Chapter Two

Season One

"What is this?" Stiles dad said. John Stilinski is the same height as his son with the same looks and total opposite of his personality.

Stiles sighed and picked up his fork and ate a chip "your lunch" Stiles put a fork down onto the table and unwrapped his own cheeseburger. Scrunching the wrapper up and put it beside his plate.

John unwrapped it and took a bite out of the burger and looked back with a weird expression. "Stiles what's in this?" he asked

Stiles raised his eyebrow "it's a veggie burger dad" he stated, "we're being healthy today" he waved a slice of tomato.

John put the veggie burger down on the plate "where are we exactly Stiles?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about," Stiles said.

John looked at him and raised his eyebrow "where is this going?" he asked.

"You know that time when that incident happened with a friend of mine" Stiles replied "you know when I was outside that specific nightclub with Isaac" John squinted his eyes at him "And I said that I could be gay"

"And I said 'Not with those clothes your not" John stated "but where are you going with this?"

Stiles put his hands together and leaned his chin on his hands "Dad I'm Gay" Stiles said leaning back in his seat and put his hands on either side of his body.

John looked down at his plate.

Stiles frowned "Dad I know that this may come to a shock to you but I was born this way and" Stiles hesitated "I was supposed to tell you after you caught me but you had a big case and I didn't want you to deal"

John put his hand up to stop Stiles "it's Okay" he said looking up "But are you sure? Because this might be a phase but I'm not saying"

Stiles smiled "it's okay Dad I get what you're saying but" he paused "I'm gay and have known since I was 15"

John took a deep breath "I don't care if your gay Stiles but all I want for you is to be safe with everything" he said.

"Thanks, dad" Stiles drunk his shake "and please let's not have the Sex talk" Stiles ate a chip "I had the birds and the bees talk with you now it's the bees and bees talk".

"Just eat your veggie burger" John Said. Stiles stuffed some salad leaves into his mouth and smiled he puffed out his cheeks, John gave a shake of the head and continued to eat his lunch.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

The door opened Derek walked into the room with his leather jacket unzipped and one hand in his pocket "evening Lydia" he said with his usual facial expression "You off to work?"

Lydia put her hair up in a messy bun and grabbed her bag "yes but I got to say I'm not sad about leaving" she walked past him and left the house shutting the door behind her.

Derek rolled his eyes and took his jacket off throwing it on the back of the chair. Allison walked down the stairs and she had Markus in her arms "Hey Look its Daddy" Allison said handing Markus to Derek.

Derek kissed Markus's cheek and smiled "Hey," he said walking into the Living Room and sat down "So have you decided on how his full name is going to go"

Allison Smiled "Markus Argent Hale Martin"

Derek smiled "Hm" Derek looked at Markus in the face and stared at his son's face "he has your eyes" he stated.

Allison sat in the single armchair "they could change" she stated leaning back into the seat "I am so tired" Allison rubbed at her temples.

"Has your parents been here?" Derek asked.

Allison shook her head "still bloody refusing to believe I am gay and having your baby"

Derek smirked "Derek Hale's son"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Isaac opened the jeep door and climbed out Stiles got out of the driver's side "now it's time for me to lose mine" he walked.

Stiles locked the jeep "you're still going on about it".

"Why shouldn't I?" they walked towards jungle Isaac had his hands in his pockets "I wonder if your deflowerer is here tonight," Isaac said to him.

"Could you not say that" Stiles snapped

"What your deflowerer" Isaac mocked nudging Stiles, they got to the entrance of the club "come on maybe were get bought a drink," Isaac said as they walked in.

"Your get bought a drink" they walked through the bodies they got to the Bar. Stiles leaned against it "two cokes" Isaac said to the bartender

"Feel free to add Bacardi into that" Stiles Added grinning.

The Bartender smiled "here you go two cokes" he said putting them down in front of them "and you" he patted Stiles cheek "don't need to pay" he left to serve another Customer.

Stiles raised an eyebrow "Me" he said looking towards the end of the bar.

Derek looked up at him and drunk.

Stiles picked up his drink nodding towards him; he turned his back and drunk some drink.

Isaac smiled and stared at Stiles "oh look there's your deflo"

Stiles lunged forward and covered Isaac's mouth "one more I swear to" Isaac's eyes closed "renew" he moved his hand "did you just lick me?" he wiped his hand onto his leg.

Isaac smirked and drunk some of his own drink "So go I will drive your jeep back home" Isaac told him.

"What are you talking about Isaac," Stiles asked.

"Well he's here you are here" Isaac stated.

Jackson smirked and moved his arms around both of their shoulders "well we meet again" they both froze "the names Jackson and that's Danny" he motioned to Danny beside him who's leaning on the bar.

Danny smiled.

"You've caught Derek Hale's eye," Jackson said "I don't see why but that's his personal business which I kind of don't want to know about" Jackson looked towards the bartender "Jason get the usual will you"

Isaac licked his lips and moved Jackson's arm from his shoulder "Isaac let's go I've had enough" Stiles went to go.

"Not so fast" Jackson gave a chuckle "You came here to have fun not to leave"

Danny shook his head "leave them be Jackson seriously stop being a douche, there just tiny boppers" Danny drunk his drink. Jackson removed his arm "drink up".

Derek moved from the bar and walked over "Stiles" he leaned against the bar near Stiles. Stiles looked at him "want to get out of here" Stiles licked his lips.

"Ditching us again," Scott said as he walked towards the bar.

Derek gripped a hold of Stiles' shoulder "bye I guess" Stiles handed Isaac his keys to the Jeep.

They disappeared into the crowd of bodies Scott looked at Isaac "fancy a dance?" he asked.

Isaac shrugged "yeah" they went.

Danny looked at Jackson "hey Ja"

An arm slid around Jackson's shoulder "Hm Jackson" the guy nuzzled his neck.

"Hi," the guy pulled him away.

"Bye then" Danny turned and leaned against the bar he reached into his pocket and took out his phone 'meet me at the office' he looked into the crowd of people and sighed 'Be there soon' he typed back and left.

Scott moved his nose down Isaac's neck his eyes closed "want to get out of here" Scott asked.

Isaac smiled "there is no way I would say no" Isaac whispered. They walked away through the crowd of bodies

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek took his jacket off "Can I get you a bottle of water at all" Derek asked him and turned back to him.

Stiles shook his head "I'm fine"

"Still nervous around me" he stood even closer.

"I" Stiles stuttered.

Derek grabbed him roughly and kissed him "hm" Derek's hand moved behind his head and pulled him with him. They went up the stairs with Derek guiding him.

Stiles moaned sitting up from the bed and turned his head Derek's side was empty "Why would I think it would be any different" His phone rang Stiles pushed the covers off of him and stood "where are my pants" he pondered

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Isaac moaned Scott kissed down his neck with feathery light touches "haven't you got work?" Isaac moaned.

"Tonight" Scott answered him.

"What is it you exactly do?" Isaac asked.

"I'm a Vet"

"Animal doctor huh"

"Yes," Scott moved further down and moved under the covers.

Isaac moaned "oh my"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Scotty you made it" Derek drunk out of the coffee cup as Scott walked into the diner.

"You're late Scotty" Danny stated

Scott sat down "yeah overslept this morning," he said.

"So it couldn't happen to do with the young child you took home with you last night" Jackson tore into his cream cheese bagel.

"Is it a high on Calories or is it a new thing for you" Scott mocked

Jackson stuck his finger up at him "you're both acting like a couple of 19 years old" Danny looked at Jackson.

"Sex is sex," Derek said.

"You got that right" Scott laughed.

Erica sat in a booth in the diner she narrowed her eyes 'I'm sorry Stiles and Isaac".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

The class packed up "Mr. Stilinski could you stay behind for a while I need to have a word about your assignments" Stiles rolled his eyes.

Stiles licked his lip "sure" he said walking up to the teacher.

"Please have a seat" Stiles sat down "the last one was due"

"I know I gave it into you, the hard copy," Stiles said.

"I never said anything did I," Finstock said.

"Then what's this about?" he asked him.

"It was well formed and you passed" he handed it back

"Well thanks" he smiled and picked it up "see ya prof" he left.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Well done Stiles" his dad gave him a one named hug, "I thought he was going to chew me out about it" he shook his head.

"So what is next want to go out?" Isaac asked and put his arm round his shoulder.

"I might just stay in," said Stiles "What really".

Stiles sighed

"Fine I will take Erica with me" he left. "You can go out if you want" John stated. Stiles shook his head "okay"

Stiles smiled and stood "I'm making some popcorn and we can watch a movie".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Erica held onto Isaac's arm as they walked into the nightclub "I'm glad Stiles didn't come" Erica said.

"That's an n…..there's Scott yum" Isaac walked and pulled her with him. Scott was leaning against the bar, Erica and Isaac walked up "hey" he looked at Scott.

"Oh….hi," he said.

Erica held Isaac "let's dance come on Zac" she pulled him away

"That was cold Scotty" Derek walked over and ordered a drink smiling up at him.

"Shut it Derek"

"Hey pay attention," said Erica clicking her fingers in front of his face "I can't what did I do," Isaac said.

"Oh sweetie I'm sure it's nothing just enjoy you" he smiled.

Derek leaned back against the bar "Not very many options tonight" he sipped his drink "hmmm" Scott finished his drink.

"Let's get a drink" Erica smiled and pulled Isaac back over to the bar.

"I really don't feel like it now," Isaac told her.

"Look at him" she turned him around to face the crowd of people. Scott was dancing with some blonde guy "he's not worth it Isaac. Do you see Stiles worried?"

"Stiles doesn't worry about anything"

"Zac you know what I mean," Erica said.

"Your right, let's go home," Isaac said, "Wait what," Erica said.

"Were come back on Saturday" Isaac sighed.

Erica punched his arm "Okay and were bring Stiles…..and Boyd"

Isaac sneered "why would we bring your boyfriend?" he asked her.

"You've seen Vernon with no shirt right"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles opened his window "Isaac I tho….Derek" Derek climbed in, Stiles then stepped back Derek pushed him up against the wall.

"Say another word and I'll rip your throat out" he paused "with my teeth".

Stiles swallowed. "Is this some sort of sex thing?" Stiles asked him "because that's no way to go about it," Stiles said. Derek stared at him. "Okay Mr grumpy pants" he smiled.

Derek kissed him Stiles clenched his fists on his shoulders "hm" Derek ripped open Stiles shirt and moved his mouth down.

"Oh," Stiles moaned.

"Th…..hnnn" Stiles had a hold of his pillow he was upside down with his feet near the headboard. Isaac walked up to the bed "Stiles" he said he shook him awake.

"Ah" he sat up and looked at him half lidded eyes "what are you d-doing here?" he asked.

"Seeing as I'm your best friend dude" Stiles yawned. "You do know you're meant to be in class about an hour ago," Isaac told him.

"Oh fuck" he laid back down.

"Well are you getting up?" he asked.

"No I am just tired that's all" he rubbed his face.

"So was it a nice dream" Isaac raised his eyebrows.

"I had an original dream"

"An original dream" Isaac's one eyebrow raised "okay then carry on".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles drove the jeep "that was Erica" he typed "she can't make it tonight" he told him.

"Just us two then huh" Stiles answered him. Isaac put the phone back in his pocket "so why you all jumpy Zac?" Stiles asked

"I never noticed" Isaac replied.

"It's usually me" Stiles smiled "You got that right".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Another night back here" Jason the bartender said "His idea" Stiles drunk his drink.

"By the way, Derek and Scott don't get in here till later" he went.

"Not here for sour wolf you know" Stiles called out.

Isaac drunk his drink "you keep telling yourself that" Isaac said and smiled.

An arm went around Stiles' shoulder "hi" he looked Jackson smiled.

"You again" Jackson pinched his cheek "Fucker" Stiles said swatting Jackson's hand away.

"Jackson stop annoying the kid" Derek walked up "I am 19, not a kid," Stiles said.

"19," said Derek.

"What about it?" Stiles faced him.

"19 is technically a kid," said Derek he looked him up and down.

"Just a kid" Stiles smiled "I wasn't just a kid when you were fucking me," he said and left. Isaac followed.