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The sun was just peaking out of the horizons as the going merry floated with the calm currents of the sea . The ship was quiet which made it almost perfect for a certain red vest captain to enjoy the view. Although he enjoyed playing and bothering people he had always admired the sea, it made him feel free and alive.
It all started when he promised red haired shanks to become not only a Pirate but the king of pirates. Upon turning seventeen he set sail to achieve the ultimate treasure the 'One piece', gathering his crew, and creating memories. He sat indian style on his favorite spot on top of the Going Merry's figurehead. With his straw hat on his head and a gentle smile on his face – he watched the subtle waves and the colors that engulfed the cloudless sky–savored the smell of the salty sea below.
After sometime the sun came fully out , but still early enough that no one was awake. Luffy let out a giggle, he was happy that he could finally go for his dream without any restrictions, with friends that would risk their lives for him. He felt as of he was the luckiest boy in the world.
'. Clash bang' the sound of a fallen pan and a string of curses which suprisingly hadn't woken anyone but instead broke Luffy out of his thoughts, now directing his attention to the kitchen–where it came from. Who else besides Luffy would be awake this early... And in the kitchen? It wasn't Zoro he isn't awake till the afternoon, it could be Usopp after a while of thinking he knew that wasn't right. It had only been a couple weeks after the straw hat crew recruited another member–a chef, Sanji.
After Luffy had defeated don kreig and sanji made the heart warming departure to find All blue and now protect his newly found captain. The swirly browed cook decided to make a special breakfast for Nami swan , then cook the others their foods as well. He walked out of the men's Cabin both were unaware of the others presence as sanji entered the kitchen in silence and Luffy sat on the figurehead and watched the distance.
The cook now stood In front of the sink washing the pan that had just fallen– hoping it hadn't woken anyone–especially Luffy he knew from the first day that boys stomachs was a never ending pit. What was Weird is that he rather grew fond of the rubber captain. Even though it Didn't seem like he did , he enjoyed those midnight talks he and his captain would have when everyone was asleep and he was up washing dishes and Luffy wanted something to quench the never ending hunger.
He found himself smiling at the fond memories stuck in a trance. What took him out was the figure that peeked its head through the door of the kitchen, a recognizable straw hat on top of ebony locks– chocolate brown eyes locked with his blue ones.
Confusion was etched onto the younger ones face. Why did sanji wake up so early? What was that noise?
Sanji turned the nob of the faucet off then took a drag from his cigarette. He stared at his captain taking in all the details in front of him. His raven black hair , the childlike features , the moon shaped scar under his left eye , or was it him–as a whole that made sanjis heart beat so fast... No that's can not be it , it was probally because he was started.
"Sanji..." Luffy noticed the way sanji stared at him intently looking him up and down from head to toe. Was sanji sick? He wasn't kicking him out as usual – but for some reason Luffy was happy he got to stay with the blonde cook. Forgetting the earlier incident he went back to his usual grin.
Sanji on the other hand was having an internal battle. What was this new feeling, was he going crazy ? The cook knew this feeling well but not to this extent. When Luffys eyes caught his and he said his name with concern it made him almost ... Cute. How can he think such things about his captain not only that but a man. He loved women, beautiful women as least. Trying to push his thoughts aside to listen to what Luffy wanted to ask him. Was it going to be about the pot that fell?
" Sanji what are you doing up so early?" The younger tilted his head ever so slightly and the glint of curiosity and concern in his eyes that also looped in with his voice.
The chef took another drag from his cigarette. " Did I wake you ?" Sanji raised his swirly brow a bit. Was Luffy already awake.
Luffy rubbed the back of his head and laughed sheepishly," ah no I was already awake... I just heard something fall or something ..shi shi." Sanji was a bit surprised for one Luffy was awake ... early and Secondly he wasn't asking for food. This must be sanjis lucky day. He didn't notice the small smile that tugged on his lips when the boy replied.
"Is there anything you wanted to ask?" The blonde raised his eye brows again and took another deep inhale of nicotine into his lungs, then blowing it out slowly. Staring at his captain who was unusually fiddling with his fingers not making eye contact, as he bobbed his head indicating he indeed had to ask the swirly browed cook a question. It was rather Weird to see Luffy so vulnerable, this was the future pirate king.
As Luffy took a seat where the table was he looked up sanji.
"Ne Sanji?"
" hm?"
Luffy shifted uncomfortably in his seat– which made sanji even more eager to hear what is making his fearsome captain this way and maybe getting an answer to what he was feeling inside.
" how do you know when you love someone?"
This made sanjis heart skip a beat – his captain was in love. The only women on this ship is nami swan or was Luffy gay? A little tacked back by the unexpected question he looked at his captain confused seeing the visible blush on his face as he stared back at him as well.

" ah.. Well I guess it's when you want to be around that person and they make you feel a certain way you don't feel with family or friends." It was true what sanji was saying but he was not to sure since he wasn't even sure about his own feeling toward his beloved captain. Luffy seemed to catch on and soak In the Information. Sanji wasn't able to see the Innocent look of the others face since he turned back to put the pan where it was before it had fell –on his toe. Which explained the string of curses that was said after.
While his back facing his captain he could sense he was thinking. Was Luffy really into romance, and why so suddenly.
"Does that mean I love you?"

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