'2015' Year of Earth's 'Dead End'

It was the start of the 'Death Toll', where Germany's experimental scientists were experimenting a living virus which would make the dead, come back to life, but it went differently than expected. The virus only awakened the Brain Stem which only unlocked the movement of the Human body, so in other words, the whole other part of the brain is 'dead', nothing but darkness and with an endless hunger drive for living/fresh flesh of Animals and Humans. The plague spread from Germany to the end of Earth, from Germany to the whole continent of Europe and Russian then America and then the coast of Asia, every island/country and continent was infected with the virus. Some may think that 'no one survived' but there are a few, but no one knows who are the survivors, until now...

"Nothing's better than to see a bunch of Walkers getting their ass kicked."

"Shooting them and watch their brains explode is cool but smashing their skull into tiny pieces is better."

"Now now, this maybe a zombie apocalypse, but that doesn't mean we can enjoy it everyday for the rest of our lives."

I am Shawn Grim, people call me the 'Grim Reaper' because of my name and the evil eye contact that I give towards people, but now I'm just 'Shawn Grim' since it's a zombie apocalypse, my friend there, that likes shooting the Walkers while watching their heads explode is my friend 'Ryan Shane', the both of us were Swat Team Lieutenants, and the one that loves smashing the Walker's head's is "Tyrone Yeager", he was a Kendo teacher in New York but right now, we're in Chicago, looking for other survivors to be with, there is no point to look for our families, since we saw them turning into those disgusting Walkers in front of our eyes.

"Well look what we have here!" Shouted Ryan in joy.

"Shh! Keep it down, we don't wanna attract the Walkers." Tyrone told Ryan as a warning.

"A tank? You serious? How the hell are we gonna drive this damn thing?" I asked Ryan.

"I can't say "I don't know how to drive", since I've read the manual before, I've tested a WWII Panzer before and I also watched 'Girls Und Panzer'." Ryan said with a large grin on his face.

"Alright, then where are we heading?" Tyrone asked.

"We're gonna head to Seattle for now. Since the markets here are all empty, and Seattle was the first place that got overrun-ed by the Walkers, and there's also a lot of Supermarkets." I said.

As everyone entered the tank, Ryan drove us out of Chicago and straight to Seattle, normally the best choice of transport would be car since it's more quieter but the tank has a lot more power,fuel,armor and weaponry than a car so it's the best for self-defense, 5 hours later, we reached Seattle. As we got out of the tank, it was then I realize that there was no Walkers on the bridge, then we went into the city by foot because we didn't want to attract attention to ourselves.

As we saw the Seattle tower, we continued walking straight into the 'White House'. It was then, we saw thousands of Walkers.

"Let's head back for now, and find a place to stay for the day." I said

"Yeah, I think it's better that way." Tyrone said.

" *Whistles* guys! I found a large Supermarket! And it's still full of supplies!" Ryan shouted.

"Dude, what the hell is wrong with'chu? Thank god you didn't shout any louder or else the Walkers would be coming here right now." Tyrone said.

"Tyrone's right, Ryan. It's best if you just walked to us and told us instead of shouting, it's always 'Better Safe & Than Sorry'." I said.

"Hehe, sorry~" Ryan apologized.

As we entered the Supermarket, not a soul was felt nor sound was heard, Tyrone closed the entrance doors with the silent shutters and guarded the entrance of the Market while Ryan and I went to search for some supplies and to make sure there was no Walkers in the Market, and that's when Ryan and I heard someone sniffling. Ryan and I squat down and slowly walked towards the sound was heard, I took out my bowing knife while Ryan took out his secondary weapon(crossbow). As we slowly walked towards the 'sniffling', it was then we saw a girl sitting down while crying...

"Hey, psst! You infected, Kid?" Ryan asked quietly as a precaution that whether she's a Walker or not.

"Little girl, we're here to help, hey , come on, we wont hurt you, we swear." I said quietly to the girl.

As Ryan and I saw the girl's head rose up, we pointed our weapons at her just to be safe and slowly got closer to her to make sure, after she rose up her head, it was then we saw that she wasn't infected, she was just crying of sadness and fear most likely.

"Eudora? Eudora Chai? Is that you?" I asked.

"Shawn? That's you?!" She shouted in happiness and hugged me tightly.

It was then I realize that I'm only 22, and she's 21, I still remember the 'good old days' when we were in grade school,middle school & High School, the 2 of us were like childhood friends that time, but in other words, she was my Junior and I'm her Senior since I'm older, but now, the only difference about her is her height, I can bet that she's still short like a 'loli' from those animes, she stood up with a smile on her face and that is when Ryan and I did the same. And I was damn right, she's still short like before, but she did gain a little bit of height after 5 years since we last saw each other.

"How come you're here? I thought you would be in England, studying about Medical supplies?" I asked Eudora.

"I came here with my older sister, as a vacation, the last time I saw her was just 5 -7 minutes ago, right here, she went inside the storage room." Eudora said.

"The storage room? *Whistles to Tyrone* Tyrone, I need you to follow me inside the storage room, we're gonna look for one of my old friends and Ryan, I need you to stay with Eudora, you're good with conversations with the girls. Entertain her." I said

"Alright then." Tyrone agreed to the mission.

"Gotcha, I'm gonna have lots of fun with cutey Eudora over here~" Ryan said

"When I mean 'entertain her', I don't mean flirt or anything sexual." I said

"Aw, alright then." Ryan pouted for a second but agreed.

"Good luck,you two." Eudora said.

"Thanks." Both Tyrone and I replied.

As we opened the storage room door, Tyrone and I entered and closed the door. I took out my M4AI while adding a silencer on it, while Tyrone has his 'Blood Sickle'( Red coloured Katana). There were lights but it was dimmed, the storage room was huge, it's big enough to fit in 5 – 9 dozen Walkers in here. As we continued searching for Eudora's older sister, it was then I heard a box drop, Tyrone and I went into the location of the box that dropped, we looked at the box and saw nothing ahead.

"It seems, someone or something is here right now." Tyrone said.

"Yeah, it feels devious." I said

We continued our search it was then we saw someone's shadow and followed it. Tyrone and I ran to the shadow and followed it, we were unable to identify the shadow whether is it male of female but all I know it's faster than us.

"That person or thing is faster than us.."Tyrone said while he is ex-haling heavily.

"Tyrone, you go after that person or thing, I'll climb up here and see what I can do from higher ground." I stated as Tyrone agreed.

Tyrone chased the person/thing with his fullest speed, as I reached on-top of the supply shelves, I turned off 'safety' and prepared to fire. I saw a girl running, and it has to be Eudora's older sister.

"Tyrone! Stop!" I shouted to Tyrone and climbed back down.

"Wait? What?! I thought you wanted me to catch this dude?" Tyrone asked while ex-haling.

"Yeah, but I know who's the person already. You can come out now Chai!" I shouted and saw a girl came out of the shadows and showed herself in the light.

"How did you know my name?" Chai asked.

"It's me Chai, the one and only "Shawn" from Grade school,Middle School & High school!" I said with a smile on my face.

It was then I saw my old friend smile back at me and ran towards me with a big hug, I hugged back as a return for seeing my old friend from the past 4 years.

"Hold the phone, I was chasing your old friend for about 10 – 15 minutes?! Chu'gotta be kidding me!"

Tyrone pouted in annoyance.

"Hehe, sorry man, I wasn't sure it was her." I said

"I apologize for having you to chase me, Tyrone, my name is Eugenia Chai, in other words I am Eudora Chai's older sister." Eugenia introduced to Tyrone with a smile on her face.

"R-Right! The name's "Tyrone Yeager", it's a pleasure to meet you." Tyrone introduced back to Eugenia while looking away while blushing as well.

Oh god, don't tell me Tyrone is in love with Eugenia... You have got to be kidding me. Well whatever, it's been awhile since I've last seen love in the atmosphere. As Eugenia, Tyrone and I went out of the storage room, it just so happen that the three of us saw Ryan and Eudora in a 'sex position'.

"W-What the hell, do you think you're doing to my sister?!" Eugenia shouted in anger.

"R-Ryan, what did I say about "flirting" and "physical contact" towards Eudora?" I asked Ryan in anger as well.

"I-I-It's not what it seems!" Ryan replied back and stood up.

"Hah?! Do you expect me to believe that?!" Both Eugenia and I said to Ryan loudly.

"I'm gonna go, get some Ice Cream.." Tyrone said.

"Oh! I wanna come to!" Eudora said while following Tyrone.

The Eugenia and I are arguing with Ryan, it was then we realize that Tyrone and Eudora are not here.

Till we saw them coming back with Popsickles in their hands. After Ryan explained what happened, we all sat down on the couches in the home depot section and relaxed there with our drinks. It seems that all of us have a different taste of drinks. I had ' ', Eudora had 'Pepsi', Eugenia had 'A&W'

, Tyrone had 'Screw Driver'(Vodka with Orange Juice) and Ryan had 'Monster'. It was rather cool to see people with different drinks than to see people with the same goddamn drink, every damn time. But it was nice to see people, having a chat together even though they just met. But I didn't vote myself to be the leader of the group, for some reason everyone wanted me to be the leader, why? I have no idea, but it really doesn't matter as long as everyone here is safe for now. It was then Ryan turned on the dvd player and played a song.

(Please note that in 2015 in this story, solar cells are in every building and are able to use anything electronic that connects to the building.)

I say

Hey, hey, hey start dash

Hey, hey, hey start dash

Even newborn baby birds

Leave the nest and fly into the sky someday

Beating their big, strong wings

Don't ever give up

Your day will definitely come

Can you hear it

Your first beat

Let tomorrow change

And become a symbol of hope

As a bright light shines

And brings about change, start

Don't give into sadness

Don't cry helplessly

Your heart, full of passion

Is sure to open up the future

Don't give into sadness

Or weep, discouraged

Don't lose faith in yourself

Your dream has the power

To make a change

I believe in you, so start

Hey, hey, hey start dash

Hey, hey, hey start dash

As the depressing rain lets up

We grow hopeful for the future

Even our past failures

Are now precious memories

Our future is about to bloom

Our hope is about to bloom

Humming a cheerful tune

Let's go, dash

The newfound happiness we share

Links you and me together

We got lost in the maze of our own lives

But we found our way out

The newfound happiness we share

Helps you and me push forward

It's actually

A piece of a distant dream

But a piece that we should cherish

Now I dash off to the world beyond!

I haven't heard of that song since the end of 2013, from an old anime called "Love Live! School Idol". An Anime that I would watch for entertainment since the music is just fantastic since the creators were the ones that did "The IDOLM STER". But all I can say is that, I'm greatful enough to listen to a song like this in a long time. But I know we wont be staying in this Market for long since it wont keep us safe forever.

Original story by :

Sean Pang

(Please do not steal or use this story as your own, permission is needed in order to do so.)