"Mom, when are they gonna call?!" Rachel complains, stomping noisily and in a panicky sort of way through our New York apartment. I roll my eyes and laugh at her impatience.

"Whenever they call, baby girl. Just try not to think about it, okay? Drink some tea, watch some Barbra…"

She had a callback for a new Broadway musical called Spring Awakening last week—a second call back. They told her they'd call to let her know on Monday. It's been Monday all day, and she's not going to let me forget it until they call her.

"Not even Babs could calm me, mom. HOW did you stand this?!"

"It's all part of show business, baby girl."

"It sucksss!" she complains, flopping down onto the couch. I laugh at her theatrics and flip through channels, trying to find something to distract her to no prevail. Finally, I shut off the TV and grab the book I've been working on reading from the side table, opening it in defeat. Annoyed, she grabs her laptop and decides to Skype with Kurt.

He answers her right away, as if he's been waiting by his computer for news all day.

Who am I kidding? I'm sure that's EXACTLY what he's been doing.

"Any news?" I hear him ask, anxiously.

"None." Rachel groans, throwing her head back in defeat. "I'm not going to get it."

"Oh ye of little faith…"

I shake my head and smile. On my lap, my phone vibrates. I pick it up to see that I've gotten a text from Will.

"Any news?"

I'm sure the entire glee club is just DYING to know. Or maybe he knows the torture I'm going through, having Rachel so worried sick. I'm not complaining though—I love every second of it. She's so like me.

"Not yet," I write back. "Doesn't she wish?"

Will and I have come the agreement that New York is where my Rachel and I need to be, and he will join us in due time, but for now he has to stay in Lima with Kurt's class—with the glee club. Once they graduate he's going to move in with Rachel and me—unless she's living on NYADA campus by then (because she's bound determined to get in. Ever since I've gotten a job there as a vocal professor she asks me nonstop about early admissions. I have to keep reminding her she's only a sophomore) in which case Will would just be living with me. I shake my head, not wanting to think so far ahead into the future. I just want to focus on today. Rachel HAS to get this part; she's the best one who auditioned. She is the greatest star.

Exactly a minute after I tell this to Will, I get a text from Hiram. "Any news?"

I swear to god if they don't tell us she got this part today…

Shaking my head with a small smile, I respond to them the same I did to Will.

They keep in touch and we are cordial, deciding that's what's in Rachel's best interest. We don't completely hate each other—each of us understands one another's motives, it's just that ultimately one of us had to win out (I'm careful to remember not to rub in the fact that I was the one who did). It's not like I keep her from them—she sees them monthly when we take the trip to Lima to see Kurt and Will.

Jesse's left us alone ever since that one night of craziness. Will's told me that he's become the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline since I left Akron (those poor kids are probably suicidal. If they thought that I could be too harsh…) and we haven't heard from him since. Guess that means he really didn't love either one of us, huh?

I haven't had any more nightmares since the court date. It's been marvelous getting so much sleep, even if it is sometimes interrupted by Rachel's nonstop "what if I didn't get the part" anxiety. It's worth it. Everything, all of this, and all that's happened—so worth it.

Rachel's cell phone rings and both of our hearts stop as she answers it.

Five nerve wracking minutes later and she hangs up, just milliseconds before screaming and jumping up and down.


We couldn't be happier.

We've done everything right.