Physical Barriers

Chapter Seven

Season One

"Who's your lawyer?" Derek was in a suit he stood with Peter in court.

"Hello again Derek," a voice said the turned, Chris Argent smiled "it's been a while"

"Since Allison told you she was having a baby," Derek said to him.

"Well, I'm not here about that" Derek shook his head.

"Allison would want you to see your grandson" Derek stood A clerk came out "McGarrett/Hale".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Stiles" John walked out.

"Hey, dad!" Stiles smiled "How was it at Erica's for the last week?" he asked.

"Cool actually how was the police thing," he asked.

"You would think I wouldn't have to go anymore," he said.

"Yeah I am going to get ready for my lesson" he headed upstairs.

"Stiles," said teen stopped "how would you feel if I told you I wanted to date again?"

Stiles turned round to him "you're a fully grown man dad"


Stiles went up.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Thanks for nothing" Danny hung up he sniffed and dialled the phone "hey it's me Richard….I know I am…okay bye" he hung up.

"Hey Danny" Scott sat opposite.

"Oh hey, Scotty".

"Everything okay Danno…how's the job searching going?" he asked.

"It's not now my rent is going up" Danny put some sugar in his coffee.

"If you need money I can send you some" Danny shook his head.

"I'm fine Scott I'll find a job," he said.

"Morning all" Jackson slid in beside Scott.

"You seem chirpy something good happen," Scott asked.

"Scott all good stuff happens to me" Jackson waved Isaac over.

"Hey" he smiled Scott looked away from him "can I get a guava shake"

"Cool anything else"

"Na cheers" Isaac went.

"Did you hear the gym reopened," Jackson said.

"Really have to start back up," Scott said looking at Danny "what about you Dan?" Scott asked.

"Maybe" Danny's phone went off he looked at it "be back" he went Jackson watched him leave.

Isaac walked back over "here you go" he put it down.


Isaac smiled "anytime" he went.

"I really don't know what's with Danny" he took a sip.

Scott shrugged "jobless remember"

"How can I forget" Jackson took another sip.

Allison pushed Markus "Danny hey" she stopped and he stopped and looked up "Ally hey how's it going?"

Allison gave one armed shrug "can't complain" she kissed his cheek.

"Coming in," she asked.

"Ah no i…. have somewhere to be," he said.

"Right okay see you later".

"Hey Allison" Scott smiled.

"Hey, babe" she sat.

"How is Markus" Scott asked.

"He is doing fine well for a 4 month-year-old" Allison smiled.

Scott smiled "god he is getting big," he said.

Isaac walked up "can I get you anything?" he smiled.

"Oh you're a new face hi I'm Allison" she introduced.

"Isaac" he answered.

"Can I have tea and a mushroom omelette" she ordered.

Allison looked at Jackson and Scott "who died?" she asked. Scott looked up from Markus "you both look like you've been whacked by a wet fish".

"It's nothing" Scott shook his head.

"Scott's look for that special someone" Jackson said in his pompous voice.

"Oh yeah," she smiled.

Scott shrugged "I might be"

"Well good for you, we can't all be like Derek," Allison said.

"Yes but sometimes it's good to be," Jackson said.

"Only an ass like you would say that Jackson," Allison said Isaac came over with her tea.

"Thank you"

"Anytime, Refill Scott," he asked.

"Oh….no I have to go" he put money down "thanks anyway"

"Yeah" Isaac sighed and watched him leave and left himself.

Allison looked at Scott's retreating back and Isaac standing behind the counter "Did I miss something?" Allison put milk in her cup of tea.

"Oh they slept together Scott must have done something, now they barely say one word" Jackson explained he looked up at Isaac and back at Allison, "I think that's the most they've spoken since"

Allison nodded "I see" she started drinking some tea.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Peter shook Chris hand "thanks for that Chris" Chris shook his head "now were even" Chris let go of his hand "Derek please tell Allison I will see her soon" Chris turned to him.

"I can't promise anything," Derek said.

"All I ask is that you tell her" Derek gave a brief nod "I will" Chris went.

Derek turned to Peter "that was a close shave huh" Peter chuckled Derek narrowed his eyebrows.

"Your get wrinkles" Derek turned and walked off "jeez sake Derek".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek took Stiles shirt off over his head and kissed him on the lips and moved back Stiles looked at him Derek pushed him against the wall as he held his wrists against the wall.

Derek kissed him against his collarbone Stiles moaned Derek stopped him "what" he pulled him away and they moved over to the bed "Hm".

Stiles was now on his side Derek Spooning him "you awake?" Stiles asked.

"Hmmm," Derek grunted

"My dad asked me if it was okay for him to start dating again" he blurted looking up at the ceiling "He doesn't need my permission my mum has been dead 9 years now" Stiles sighed "I love my dad so much" Stiles eyes closed "and I can't even tell him anything"

"Derek," he said he got no answer "Derek" Stiles turned Derek slept "Your gorgeous when you're asleep" Derek breathed Stiles kissed his chest 'god what am I thinking I can't fall in love' he looked at him.

"Hm," Stiles turned back and moved Derek's arm around him "hm" Derek squeezed him. Stiles smiled.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Let's start at the gym" Stiles sat at the counter in the diner.

"You serious" Isaac said.

"Deadly" Stiles ate some curly fries.

Isaac shrugged "I guess"

"Especially now I have decided to take a year off studying," Stiles said.

"Really a whole year" Isaac turned the coffee machine on.

"Depends on what I want to do" Stiles squirted some ketchup onto his plate.

"I thought you wanted to be a cop like your dad," Isaac said.

"I'm 50/50 still you know what I'm like"

Isaac chuckled "amen" Stiles ate "I can see if Laura needs someone?" Isaac asked "I'll be back" Isaac came back out "out of luck"

"That's fine," Stiles said Isaac went.

"Looking for a job?" the guy asked.

"Yeah" he answered swivelling round on his chair and looked him up and down.

"How old are you?"

"Look I'm flattered but"

the guy shook his head "I'm not hitting on you" the man folded his arms.

"And why not I think I'm an average looking dude…..I don't smoke hardly drink…..I think I got quite a nice toshee" Stiles ranted "and another thing"

"Whoa chill kid" Stiles breathed "I own the local gym we've just reopened and I am looking for someone to work in the café," he said.

"ohhh really".

The guy held his hand out "Maxwell Tate" Stiles shook his hand "you get a free membership average wage" he said handing him his card "call me okay?" Stiles nodded.

Maxwell stood up "I'll be waiting for your call" he picked up his cup and left.

Stiles looked at the card "hmmm".

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Jackson kissed the guy "hm" he removed the shirt the guy kissed and licked at his nipples he put his hand on the guys' head "Blow me" Jackson told him.

"My pleasure" he got down and undone his jeans.

The guy zipped Jackson up as someone was knocking on the other side "You can go thanks" the guy opened the door and went.

Danny walked in "busy were you" Danny asked.

"Not really….what do you want Danny?"

Danny walked over "fuck me" he said.

"Are you high…..your high for fuck sake Danny" Jackson pushed him away.

"I'm not high"

"Your eyes are bloodshot"

"Fuck you Jack" he turned.

"Wait, Danny," Jackson said.

"No fuck you" he left the door slammed shut.


PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Stiles looked up "hm" he opened the door and walked in he walked up to the counter "hi" the guy looked up "are you here for a membership?" he asked.

"No, I'm looking for Maxwell Tate"

"Are you Mr Stilinski?" Stiles nodded "I'll be back in a minute" the guy went.

Stiles looked over it was full of all men working out "hm"

"Stiles" he turned "come with me" Stiles followed him.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Peter looked up as the door slammed open Jackson walked in "this is all your fucking thought" he walked over "hello Jackson"

"This is all you"

Peter raised an eyebrow "I'm not following I'm afraid"

"I bet you don't prick" Jackson said. "Danny is your fault"

Peter stood up "What about Daniel how is he?" he asked him

"Fuck you, Hale, his jobless and back on drugs," Jackson said.

"Daniel and drugs"

"Doesn't fucking act like you never knew? He was perfectly fine before he quit"

"Exactly he quit I didn't fire him he quit," Peter said.

"God you deserve a broken nose Hale," Jackson said.

"It sounds to me like you in love with him" Peter smirked.

"I am not in love with Danny," Jackson said.

"You keep telling yourself that Jackson now please kindly leave"

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Jackson knocked on the door "Danny it's me open the door. I want to talk to you" he said there was no answer "Danny"

"He hasn't been here for four days" Jackson turned round. A woman was coming out of her flat.

"Four days," he asked.

The women nodded "I just assumed he was with his boyfriend at his place" she said.

"Oh thanks anyway," Jackson said.

"Anytime" she left.

"Danny" Jackson took out his phone and looked up his number and dialled he put the phone to his ear "pick up, pick up….shit" he hung up and left.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

Derek opened the door "I bought something to eat home" he said there was no answer he put the bag down and picked up the paper on the counter


Thanks for letting me stay see you next time at jungle


Derek screwed up the paper and took his jacket off.

PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB – PB –

"Stiles over here" Isaac waved he walked over "how did the job interview go?" he asked him.

"You went for a job interview" Danny drunk.

"Yeah at the gym" he answered.

"So we really can't get rid of you," said Jackson as he walked up "Danny I want to talk"

Danny sighed "dance with me then" he pulled him.

They danced "look, Danny, I'm sorry," Jackson said.

"I told you I wasn't on drugs"

"Can you blame me you've been through it before" Danny sighed "Look why don't you come live with me and come to work with me"

"I don't know," Danny said.

"Please, I should have done this at the beginning you're my best friend" Jackson hugged him "Were move you in first thing tomorrow, for now, let's enjoy" Danny smiled.

"Please, please" Stiles pleaded.

"No," Isaac said.

"Come on this guy asked me out but his cousins down," he told him.

"I'm not double dating with you and especially if she is she".

"Isaac you're my best friend just do this for me"

Isaac sighed "put the puppy eyes away"

Stiles smiled "you won't regret this best friend of mine" Scott walked up with Derek.

"Hey," Scott smiled "hi" Isaac smiled.

Derek folded his arms, Stiles put his arm round his waist "miss me at yours" he asked.

"Be glad to be rid of ya" Derek grumbled.

Stiles removed his arm "yeah well me to" he folded his arms "couldn't take you being a sour wolf twenty-four seven"

"So what time tomorrow," Isaac asked.


"What is tomorrow?" asked Scott.

"I'm going on a date" Stiles looked at Derek "you'll probably give the guy a migraine" he went.

Stiles narrowed his eyes.