September 18, 2012

We just celebrated Ness's third birthday. It's not like any other three year old party, because she appears, acts, and talks like she is twelve. We are even seeing the attitude and the flippant remarks that most preteens go through.

To go along with the attitude, Ness's body is changing more rapidly than a typical ten or eleven year old. Renesmee freaked out when she got her period and thought her vampire body was eating inside her. Again, she was ten-ish, and all rationalization goes on a vacation for several years.

Charlie and Sue invited Ness to their house when it was "that time", so she didn't feel awkward with eight vampires. It was a good deal, because Charlie wanted to spend time with his granddaughter. Ever since Charlie figured the secret out, he has been more giving and compassionate. That little girl melted the man's heart.

My preteen also nags, complains, and whines all the time, and it is always about Jacob. Jacob has taken some of the Cullen scholarship money, and he goes to Washington State. He's still not sure of what he'll major in, but he'll figure it out. He already knows that Seth will follow him next year. Here's the problem: Ness cannot act like Jake's girlfriend on a college campus in front of normal….humans. Imprinting is not a common practice, and people would not accept it. In fact, Jake would be considered a pedophile in public.

Edward and I have told her many reasons why she cannot visit him. One, he's a freshman, and he's still coping with the new surroundings. Two, Jake wants to get good grades, and he doesn't need distractions. Three, she is too young to be on a college campus. It's weird—as many times, we wanted to be older, and then when you're older-you want to be young again. It is one of the most brutal ironies of human life.

For Jacob, it has been very difficult for him. This connection between he and Ness is comparable to two strong magnets, but Jacob knew Ness had to do some growing up before he would be with her always. A twelve year old sees love as holding hands, pecks on cheek, and talking hours on the phone with another twelve year old. The relationships last normally two weeks, and then it starts over again. For Jacob, he is beyond that and is seeking true companionship.

We have told Jacob to be social and if he wants to have dinner with a woman, it would be okay. I doubt that he would, but Jake cannot put his personal life on hold, while waiting for his imprint to grow up.

In order to make things easier, both had a cell phone. He has already told her, when he leaves, he will call at least once a day. She was thrilled, but I know something about guys my daughter does not—life gets in the way, and phone calls don't happen. I'm preparing for the worse. God Help Me.