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While his back facing his captain he could sense he was thinking. Was Luffy really into romance, and why so suddenly.
"Does that mean I love you?"

The question was so unexpected Sanji–once again dropped the pan. Not bothering to pick the pan up that time he stared back at his captain with a 'your not kidding' expression. He felt heat rising onto his checks trying to suppress the sudden warmth when he looked into those brown innocent eyes of his beloved captain. But of course who could not bring themselves to love the boy , but did Luffy feel more than the friendly love he feels for others with him.

" Huh?" Those were the only words that he could get out of his mouth, Or was it that He wanted to hear Luffy say what he just said again.
This time Luffy had to put his head down on the wooden table to hide the still reddening blush that crept its way onto his face. "Does that mean I love you?" The blond cook would nearly hear his captain as it was muffled through his slender arms that hid his face.
The black haired youth decided to pick his head a bit where as Sanji was able to see his Eyes above his arms. He then shifted in his seat. " When I'm around you I feel different like I want to be around you ..."
The blond cook could not believe his ears. He could feel his cheeks start to heat up and he just let it happen, he was still trying to soak in what his beloved captain has confessed to him. Sanji would have never guessed his captain to like anyone, let alone himself. Sanji could feel his heart beat fast
In his chest.
The barate chef opened his mouth then closed it not sure what to say. All while the black hair boy stared with brown eyes peaking through his raven hair. Sanji's felt as of his heart was beating so fast it might burst. He couldn't let this chance slip through his fingers. He had spent his life chasing after girls he didnt even like. But it's different Luffy was a boy and he wasn't sure if it was right to feel this way about him. Letting all those thoughts aside he turned to pick up the dishes and with the blush evident on his cheeks he confessed.
" I - I like you too.." He didnt want to turn his head but he could sense the joy radiating through the room. Sanji peaked back and he saw the toothy grin he always loved to see. Turning back to finally wash the dishes to embarrassed to do or say anything else. He was startled when a pair of arms linked around his waist and a smaller body pressed up to the back of his and for the rest of the morning while everyone was still asleep - unaware of the new relationship on the merry go. They just relaxed in the company of each other and that's all Sanji and Luffy could ask for.

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