said the lights came on.

"Surprise" everyone shouted.

"Whoa was not expecting this" he looked round "I don't know any of these people" he whispered

"I do," Derek said walking in and leaving him at the door.

Stiles had his hands shoved in his jeans "I am not going in there" he looked up, John looked at him "you said I couldn't see Derek Hale and now you're taking me to his place" Stiles asked.

"You're with me," John said "it's different"

"Anyway why are we going here"

"John" a woman with black hair ran up.


"Melissa McCall this is my son Stiles"

"It's a pleasure to meet you your dad talks about you a lot" Melissa smiled.

"So your Scott's mum," Stiles said.

"You know my son," Melissa said.

Stiles shrugged "yeah kinda".

"Hey mum" Scott walked over to her and kissed her on the cheek "um mum," he said looking at John and Stiles

Melissa smiled "hey honey" she gave him one armed hug "you know I told you I was seeing someone" Scott looked between them "this is John Stilinski…..John this is my son Scott"

Scott shook his hand "pleased to meet you John".

"And you Scott," John said.

"Do I get a drink?" Stiles asked him.

"What are you doing here I thought I got rid of you," Derek said.

"Mine and Scott's parents are dating your arse" he picked up a bottle and went.

"I bought you a gift" Isaac held a present "um…thanks" Scott took it "I appreciate it" Scott smiled.

"Anytime" Isaac walked off "Fuck," Scott said.

Jackson held Markus "thought I'd never see the day Jackson Whittmore holding a baby," Lydia said.

"Probably because he still is a baby" Derek walked pass.

"Up your Derek," he said

"Hey Jackson"

"Yeah" he looked away from Markus "where's Danny?" Lydia asked.

"Fuck if I know or care anymore" he answered.

"Don't say that he's your best friend," Lydia said.

"No, when he acts like a complete meth head" Jackson snapped "don't bite my head off," Lydia said.

"I tried again you would think he'd learn from it the first time" Jackson handed Markus back to Lydia "I'm getting sloshed" he went.

"Presents" Derek put his arm around Scott's shoulder.

"Don't really need presents," said Scott.

"Open mine hon," Laura asked.

Scott picked up the box and opened it "vets for dummies" he said and laughed "thank you Laura" he smiled.

"Who's this one from" Scott picked up another one "me," Melissa said he picked it up and unwrapped it and opened "a watch Rolex mum" he hugged her "been saving" he kissed her cheek.

Scott unwrapped another couple.

"From Isaac" he picked up his gift "just something small" Isaac smiled Scott opened it "ah" Scott smiled "three free breakfasts thanks" Scott hugged him


Everyone looked at Derek "what?"

"Did you get me anything," Scott asked, "Isn't the party enough".

"Arse" Stiles called out "Stiles" John scolded.

"Okay, okay I will be back" Derek disappeared.

Scott gave a sigh, Derek held a large box and set it down. Scott narrowed his eyes and opened it "arf" a blonde ball yipped "you got me a dog?" Scott laughed.

"Don't you like her?" he asked.

The golden retriever puppy licked his face "I love her" he held her.

"What are you going to name her?" Melissa asked.

"I….donot know"

Jackson took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen 3 missed calls from Danny he sighed and put his phone back in his pocket.

The dog licked at Stiles' face "you're cute and this is the first female ever to lick my face" Isaac smiled.

Isaac glanced over at Scott and looked back at Stiles "do we just fall for the unattainable one?" he asked Stiles kept playing with the puppy "are you even listening to me?" Isaac asked.

"Sorry, what did you say?" Stiles asked.

"Never mind I'm going home now" he stood up "yeah okay," he said and playing with the puppy again.

Derek walked up "very cute" he leaned over.

"What," Stiles said.

"I said cute two puppies together" Derek whispered.

Stiles rolled his eyes and walked over to Scott and handed him the puppy "here you go" he said Scott smiled. "I'm going for fresh air," Stiles said leaving Derek.

"Are you staying tonight," Derek asked.

"No I'm done with you Derek," Stiles said to him.

"That's what you always say" Derek added "Hm" Derek shut the bedroom door and pushed him against it and they kissed.

"Hey you saw Stiles?" John asked from back in the sitting room.

"Said something about fresh air" Scott held the puppy "I've thought of a name. Her name is Deanna" Scott said.

"Okay," John smiled.

Stiles licked the head of Derek's cock Derek's hand moved his head down onto his head Stiles swallowed his cock to the hilt.

"Hm," Derek bit his bottom lip Stiles' head bobbed over his cock cold Derek's other hand moved down into his hair.

"Hey, Scott I'm going to call it a night" Jackson put his jacket on.

"Are you sure?" said Scott.

"Yeah see you tomorrow" Jackson kissed him on the cheek and went.

Derek zipped his jeans up Stiles sat on the bed "I can't believe it" he covered his face with both hands Derek sat next to him.

"I'm not finished with you yet you still have lessons" Derek leaned back on his elbows.

"I'm not allowed do see you again" Stiles stood up Derek watched him.

"Believe me, you'll be back Stiles" the door shut.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Jackson unlocked the door and walked in "you better not have one of your fucked up twink friends here" he took his jacket off.

There was a crash.

"Danny" Jackson called "hey you here"

Jackson walked up and opened the door Danny was on the floor fitting "Danny" he ran up "Danny" Jackson got on his knees.

Danny stopped "hey come on" he cried Danny's eyes were open "Danny god I didn't mean," he said.

"J-Jackson," Danny said "I lo…..love"

Jackson took out his phone.

Danny's eyes closed.